Chapter 918 Best test subject

Chapter 918 The best subject of the experiment

“Okay.” Xiao Yuhan tried his best to control himself not to think about it, and followed Bai Qingyue into it. The two of them pretended to be ordinary people who came to consume, and found a place to sit down. , There is still a bit different from other entertainment venues, there are no noisy crowds, and no lights that make people’s eyes hurt.

Xiao Yuhan nodded and was about to compliment, Bai Qingyue again seemed to understand his mind, and said, “Don’t nod, the dance floor and other things you want are behind. I told you everything. It’s a very hilarious play here, probably because it corresponds to its name. The front is more elegant.”

“I thought it was not the usual club. I thought it was wrong for a long time.” Xiao Yuhan retracted Gaze.

The waiter walked in front of the two and said respectfully: “Hello, two, what do you want to drink?” The

wine menu was handed to them. Bai Qingyue ordered two glasses and asked directly, “I I would like to ask if there was an auntie Huang who was cooking here some time ago? Is she there now? I want to eat what she made tonight.” The

waiter said with a volatile expression on his face when she heard her. It’s Chef Huang, right? She hasn’t been here for a few days. Today I saw on the news that she was missing and I don’t know where she went.”

“Well, thank you.” Bai Qingyue nodded and waited for the waiter to leave. Later, Xiao Yuhan gave a wink, “What to do? They don’t seem to know.”

“Even if they know, they can’t say it directly, but the waiter was a bit strange just now. He kept ordering. His eyes were staring everywhere.”

Xiao Yuhan has been very defensive since he entered this place. After seeing the strange look of the waiter just now, he felt that it was strange and incomprehensible. To stare at the guests maliciously.

“What does it mean to look around? Do they know the two of us? Impossible, I have never been here with Aunt Huang, and when I went to the police, the law enforcement officers did not divulge the family information.” Bai Qingyue couldn’t figure it out, she kept looking at the direction the waiter had just entered.

“You just asked directly if there is an aunt named Huang who is cooking here. These young people who come here are probably here to eat, drink and have fun. Who would remember the name of a chef? Maybe he thinks it is strange.” Xiao Yu Han analyzed the waiter’s eyes.

Bai Qing month that makes sense, some clinging to the chagrin of his head, “You’re right, I just do not expose it yet?”

“Never mind, they want to see what is really wrong, just the two of us Run, you have to be mentally prepared.”

“No problem.” Bai Qingyue nodded solemnly, feeling that the two of them were like undercover agents performing special tasks, suddenly becoming very exciting.

But after a while, the waiter brought up their two points of bartending and put them on the table of the two of them. When they turned around and was about to leave, suddenly turned around and pulled out a knife from the sleeve, and directed it towards Xiao Yu. After Han thorn passed, Qin Yuhan had already been prepared for a long time, and quickly avoided his knife. The knife rubbed his shoulder and pierced into the seat behind.

“What are you doing? Do you intentionally hurt people? Get sick!” Bai Qingyue exclaimed in horror.

“You are sick. It is estimated that your eldest lady really has a brain problem. The first sentence will be exposed as soon as you come, but it is useless if you don’t expose it. We are just waiting for you to come.” The

waiter heard her cry and turned Holding a knife in his head and stabbing Bai Qingyue, Xiao Yuhan quickly picked up the wine glass and smashed it towards the waiter. A hand reached out to lock the waiter’s hand behind him, and the knife fell from his hand and fell to the ground. There was a loud noise, and the waiter saw that Xiao Yuhan couldn’t beat Xiao Yuhan and immediately shouted: “Come on, he is the person the young master is looking for, catch him!”

Hearing what he said, Xiao Yuhan raised his head and looked at Bai Qingyue at each other. Bai Qingyue kicked the waiter’s leg and asked loudly, “What do you mean? What do you mean by your young master? People, did you recognize us from the beginning? It was intentional!”

“It seems that you are not too stupid, but unfortunately it is too late to react. We have been waiting for you. You are the best The test subject!” In the

few seconds that the two people were talking, the entire waiter in Sumeng rushed over, holding various weapons to move towards Xiao Yuhan, Xiao Yuhan kicked away just now The waiter and a few people started. He has been practicing martial arts all these years, and it’s not a matter of one person hitting a few people.

But these people can’t protect Bai Qingyue if he can win the fight. Bai Qingyue can only hide behind him, flashing left and right, trying not to let other people hit him. He is also in front of him. Several people reminded her, “Take care of yourself, I can’t take care of you.”

“I know, don’t be distracted.” Bai Qingyue took out a knife from her bag. After encountering the bully in Heishui Street, she would bring a knife to defend herself every time she acted alone.

Now in this situation, she tightly pinched the knife in the palm of her hand, and when she saw someone coming to hurt her, she closed her eyes and swept around. After all, she could scratch a few people, so it was safe for the time being.

After Xiao Yuhan successfully knocked over a few people, he grabbed her hand and rushed outside. Bai Qingyue ran so fast for the first time, almost at a speed of life and death, but she was still caught when she was about to step out of the gate. People grabbed her hair and pulled her back. She fell directly to the ground, hitting the back of her head, and suddenly a gold star appeared in front of her.

“Bai Qingyue, are you okay?” Xiao Yuhan rushed back, watching Bai Qingyue fall to the ground motionless, thinking she was stunned.

“I still want to run. I caught you today and ask the young master for work. I will definitely get a lot of money, and it is impossible for you to run away.” The waiters who came after all rushed towards Xiao Yuhan, and he was the one. Their goal.

Xiao Suer once traveled back and forth between two continents. The two of them were twins, and both were RH-negative blood. He was the best experiment subject besides Xiao Suer. If he caught him, he would get a large bonus.

Bai Qingyue lay on the ground for several seconds before waking up in a trance, holding her head and sitting up, Xiao Yuhan fell into the melee again, but after she got up, she immediately He shouted at her: “Don’t worry about me, you go first, their goal is not you, you run.”