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Chapter 1 Don’t Take Off My Pants

“Don’t, don’t take off my pants. Qin Keqing, who was lying in the grass, blushed and shouted anxiously.

Although this is not a barren country, it is also sparsely populated, so Zhu Huaijing can’t care about anything. He takes it off regardless of Qin Keqing’s objection.

Zhu Huaijing could not help swallowing her trousers while looking at Qin Keqing’s double jade legs with trousers off. It was so beautiful and alluring, slender, white, and tender and elastic at the touch. It

made Zhu Huaijing more heartbeat. In a hurry, Qin Keqing’s half-hollowed white lace inner inner part half-covered a black forest is really too tempting.

Although this is his daughter-in-law, Zhu Huaijing’s heart has been confused, and his mind is already I can’t pay attention to those taboos. You must know that his daughter-in-law just married in, but it is already a beautiful scene in the family.

This Qin Keqing is an andrology attending physician in Zhu Huaijing Hospital, and is regarded as a signature physician in the hospital. She is not only a medical skill. Gaoming, and more importantly, she has a hot body of 1.68 meters, with prominent curves, and her front convexity. With her beautiful appearance, she is simply the goddess that men covet.

“Ah, don’t suck, it’s dirty there. Suddenly she exhaled, but for fear of others hearing it, she insisted on lowering her tone, and then her breathing became heavier, the red glow on her face became thicker and thicker, and her hands involuntarily grasped the grass on the ground.

“The venom must be sucked out as soon as possible, otherwise it will be troublesome.” Zhu Huaijing sucked the wound under Qin Keqing’s thigh with his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood.

This spring outing was organized by the hospital. It has been a hospital that hasn’t traveled for three years. This time, Zhu Huaijing, the dean, organized a spring outing for these doctors. You can also choose this fragrant grass and blue sky. The hot spring is pure and natural. local.

But at the turn of spring and summer, there are already venomous snakes infested. No, Qin Keqing had been recruited. If it hadn’t happened to be nearby Zhu Huaijing to help in time, it would have been delayed.

Touching this jade leg, his mouth approached at zero distance. Although Zhu Huaijing was saving people, he had already reacted when he saw the half-covered black forest out of his eyes.

“Dad, it should be okay. You Qin Keqing was originally ashamed and embarrassed, and wanted to stop her father-in-law, but the father-in-law suddenly sucked hard, and she couldn’t help feeling a little strange.

This was originally Qin Keqing except her. Apart from her husband, it is the first time that other men treat her jade legs like this. This man must be her father-in-law. This messed up the moral stimulus and made her feel distraught. She wanted to stop and continued. You

must know that she has been married for so long. , And her husband get together less and get more separation. The life of a husband and wife is basically dependent on hands, especially she is a male doctor, and her work with men is a common thing.

“Keqing, well, you don’t move, I’ll give You find some herbal compress nearby. “Zhu Huaijing felt that his lips were a little hot and numb, but fortunately, the venom from her daughter-in-law’s wound was basically cleared.

But at this time, Zhu Huaijing saw her daughter-in-law’s flushed face, with a charming beauty, especially her eyes. Torrents of Spring eye seems a bit blurred and, in particular, the ups and downs of the chest, under the white shirt, it is to be his breakthrough, coupled with open legs, a touch of forest looming, he could not help but look


found Qin Keqing couldn’t help but shyly turned her face away from her father-in-law’s hot gaze. She hurriedly clamped her legs and said, “Thank you, Dad, you don’t need to apply herbal medicine. I can just get some medicine this time.

“How can this work?” Zhu Huaijing suddenly felt embarrassed, and quickly moved his eyes away and said.

“Yes, Dad, I’m going back first.” Qin Keqing said, putting on his pants quickly, and then hurried to the residence.

At this moment, Qin Keqing thought that if she didn’t run away, she was worried that her father-in-law would discover the secret that she was wet. This father-in-law is in his early fifties, tall and sturdy, handsome, elegant, mature, wise, calm, and charming, a successful man who is basically a woman’s dream lover, so she just lost her attitude unknowingly.

Looking at the back of Qin Keqing leaving in a hurry, Zhu Huaijing’s heart was still surging. He suddenly realized that the tights worn by his daughter-in-law today are more beautiful. The tight stretch pants outline the full curve of the lower body, and it feels really plump, white and tender. Shapely sexy. Between the slender and round thighs, the garden swollen with tights made the man see a temptation to panic.

After leaving the grass, Qin Keqing, who had treated her wounds, did not dare to go to the public hot spring pool. She ran into her father-in-

law , so she ran for the woman only . Zhu Huaijing and several other senior physicians took a bath in the big medicine pool. Wherever he came back from the grass, the guy underneath hadn’t relaxed, his mind was full of his daughter-in-law’s jade legs and the scenery.

In the hospital, many young nurses asked Zhu Huaijing for unspoken rules, but he had never exercised this right, even though his wife had passed away for more than ten years.

So in terms of style, Zhu Huaijing has done a very good job these years, but this Qin Keqing has moved him. This is the only time he has been moved in more than ten years. This seems to break his way.

Because the guy below was restless, Zhu Huaijing had to return to his bedroom early and settle it with his own hands. After all, he had come here all these years. However, when Zhu Huaijing opened his bow from left to right and when he moved his hands up and down, the door was knocked, and his daughter-in-law’s voice was heard: “Dad, are you in there?

Hearing his daughter-in-law’s voice, Zhu Huaijing suddenly did not hold back. It fell in his hand. After all, he had her in his mind just now. He rashly took out the paper towel on the tabletop and wiped his hands indiscriminately, then put on the inside, tied the belt of the bathrobe and opened the door.

“Ke Qing, What do you want to do with your dad?” Zhu Huaijing knew that there was still a blush on his face, so he continued, “I just came back from the hot spring. “That’s it, Dad, I have something to ask you for help, can I go in and talk about it?” Qin Keqing, who was also wearing only a bathrobe, looked a little anxious. She clamped her legs and twisted her body involuntarily.

“Of course, come in, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t the venom of the wound have been cleaned up?” Zhu Huaijing didn’t notice Qin Keqing’s subtle movements. He thought it was because the wound had not been dealt with, so he hurriedly let his body say.

After entering the door, Qin Keqing looked around at the door before closing the door quickly, then turned around, and said to Zhu Huaijing very shyly, “Dad, don’t tell me about this.

” “What the hell is it?” Zhu Huaijing looked at Qin Keqing. An expression, a little trembling in his heart, but he avoids embarrassment and still asks more.

“Dad, I am so itchy, you can help me see. I know that you are also an expert in this area. “Qin Keqing bit her lip, lowered her head and said, her cheeks were red, even her neck was red.

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