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Chapter 10 Heart sway

I don’t know if I am thinking about maintaining a good relationship with Director Liu, or deliberately for the purpose of involving Director Liu to take care of her father-in-law in the future. In short, she has already said what she said.

Yes, what you said is right, we will be the leader in the future. This meal is considered to be what I owe Dr. Qin, and I will make up for it soon. “Director Liu is a shrewd middle-aged man, how can he let go of this great opportunity.

” “Oh, I just said that, so what can make Director Liu spend?” Qin Keqing wants to bring back some trouble. In the future, in case there is any inconvenience, it is better to decline.

“Look, you are out of the question, what is waste, not to mention anything else, even for Zhu Huaijing’s face, you can’t push away from it.” Director Liu deliberately brought out Zhu Huaijing, meaning not only Dealing with his affairs, in the future things in the hospital will be counted on him, the

chief director, to take care of him.

Qin Keqing is also a woman who has seen the world. She immediately understood that there was something in Director Liu’s words, smiled, and said sweetly: “That’s what, in the future, Director Liu will be useful to the little girl in everything, even if the order is Now.” She also spoke unintentionally, doing things deliberately.

“Okay, let’s do this first, it’s getting late, you go home for dinner first, I also want to clean up and go to the dinner party.” Director Liu was busy and tidy up while talking.

Qin Keqing knew that this was Director Liu’s eviction order, and her heart was swayed. He couldn’t help but think: This little Director Liu is really amazing. He is embarrassed to issue the eviction order for such a big beauty,” Humph, if it’s not at home. For the sake of the public being in prison, you just used the eight-carriage chair to invite my grandmother, and my grandmother won’t give you a favor.

It seemed that Director Liu had hurt the self-esteem of a beautiful woman. Seeing that Qin Keqing’s expression changed a little, Director Liu, who was good at observing words and expressions, praised herself with satisfaction. For such an arrogant and charming beauty, who was so much younger than herself, If you don’t put down her domineering arrogance first, even if you ask her out, you won’t be obedient.

Director Liu can be said to be scheming, he really watched Qin Keqing blushing in such a daze, he walked out of his office door angrily, without giving her a step.

Because he knew that the reason why Qin Keqing agreed to date him was entirely because of the power in his hands, not because he liked him sincerely. Even if he was diligent, it was futile.

Only by using means can this little beauty be awarded to the account, and she can even be amazed by her own man, and it is not impossible to train her to become a long-term partner.

Qin Keqing hurriedly walked out of the director’s office, and ran into Zhu Guobin, who had been waiting for her. Zhu Guobin saw Qin Keqing walk out of Liu’s office angrily, thinking that he had suffered a lot of grievance. , Or Director Liu bullied her, hurry up. He stepped forward and asked: “What’s wrong with you, Ke Qing, is that the old guy bullying you?”

“What if you are bullied? What if you don’t bully? You? A big man can’t do such a small thing, can he still count on others to give alms?” Qin Keqing glared at Zhu Guobin-a grievance spread on him.

“He really bullied you. Wait, I’ll ask him to settle the account.” Zhu Guobin was really angry. After he finished speaking, he turned around like rushing to Director Liu’s office.

“You come back to me.” Qin Keqing yelled softly, because he was afraid that Director Liu would hear if his voice was louder. Seeing Zhu Guobin obediently resisted his steps, he frowned and said, “I said people bullied me. Already? A big man, can I use my brain for what to do?”

Zhu Guobin looked at Qin Keqing’s expression and said to his heart that it must have been impossible, so he comforted him and said, “Keqing, don’t be angry, it’s okay if the thing is not done, let’s think of another way, let’s talk about it. You can find a good lawyer.”

“What you said is light, yes, there are many big lawyers, but is there one who can help you?” Qin Keqing really showed no mercy to Zhu Guobin. “Oh, too.” Zhu Guobin nodded honestly and no longer dared to ask anything. He knew that if he asked again, Qin Keqing might be even more fierce.

“Here, you take the money first. I will bring it inconvenient, so you can take it home when you come back.” Qin Keqing stuffed Zhu Guobin with a wad of money.

