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Yuru Camp△ – ゆるキャン△ –

Yuru Camp△ – ゆるキャン△ –
Other name: ゆるキャン, Yarukyan, Laid-Back Camp, Yuru Camp, Yuru Camp△, Yurucamp△

Country: Japan
Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Release: Jan 9, 2020 Runtime: Thursday
Episode(s): 3
Broadcast: TV Tokyo
Director(s): Ninomiya Takashi

Writer(s): Kitagawa Ayako
Cast: Fukuhara Haruka, Ohara Yuno, Tanabe Momoko, Yanai Yumena, Shida Sara

This is the story of a winter day. Kagamihara Nadeshiko, a female high school student who moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, rode a bicycle to see Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and Mt. Fuji cannot be seen. Tired, Nadeshiko falls asleep on the spot and wakes up at night. This is her first time going there and she didn’t know how to return.

Fortunately, Shima Rin, a girl who loves camping, saves her. They lit a bonfire to warm up and the sound of the blazing firewood permeates the silence of the lake.

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