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Chapter 12 Don’t Bully Xiaozhi

Her room has a separate bathroom, a separate balcony, and even a separate cloakroom.

Putting the clothes in the closet, Lu Xingzhi was lying on the sofa. She was not tired, but she didn’t know what to do.

When he heard the knock on the door, Lu Xingzhi realized that he didn’t know when he fell asleep.

“Uncle, what’s the matter?” Lu Xingzhi opened the door and saw Huo Jinchen standing outside.

“Go down for dinner.”

“Okay.” After the

two had dinner, Huo Jinchen said: “A good night’s sleep, tomorrow morning, can we go to Grandpa? He really wants to see you.”

“Yes.” Such a simple request, she has nothing to refuse.

She didn’t know if it was her illusion, she always felt that the butler looked at her with a little disdain and contempt.

However, Lu Xingzhi didn’t care either.

A high-quality man like Huo Jinchen should be worthy of a woman who is equal to his family and looks in every aspect.

She was cut off by her halfway, I’m afraid, she has made many women hate it.

A good night’s sleep.

Lu Xingzhi got up early the next morning.

After breakfast, Huo Jinchen took her to the old house in Kyoto.

After entering the gate, I saw an old man trimming flowers and grass.

“Grandpa, I brought you to see you.”

Huo Qiyuan turned around and saw Lu Xingzhi next to Huo Jinchen, his smiling faces were all wrinkled together, “This is Xiaozhi! Come here soon.” Let Grandpa take a look.”

“Good , Grandpa Huo.” Lu Xingzhi walked over and called out politely.

Huo Qiyuan pretended to be unhappy, “What is the name of Grandpa Huo? The family is so unfamiliar, so remove the word

Huo. Just call Grandpa.” “Grandpa.” Lu Xingzhi had a good impression of the amiable Grandpa Huo, so he went along. His intention.

The old

man smiled openly , “Good boy! Don’t stand at the door, go into the house and talk!” Huo Qiyuan asked Lu Xingzhi about her grandfather, and asked her about her situation in recent years.

Finally, inevitably some sad, distressed child, “small cicada, blame my grandfather well, a long time ago to see if the letter of your grandfather, after a few years it will not only pick you up.”

“No, no, you do not Put it this way. I’ve had a good life, really.” Lu Xingzhi really doesn’t feel how bitter he is at all. Seeing the old man’s self-blaming eyes, he was a little bit at a loss.

Had to look at Huo Jinchen as if asking for help.

“Grandpa, I will be fine in the future, that kind of life is over.” Huo Jinchen handed Huo Qiyuan a cup of tea, “You look like this, I know if you think she has done something wrong.”

” Right, right, little. Got it, you live here with peace of mind. Tell your grandfather everything you want.”

Lu Xingzhi felt that this was Huo Jinchen’s grandfather, and the two said the same thing.

“Okay.” Still obediently said.

The two ate lunch at Huo Qiyuan’s place, and then left after talking with the elderly for a while.

Before leaving, Huo Qiyuan gave a special account to Huo Jinchen, “Jin Chen, you have to take good care of Xiaozhi, don’t bully her, don’t neglect her, you know?”

“I will.”

Huo Qiyuan still believes in his grandson. He is a human, but he still said to Lu Xingzhi: “Xiaozhi, if Jin Chen bullies you, you can tell grandpa and I will help you clean him up. Don’t worry, grandpa is your solid backing.”

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