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Chapter 12 The attack is fast

Just as Qin Keqing restrained herself to keep herself calm, Liu Quanan’s other hand had already begun to touch her waist, but when he reached the critical area, he suddenly stopped there. Qin Keqing couldn’t help but be thankful that she was wearing what she was wearing today. It’s jeans.

“Loosen the belt a little.” Liu Quanan’s voice rang in Qin Keqing’s ear once.

What? Tell me to take the initiative to give you the belt, dreaming of you! This was Qin Keqing’s first reaction. She twisted the quilt. The disturbed Xiaoman waist twisted her face, thinking about this old bastard, old gangster, and she stopped paying attention to Liu Quanan.

“What? Do you want me to untie your belt for you?” Liu Quanan asked reluctantly. .

Qin Ke instinctively hand over his belt buckle, vicious child immediately shook his head, while the light in the dark dance floor, with two or affixed to one another can be seen between the operation of the people together.

“Hehe, I have done all these things, will touching it make you lose something?” Liu Quanan is not in a hurry, he is still so tepid. Qin Keqing glared at Liu Quanan, no matter what he saw Seeing or not seeing, she stared anyway, but the psychological rebellion turned rebellious, Liu Quanan’s words were not unreasonable, he had already paid so much, is it just a little bit more expensive? He got such a big bargain. If he didn’t let him touch it, wouldn’t he be a loss?

Qin Keqing’s thoughts did not exceed the thoughts of all normal women. This is what women have in common and their fatal weakness. In this kind of thinking Driven by, Qin Keqing’s little hand clutching the belt buckle began to loosen. Liu Quanan quickly noticed the change. The ghost of’hehe’ smiled and said, “Is that right?

Qin Keqing put her head in Liu Quanan’s arms shyly, as if this would reduce her inner fear, but her action just aroused Liu Quanan’s enthusiasm, thinking that Qin Keqing had been infected by his sentiment.

“Oh, why is it so wet?” Liu Quanan estimated that he took out the hand that went deep into the inland like lightning, and said in surprise.

Qin Keqing was even more embarrassed by what Liu Quanan said. He felt his own The secret seems to have been unreservedly unfolded in front of Liu Quanan’s eyes, and this secret even her Zhu Guobin has never seen her privacy plot until now, although she is already Zhu Guobin’s person, but, Every time she was doing with Zhu Guobin, she always asked Zhu Guobin to turn off the light, so Zhu Guobin didn’t know about privacy matters.

Qin Keqing pressed her body tightly on Liu Quan’an’s chest, her hands dead. He tightly wrapped around his neck, and the whole person seemed to have fallen on Liu Quan’an. She didn’t know if she did it because of shyness or emotion. In short, she felt that this would make her feel better.

“Let go. Be yourself, there is no need to embarrass yourself so much. Even if you can’t let go, you have done everything you need to do and touched everything you need to touch. “Liu Quanan’s words are so perfect every time, and every time Qin Keqing is about to shake a signal to her to eliminate her will.

Although Qin Keqing was extremely reluctant, she started to gradually follow what Liu Quanan said. Let go, first of all, the uncontrollable trembling’hum’ sound came out of her mouth vaguely, her voice mixed with the music, it was so sweet and moving to Liu Quanan.

Qin Keqing finally I am really grateful to the band. I originally hated the band for extending this short song for so long. However, at the end of the song, the band was very cooperative and gave the audience a high accompaniment signal. , Had it not been for the band’s reminder, I’m afraid Qin Keqing would have

lost his temper in the public. With the climax of the band’s accompaniment, Liu Quan’an’s hands immediately returned to their original positions. As the rhythm of the music accelerated, the lights on the dance floor followed. There was an uproar in the audience, Liu Quanan naturally hugged Qin Keqing’s waist and walked back to the bag.

Qin Keqing sat down in the private room, her heart ups and downs, and it was difficult to calm down. What she was most afraid of now was the sound of the music playing again. She didn’t know what tricks Liu Quanan would play behind, so that she was really afraid that he would let her in. Make a fool of yourself in the public.

But what Qin Keqing did not expect was that after Liu Quanan sat down and drank a glass of beer, he stood up and said to everyone present: “Several people, let’s stop here today. This is the first time that Qin Keqing told us. party, then do not let too late to go back home, we also give her a good impression is not


Liuquan an outburst, the other two men simply repeating what they promise and said: “Liu Juchang right, not too today It’s late, let’s have a long day, and the water will flow long. “While speaking, he gave a wink at the female companion next to him, and everyone stood up together and got ready to go.

Qin Keqing didn’t expect Liu Quanan to let him go like this, and the most terrible thing was that he was ready to leave. Not at all, you know, my trouser belt is still loose, and the underwear inside is also made awkward by Liu Quanan. If I go out like this, I am afraid that the way I walk will be unsightly.

“Oh, or you go first. I bit my lip and retorted.

“Oh, it seems that our girl likes this place and doesn’t want to leave. Well, I will stay with her to the end.” The beautiful young woman who followed the middle of the stream said to Qin Keqing with a smile.

“Oh, no, no, it’s not that I don’t want to go, I want to go to the bathroom first.” Qin Keqing had to tell the truth.

“Punch” a woman with a great body from two outsiders couldn’t help but laugh. She smiled and said: “Okay, okay, then I will accompany the girl. Usually, it will be like this at the beginning.

The words of a woman with a slim figure are very profound. Qin Keqing blinked her eyes and looked at her, thinking: It would be like this the first time? That’s it? But she didn’t have time to estimate this, so she hurriedly got up and followed the woman who wanted to pick her figure. Walked to the bathroom.

In fact, Qin Keqing really can’t understand the meaning of the words to choose a woman with a body. She can only mean that the few people on the side understand it. Those who are new here will definitely be made uncomfortable and the most terrible. Just the following will not be able to bear the teasing, and the woman’s secret will be revealed from it. Of course, this is something they have experienced.

At this time, the obese man saw Qin Keqing go to the bathroom with his partner’s dancing partner, and said with a grin to Liu Quanan, “Director Liu, you really have you. It’s not the first time you get started, right?”

“You shut me up.” Come on, be careful. If the mermaid runs away, I will ask you for it.” Liu Quanan said with a serious face.

“Hehe.” The fat man smiled, and then said: “This little girl is really beautiful, not only beautiful, I can see her charm that is different from ordinary girls in her eyes. And the charm.”

“Haha Liu Quanan smiled, he loves to hear these words.

After a while, Qin Keqing has followed the slim woman back. When Liu Quanan saw that Qin Keqing was back, he waved his hand and said boldly: “Go , Withdraw! After a

few people left the Shengshi Songchao Ballroom, Liu Quanan approached Qin Keqing and asked in a low voice: “Beauty, it’s dark, I’ll send you home.

Qin Keqing suffered a lot in the ballroom. When a nameless fire hits her forehead, she glared at Liu Quanan fiercely,’ snorted and said, “It’s better to avoid it, I can still find a home by myself, but we have to say what we are talking about. . “After

that, he turned around abruptly, and stopped looking at Liu Quanan. He waved his hand and walked to the side of the sidewalk, waved to find a taxi, got into the car, and disappeared into the night.

Liu Quanan . Seeing Qin Keqing going away, he smacked his lips and said to himself with a smile: “It’s spicy enough, I like it!”

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