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Chapter 1 We Have a Marriage Contract

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, in the rainy season, there are torrential rains.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the sky cleared, the long-lost sun quietly appeared, and there was still a rainbow hanging in the sky.

When Lu Xingzhi went home in the afternoon, he saw a black car parked outside the yard with a brand she didn’t recognize.

Faintly exudes the breath that I am very expensive, don’t touch.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi walked around the car very carefully, and saw the door of the driver’s seat opened, and a man in a white shirt and black trousers came out.

He is about thirty years old, 1.8 meters tall, with well-rounded facial features, handsome appearance, and an elite pair.

However, after getting out of the car, he respectfully opened the door of the rear seat.

Lu Xingzhi just opened the courtyard door and saw the man walking down from the back seat clearly, and a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Very tall and handsome. This is her most direct sense.

Rumo’s eyebrows are like a sword out of its sheath, extremely sharp. Those long and narrow eyes have deeper pupils than ordinary people, like the finest black colored glaze, shining brightly.

And that maple leaf red lips, there are lip beads, it is very sexy.

The corners of his lips were slightly curled, which also made his temperament warmer.

This is a man who is noble and elegant to his bones, all over his body, all exquisite.

The sunlight hit him and gave him a halo. It’s like a sun god coming out of the light.

I was still whispering in my heart, how could such a man appear here, I saw him walking towards him.

Stopped in front of her, as if confirming her identity, slowly speaking, “Lu Xingzhi?”

“Are you?” Lu Xingzhi was still a bit dazed, staring at his face for more than ten seconds. Have seen this man.

“The first time I met, I am Huo Jinchen.” His voice was like playing a guqin, composed and full of rhyme.

He is really a loved one by God, even his voice is so nice.

Lu Xingzhi didn’t speak, but just looked at him, but Huo Jinchen understood what she wanted to express from her smart eyes.

“Your fiance.” This is also the purpose of Huo Jinchen.

Lu Xingzhi frowned, then stretched out again, and said faintly: “So, did you come here to divorce?”

Huo Jinchen slightly curled his lips, “No, I’m here to fulfill the engagement.”


Huo Jin Chen was a little surprised. For the first time he said this to a girl, there was no surprise in the other’s eyes, only doubts and puzzles.

He looked at her calmly again, her height seemed to reach his chest. He sticks a cute ball head, revealing a full and clean forehead and a white face.

She wore a white cartoon T-shirt with a pair of rolled-edge cropped jeans, revealing sexy slender ankles.

The black eyes quenched some light, and they were shining, like shining galaxies in the night sky. At the corner of the eye, there is also a mole.

Mingyan, pure and pure, is a bit more charming.

Huo Jinchen has not had any emotional experience, nor has anyone liked him. Before coming, he was just taking it as a task.

I don’t care whether this unmasked fiancee is beautiful or ugly.

Seeing Lu Xingzhi now, I feel a lot more comfortable, at least, he looks pleasing to the eye.

“Are you sure you want to talk to me here?”

Lu Xingzhi realized that they were all still standing in the yard.

Then he said: “Go ahead and talk in the room!”

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