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Chapter 10 I took her shoulders

It just so happened that a tricycle in front crossed, and the driver stepped on the brakes. Lu Xingzhi couldn’t sit still. First he slammed his head into the front seat, then fell back and was supported by Huo Jinchen.

“Thank you!” Lu Xing knew his face was blushing, and only then saw Huo Jinchen twice. Why did he fall on him so many times.

She even wondered if she had premeditated.

Before she got up and sat back again, she heard Huo Jinchen’s enchanting voice ringing in her ears: “Be careful.”

“Yeah!” Lu Xingzhi sat down again.

“It will take two hours to get to the airport. Leaning back will make it more comfortable.” Huo Jinchen supported her waist with one hand, and directly pressed her shoulder with the other hand, letting her lean on the backrest. He teased her in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat people.”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at him, and the deer-like clear and innocent eyes blinked, and said solemnly: “I know.”

Huo Jinchen’s lips again. He couldn’t help rising up a bit, he just teased her, hearing Lu Xingzhi’s serious answer, he really couldn’t help it.

Lu Xingzhi probably relaxed, and fell asleep before long.

It wasn’t until the car stopped at the gate of the airport that Lu Xingzhi dumbly heard Huo Jinchen calling her, and then opened his eyes.

The reason why I just woke up, the hair was a little messy, the wet eyes blinked, and the thick and curled eyelashes swayed up and down like two fans.

The eyes were confused, and he looked at Huo Jinchen ignorantly, soft and cute, and people couldn’t help but want to pinch.

It’s still a bit delicious.

Like a sweetheart.

“Uncle?” Lu Xingzhi said slowly, his voice was low, crisp, and a little sultry.

Huo Jinchen was suddenly thirsty, and coughed unnaturally, still conforming to her intention, and squeezed her soft little face.

Lu Xingzhi rubbed his eyes, and then slowly became sober, looked out the car window, “Are you there?”

“Yeah. Get off!”


Go inside, after going through the boarding procedures, the two of them go to When I walked over to the security checkpoint, I heard a male voice.


Lu Xingzhi looked in the direction of the voice, “Han Chengran?”

“I…” Han Chengran just wanted to say something, but his attention was on Huo Jinchen who was next to Lu Xingzhi.

This man’s aura is too strong, he is sure that he is definitely not from Yizhou City, his aura of a superior person is too strong.

“Xingzhi, who is this?”

“My uncle.” Lu Xingzhi didn’t want people to know that he had such a fiancé for the time being.


Huo Jinchen’s eyes twitched slightly.

“Good uncle.” Han Chengran still called out politely.

Lu Xingzhi felt a moment of guilty conscience.

Not dare to look at Huo Jinchen, he bit the bullet and introduced: “Uncle, this is my classmate, Han Chengran.”

Huo Jinchen looked at Han Chengran.

He was about the same age as Lu Xingzhi, about 1.8 meters tall, well-dressed, and exquisite features.

This should be the kind of guy that little girls would like!

“Zhizhi, the time is coming, let’s go in!” Huo Jinchen’s hand was naturally placed on the shoulder of Fashion.

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi was a little confused about his state, and politely waved to Han Chengran, and followed Huo Jinchen through the security check.

Later, I realized that Huo Jinchen called her to know?

He also put his arms around her shoulders.

After the two arrived in the terminal, Huo Jinchen glanced at her, “Isn’t he a boyfriend?”

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