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Modern Family S11 Episode 10

Episode 10: Comprehensive Life Hall

Alex’s new company arranged for her to live in the comprehensive living hall, which is a very luxurious apartment building. Regardless of the guest’s dedicated number, you can enjoy the thoughtful services provided in the building. Everyone in the family has long been interested in visiting it and gaining insights. But Alex knew exactly what virtues they were, and would never accompany them to cause trouble everywhere. After receiving my parents and grandfather in the large living room with a panoramic view on all sides, I quickly entered the customer number and ordered the parking service for them to leave.

The problem is that all of those people have excellent eyesight and excellent memory. After driving out of the underground parking lot, they all sneaked back. Phil was the first to press Alex’s customer number at the front entrance. It just so happened that Higgins, the new front desk housekeeper, was in the stage of trying to get to know the guests. He had no idea that Phil had used his daughter’s number. Phil went to the top-floor restaurant, he had long wanted to try the famous delicious little burger. But the service robot in the restaurant has facial recognition, which is not easy to cheat. Phil could only find a human waiter, ordered a small hamburger, and directed it to the hot spring bath on the 10th floor.

Jie then came in and wanted to enjoy a movie in a theater with great sound. Most importantly, no Manny commented on the side. Manny and Luke also sneaked in at this meeting and took part in aerobics class. The two of them were both eager to find a pretty girl for company. Mitchell and Cameron entered the physical training area of ​​the living hall with similar purposes. They were not looking for beautiful women, but handsome Beckham.

Claire’s purpose in entering the comprehensive life hall is to go to the hair salon and find Gloria the most annoying, but he often dyes the famous hairdressers of the stars, takes care of his hair, and dyes it brown by the way, giving Phil a surprise. Gloria came back to take advantage of the swimming pool slide on the top of the building to practice her bravery, so she can’t show her timidity when she goes to the water park next week.

These people ran into the service area with their own ghosts, but they suffered for Alex. She always received a reminder that she asked to provide a certain service, but she ran over and found no abnormalities by mistake. After receiving the bill the next day, Alex secretly groaned. Eight small burgers plus a bottle of coconut water, screening hall fees, swimming pool slide rescue fees, hairdressing, hot spring baths, aerobic fitness classes, fines for unclean treadmills, and eight Western World tickets. None of the family members were worry-free. In the end, Claire was surprised by the number of people and left Cameron in the Western World alone.

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