“Let’s confiscate it. I told you that you still don’t believe me. Mr. Liu doesn’t charge money. I told you yesterday that you still don’t believe me.” Zhu Guobin straightened up like a winner and said.

Qin Keqing and the dark time are getting late, so she no longer argues with Zhu Guobin. She looked at her watch and said anxiously than I: “You have to collect the money. I have something to do. Let’s go.

Japan . Xia’s night looks like such an Iraqi person, Sheng Shige surging toward the crowd in front of the big stage, a bright and colorful beauty is looking around looking for something, this beauty is not someone else, it is Qin Keqing.

“May I ask, are you waiting for someone? ?” A very magnetic baritone sounded in Qin Keqing’s ears, and she was shocked.

Qin Keqing turned around abruptly to see that the speaker was Director Liu, and she instinctively gave him Slapped, pouting his mouth, and said angrily: “You damn it, you scared me to death. “

A surprise, a joke, it seemed that the distance between the two of them was drawn very close at once. Liu Quanan did not answer, bending his elbow, Qin Keqing also knew how to pass his soft and delicate arm through. With his elbow, the two leaned on each other and walked into the ballroom on the grand stage of Shengshigechao

Entering the ballroom, Mengyao’s eyes were dim. It had been a long time since she had been to such a place. She really felt a little uncomfortable. In confusion, she was dragged by Liu Quanan to a bag. While sitting, I can barely see the person in front of me.

At this time, Liu Quanan smiled and introduced Qin Keqing to the two men and women who were already sitting in the seat: “Keqing, come and meet, these two are the city leaders, don’t underestimate them. From now on, your father-in-law will count on them.

Qin Keqing greeted the two pairs of men and women quickly with a smile, and said, “I still count on a few more to take care of me from now on. “

What to say, Lao Liu’s friend is our friend. If there is anything, as long as there is a word from Lao Liu, we must do it.” “After one of the obese men finished speaking, he laughed’haha’.

After all, Qin Keqing had just met and met with a few of them, and those two leaders always looked at him with that strange look. So, Qin Keqing felt embarrassed to sit in it, but in order not to lose face to Liu Quanan, she had to smile and then smile again. Later, she felt that her facial muscles were numb, and finally she hoped for it. The music of the opening music.

Qin Keqing, who was already a little restless, stood up quickly as soon as Liu Quanan’s hand extended to her, and immediately stepped onto the dance floor with him. She felt mixed on the dance floor. In the crowd, it’s much more comfortable than sitting in the bag. A

beautiful dance song, a well-regulated dance, Qin Keqing danced under the guidance of Liu Quanan, and once again felt the pure unrestrained and passionate feelings that had been missing for a long time. The radiant beauty.

This makes Qin Keqing feel particularly excited. She really feels that she has taken a big advantage this time. If she dances with Liu Quanan, she can get her father-in-law out. This is really great. What a good thing.

Not to mention, intellectuals just know how to be polite and rules, and then report to the three pairs of men and women sitting inside. Each dance piece is to dance on the dance floor with its own partner. There is really no five hundred that casually invited others to bring. This made Qin Keqing even more convinced that Liu Quanan invited her to dance with him today, purely for the entertainment scene, not for other purposes.

The beauty in a relaxed state is the most charming and charming. Qin Keqing gradually let go of her mind and was completely intoxicated by such a long-lost master. You should know that since he and Zhu Guobin had a partner, there was never again. Live this feasting life.

The ball was divided into two halves. During the intermission, the man with the middle score asked the waiter to bring up a few cans of beer, one for each person, and he had to drink it. Qin Keqing saw that it was just a small can of beer. It’s not good to refute others’ face too much, and drink it as water.

In the light of summer, drinking a few sips of cool beer that quenches thirst makes people feel more refreshed. At the beginning of the second half of the dance music, Liu Quanan pulled Qin Keqing onto the dance floor. The two naturally hugged each other, this time like Liu Quanan. Holds Qin Keqing’s arms tighter, and the posture of the hands has also changed differently, put both hands directly around Qin Keqing’s small waist

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