Chapter 920 I will be responsible

Chapter 920 I will be responsible,

but I have eaten the fruit for a long time. Xiao Su’er was almost impatient and found nothing strange. The vision is still the same, the spiritual eyes are not enhanced, and the hearing does not seem to have changed. Sensitive, as for smell and taste, there is no change.

Xiao Su’er felt a little strange. Could it be that this fruit is a nicer fruit, and is it displayed? How else would it grow like that!

If it is really used for display, isn’t she eating it for nothing? Xiao Su’er thought so, and stopped thinking. She waited for half an hour without showing any effect. Maybe it was really for display.

After drying her hair, she was about to go to bed, and the phone rang, accompanied by the phone ringing, and the deafening noise of the manor gate. She heard it all so far away. Maybe someone wanted to open the door of her house.

As she walked out, Xiao Su’er watched the incoming call on her mobile phone. It was Bai Qingyue’s call. She picked it up, and the knock on the door disappeared the moment she was connected.

“Xiao Su’er, come on here! Xiao Yuhan was injured and shed a lot of blood. I don’t know what to do. Come over and see if there is anything wrong with him. I’m so scared. If something happens to him, we will immediately Take him to the hospital.”

Bai Qingyue’s panicked voice came from the phone, Xiao Su’er immediately hung up the phone, ran towards the door, walked through the garden to the door, and looked at Bai Qingyue’s small body. Carrying Xiao Yuhan who was much taller than her, the whole person was about to be crushed, but he still held the door to support it forcefully.

Her entire face was flushed, corresponding to Xiao Yuhan’s red body, blood dripping from his wrist.

Xiao Su’er immediately took over Xiao Yuhan, her physical strength was much better than Bai Qingyue, and she was able to fully support Xiao Yuhan. Bai Qingyue and her carried Xiao Yuhan to the living room side by side. go.

After putting down Xiao Yuhan, Xiao Su’er immediately took out a golden needle and pierced into his acupuncture point, then fed another medicine into his mouth, and then began to treat his wound, quickly cleaning the stitches and bandaging, in her home There are all kinds of medical supplies, which can be comparable to the degree of professionalism in the hospital.

Seeing Xiao Yuhan’s wound being stitched up, she instantly breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned on the sofa as if dehydrated, and muttered in her mouth, “Fortunately, you are okay…”

She was first. This time I was so scared, and it was the first time that a boy held her in his arms so desperately and prevented her from hurting.

The last time the person who protected her was Xiao Su’er, who was disguised as a man, but the situation at that time was far less critical than it is today, and Xiao Yuhan remembered to comfort her when she was dying. Don’t blame yourself, it was really good to her. .

At this moment, she had wiped out the things Xiao Yuhan had directed against her before, with only one thought: Xiao Yuhan will get well soon, otherwise she will definitely die of guilt.

After getting over, she felt pain in the back of her head. A big bag was swollen on the ground just now, and she couldn’t take care of it anymore. Now it hurts to touch the big bag lightly. I don’t know if it will be. She would fall out of a concussion, but she didn’t say anything, she just sat obediently and watched Xiao Su’er bandage her.

Although Xiao Suer felt distressed when she saw her younger brother suffering such a serious injury, she knew that the wound must be treated first. After the treatment, she turned her head and looked at Bai Qingyue and asked, “What happened to the two of you? What happened?”

“Today we want to investigate the missing people in these two days…” Bai Qingyue told Xiao Su’er all the things that happened today intact. After that, her eyes became red again, and she stood up and bowed deeply to Xiao Su’er. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault! I hurt him. If it wasn’t to protect me, he would have nothing to do. He is so good.”

Xiao Su’er looked at her solemnly and bowed three times. Embarrassedly helped her up, “Don’t blame yourself. Isn’t it normal for him to protect you as a boy? But you just said that after you went there, the people there are waiting for you as if they had planned for a long time? “

Xiao Su’er thought this was very strange. She and Xiao Yuhan had indeed agreed to investigate separately, but why did the club person know in advance where he was going, and said that if he caught him, he could ask for credit. It seems that the owner of the club It was the master behind the scenes who caught Xiao Yuhan and wanted him to do human experiments!

“Yes, I don’t understand what they said about the experiment. The situation was too critical at the time. I didn’t have time to take care of those and ran out in a hurry.” When she spoke, she felt pain in the back of her head, and she put her hand in her hands. Talking with a grin from the back of his head.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you injured?” Xiao Su’er noticed something was wrong with her and walked to her side.

“I fell and knocked my head to the ground just now, and now I feel so painful I dare not touch it.”

“I’ll help you take a look and take your hand away.” Xiao Su’er gently touched her head and checked it. Seeing her sighed, “Oh, fortunately you just said it, you have a serious collision! You wait a moment and I will get some medicine for you.”

Xiao Su’er said and entered a room, which was specially vacant for her. Those who come out as pharmacies usually study medical skills or practice medicine in it.

She took out a bunch of medicines, and gave an ice bag to Bai Qingyue, “Quickly apply ice to relieve swelling and pain, and these medicines, this is for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, this is for relieving itching, and this is for anti-inflammatory, you Remember to eat.”

“You have a serious collision. If you go back and take these medicines, you still feel that there is a double image in front of you or the pain is completely unstoppable, just remember to call me and I will go to your house to give it to you. Take a look.” Xiao Su’er wrote down all the medicines and how to take them before handing them to Bai Qingyue.

Bai Qingyue was a little embarrassed to hold this pile of medicines. In order to save her from her injury, Xiao Su’er also carried such a pile of medicines from their home. Looking back five years ago, she was ignorant and competed with Xiao Su’er and said that she humiliated her. If I think about it, I feel blush.

“I’m sorry, I used to be ignorant and diametrically opposed to you, but now it is really wrong to think about it. From now on, the two of us will get along well, okay, we will do charity together.” Bai Qingyue blushed and apologized to Xiao Su’er.

Seeing her shy appearance, Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing. Bai Qingyue was really even cuter than five years ago.

“I never blamed you. You are just a cute little girl. She used to be ignorant, but now she is sensible. My brother is fine with this injury. Don’t worry.”

“Well, but if there is any problem with his injury, you must remember to contact me, I will not escape, I will be responsible to the end!” Bai Qingyue said very seriously.