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Chapter 11 Do it again

Qin Keqing has already begun to tweak a few times, but swept around with his eyes, almost all in the same posture, so he just gave up, reluctantly accepted this posture, in fact, this posture is not so much a dance, it is a dance with a clip. In the name of intimacy.

While Qin Keqing was thinking about how to make Liu Quanan understand that she is not that kind of casual woman, Liu Quanan spoke to Qin Keqing’s ear: “Don’t be nervous, my little baby, no one will see here. It’s not finished yet.” After finishing speaking, he pressed her body to Qin Keqing’s body again.

“Don’t Qin Keqing can only say this word reluctantly.

“Hehe, you’re still shy, right? Let’s just come out and play, no one will know, but if you can’t meet my requirements, then we still What’s the deal?” Liu Quanan-fasten this-buckle and said.

Qin Keqing realized that the situation was not as simple as he thought. She immediately realized the meaning of Liu Quanan’s words, but now, if she is If you choose to give up, you will have lost all your previous achievements. After considering the pros and cons for a while, Qin Keqing felt that even if Liu Quanan took a small advantage, it was nothing. The important thing was that she had to save her father-in-law, because she seemed to

I am pregnant. The momentary relaxation of Qin Keqing’s body is the best response to Liu Quan’an. Liu Quan’an is secretly happy that the first step plan has been easily realized, and the next step is to be true.

Thinking of this, Liu Quan’an’s little by little With Qin Keqing slowly rotating to another corner of the dance floor, which is a bit farther away from their bag, he mainly considered that Qin Keqing should feel at ease.

The lights on the dance floor suddenly went dark at this time. Qin Keqing felt a moment of fear, and this fearful reaction was directly manifested in her body, and her body that had just slackened suddenly became tight.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Quanan’s voice sounded close to Qin Keqing’s ears. .

Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just a bit unsuitable for this kind of occasion, it’s too dark. “Qin Keqing reluctantly restrained herself, trying not to make a trembling sound.

“Hehe, it’s nothing. Nowadays dance halls are very humane. People who come here to dance are always given some opportunities. The black light represents the dance partners.” You can be more casual. “Liu Quanan-while explaining, she hugged Qin Keqing’s body tightly in her arms.

Qin Keqing felt a little breathless, she began to push Liu Quanan’s body close to him, but at this moment , I heard Liu Quan’an say softly: “Qin Keqing, can I touch you?”

“What?” Qin Keqing didn’t hear clearly, but also seemed surprised.

“I mean, I want to touch you . ” ? “Liuquan an he spoke, do not feel embarrassed, on the contrary actually looked very relaxed, like to ask as well.

” where touch? “qing and even asked one understand Bianxiang let Liuquan an insatiable words.

” Oh . “Sure enough, Liu Quanan laughed, but at the same time he laughed, a big hand was already on Qin Keqing’s mountain peak, Qin Keqing said in surprise.

“What are you doing so loud, I want others to know!” “Liu Quanan-blamed, and kept rubbing Qin Keqing’s softness,

“Don’t. Don’t be like this, okay?” “Qin Keqing is obviously lacking in confidence, as if he is bargaining with Liu Quanan.” Liu Quanan stretched his head to Qin Keqing’s ear again, and said with a smile: “Okay, then

Qin Keqing , who listened to you, thought Liu Quanan had given up unreasonable thoughts under his persuasion, so he breathed out gently. As soon as she was about to relax her body, she felt a chill at the collar, and with one hand of a beast followed the collar and got into her mountain.

“Ah! What are you doing.” “Qin Keqing is no small matter. If you know, besides naming her, there is no second man who has touched her here.

“Keep your voice down, okay, don’t you really be afraid that the person next to you will hear it?” Liu Quanan ignored Qin Keqing’s surprise, instead complaining about her screams. His move was called shifting thinking and shifting Qin Keqing’s thoughts. Observe whether the people around you see them, and then Qin Keqing’s resistance will completely disappear.

Sure enough, Qin Keqing no longer dared to shout, because at this time, she could already clearly feel that the big hand had really touched one of her soft, and had begun to revitalize her little bit, causing her body It feels a little bit more sensitive.

Fortunately, at this time the song ended and the lights on the dance floor lit up. Everyone rushed away. Qin Keqing followed Liu Quanan back to the bag and quickly lowered her head to make it inside. She was afraid that the other two pairs of men and women would see it. His blushes.

Several other people talked and laughed as soon as they came in, as if they hadn’t noticed Qin Keqing’s changes at all. Qin Keqing also secretly raised his eyelids at this time and looked at the other two women. It doesn’t matter, two. The women were also blushing, and at first glance, they knew that they must have been loved by two men when they were in the dark.

This dance can’t go on anymore. I have to think of an excuse to leave here. Otherwise, what kind of woman would he become? Qin Keqing thought in her heart, but before she could think of a way, the following dance music followed. This time she was The one who made Liu Quanan dragged into the dance floor was hugged by Liu Quanan as soon as he came up.

“Don’t do this, please?” Qin Keqing couldn’t help but refused.

“On the first floor of the building, you can handle a single case with a touch. It doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage to you, right?” Liu Quanan seems to be particularly good at catching the weaknesses of others. His words are like a soft knife. It happened to be stuck in Qin Keqing’s weakness.

Qin Keqing no longer refused. She seemed to have been persuaded by Liu Quanan’s words. She was softly leaning in Liu Quan’an’s arms. Thinking about it, there will be free lunches under the world. Since the family does not charge a penny, It is also right to pay a little by oneself.

Next, the lights on the dance floor went dark again

The accompaniment of the band seems to match the scene at this moment, from the high ups and downs of the rhythm just now, to the leisurely rippling rhythm of the water, this kind of environment, this kind of rhythm, even for people who have no ideas, Being in it will also produce intoxication and confusion.

In the darkness, Qin Keqing’s body has been tested, and that thick big hand has occupied the highest point of her body. Qin Keqing did not resist, she just hoped that the song could end soon.

However, the damn band seems to sincerely create opportunities for the satyrs. It was originally a simple piece of music, but under their back and forth performance, it dragged a long and long time, and at this time, the scene on the dance floor was vaguely audible. The female middle-aged girl’s breathing is heavy.

In fact, Qin Keqing is also holding back her own emotions so as not to let her breath be so unrestrained. She has rarely touched a man’s body originally, how can she resist Liu Quanan’s sophisticated and agitation.

Waves of numbness spread all over Qin Keqing’s body, making her feel ashamed, but also rippling that she had never experienced. Although she had resisted this kind of unruly behavior mentally, her body The reaction is indeed strong

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