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Chapter 13 The Look of Impulsiveness

After a few days, Qin Keqing became annoyed. She was really annoyed. She even had the urge to kill. After receiving the last news from Zhu Guobin, she almost dropped her mobile phone to the ground. After she hung up the phone, she was fierce. He cursed: “This damn old fox, dare to take advantage of grandma’s aunt, see if I will not let you ruin.”

Sure enough, Qin Keqing is a stubborn woman. She didn’t even eat lunch, so she hit a car and went straight. Go to Director Liu.

When she arrived at the door of the Public Security Bureau, she saw Liu Quanan walking past the car as soon as she got out of the car. This was really jealous when the enemy met. Qin Keqing was still worried about whether Liu Quanan would hide. Let yourself bump into the head, now it’s up to you where you go.

In three steps and two steps, Qin Keqing chased Liu Quan’an and grabbed his clothes. Just as he was about to criticize him, Liu Quan’an put her index finger to her mouth at him and signaled her not to be impulsive.

Qin Keqing was a little confused by Liu Quanan’s mysterious appearance. She raised her phoenix eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “Don’t want to run.” “My eldest lady, I didn’t even want to run. I am I came here specially to wait for you.” Liu Quanan said with a frown. “Wait for me specially?” Qin Keqing asked strangely.

“Yeah, I won’t wait for you here. What am I doing here?” Liu Quanan said frankly. “Do you know I’m coming?” Qin Keqing asked suspiciously.

“Why don’t you know? If you haven’t handled it properly, will you not come to me to settle the account?” Liu Quanan took the initiative to say this. “Since you know that I’m coming to you, why didn’t you release my father-in-law?” Qin Keqing was fucked by Liu Quanan. It is getting more and more confused. “Do you think this is the place to talk?” Liu Quanan didn’t answer Qin Keqing’s question, but instead said

Qin Keqing. Only then did Qin Keqing look around and saw that the road was already on the side of the road. Several people were watching them both, so they said, “Then go to your office. “

“Hehe, do you think it will be quiet right now?” Liu Quanan finished saying this, then turned and walked to the other side of the school.

Qin Keqing felt that Liu Quanan was right. At this time, if the director’s office can be cleaned, hell hell. Therefore, without hesitation, he followed Liu Quanan and walked towards the other end of the public security bureau.

Seeing Liu Quanan rushing into a coffee shop, Qin Keqing still feels a little frustrated. After all, with lessons learned, how could she not be worried, stopped at the door of the coffee shop, Qin Keqing hesitated a little bit, and walked in. The coffee shop.

The dim light, yes, Qin Keqing, who had just entered the door, was a little uncomfortable. At this moment, I heard Liu Quanan’s voice: “Here.”

Qin Keqing followed the direction of the voice. Liu Quanan had already reached the innermost corner of the cafe Since it was noon, there were not many people in the cafe, so Qin Keqing quickly saw Liu Quanan.

I walked quickly to the place where Liu Quanan was sitting. Before sitting down, Qin Keqing asked, “Director Liu, what are you going to do?” “Sit down first. What do you want to drink?” Liu Quanan seemed to be at this moment.

Don’t worry . Qin Keqing really has no other way. After all, Liu Quanan hasn’t said everything up until now, so Qin Keqing still has a glimmer of hope in her heart.

“Whatever. “Qin Keqing said

irritably . “How about a cup of coffee?” Liu Quanan seemed to have a leisurely time and was not in a hurry.

Qin Keqing nodded, and after sitting down, he asked Liu Quanan, “Tell me first. Is there any drama about my father-in-law? “What I have said, what I usually say will definitely count.” Liu Quanan not only refused to sell it.

“Then why didn’t you release my father-in-law?” Qin Keqing asked puzzledly.

“You should know, the destiny is the final blow.” Liu Quanan said, patted the table lightly with his hand.

“Why do you have to be so mysterious, it always makes people uneasy, is this fun?” Qin Keqing’s mood was much better at this time, but he still looked domineering.

Liu Quanan picked up the coffee delivered by the waiter, took a sip, and said with a smile. “Hehe, you don’t understand this. Just put your heart in your stomach. I will be the next thing. I went to the door to wait for you today because I have something to discuss with you.”

‘What What’s the matter?” Qin Keqing asked immediately, but she immediately remembered the last time Liu Quanan exchanged terms with him, so she followed up and said: “If there are any more terms to be exchanged, then you should be hands-free. “

Liu Quan’an laughed’hehe’, and then said with a hippy smile: “You really got your guess right, but this time it’s definitely not an exchange, but I ask you to show me your face.” ” “

Do not even think of the good, the last time you let the cheap, I will do on you when it? “Said Qin Ke obscure no.

” What station do not take advantage of cheaper, and more ugly ah, but You are so beautiful. As a man, my behavior is within the normal range. “Liu Quanan said haha. “Stop talking about

this, okay?” “Qin Keqing said with a sullen face.

“Okay, okay, since you don’t want to listen, let’s change the subject, and just talk about asking you to do me a favor, even if I risked this for your Liao Cuixia’s child.” The risk is rewarded. “Liu Quan’an is very good at timing. Saying this at this time has to make Qin Keqing think more about it.

“Dancing again?” Meng has obviously compromised.

“How can I always dance? This time it’s very simple. Everyone has a meal together. After taking you to the dance last time, the two leaders would bet me if I could still take you with me. They eat a meal, then this meal is treated as a treat. If you don’t go, then treat as me. Actually, treats are nothing but I can’t afford to lose face, so I want you to help me. This time, eating a meal will not do you any loss, right?” Liu Quanan told his story vividly.

Qin Keqing hesitated for a moment, and said to her heart: Things have reached this point, and she has already paid a huge price last time. If she really refuses Liu Quanan, it must be because she doesn’t want her father to come out. Two endlessly, just accompany him this time, as he said, what can I do with a meal.

Thinking of this, Qin Keqing said tactfully: “Is it just for a meal?”

“Of course, what else do you want to do?” Liu Quanan is really a love veteran, and Qin Keqing’s answer was dumbfounded.

“It’s going to you, who wants to do anything.” Qin Keqing’s face flushed suddenly, and she unnaturally sounded about Liu Quanan touching herself that day.

“Then you agree, well, let’s see you at the entrance of the New Town Hotel at 6 o’clock tonight, see or leave.” Liu Quanan was a little excited, and his voice trembled.

Qin Keqing took a sip of the coffee, then raised her eyebrows, squinted and asked: “This time you won’t be ignorant of talking anymore.

” Okay, now someone has killed your father-in-law, but now they are going to take over this case. They all have to withstand the test. Once someone sees something wrong, it will be done. Now You still can’t understand that I am doing my best for you?” Liu Quanan said, seemingly aggrieved.

Qin Keqing blinked and said in his heart: What he said is right. It seems that he really misunderstood others. Staying with her hesitates to commit crimes late, even if it is to accompany him.

Thinking of this, Qin Keqing smiled shyly, stood up and said, “Well, I will be on time for the appointment tonight.” After that, he turned and walked out of the coffee shop.

Liu Quanan looked at Qin Keqing’s charming back and smiled faintly. He couldn’t help but shook his head and muttered to himself in a low voice, “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you think.” After saying that, he smiled himself “hehe”. stand up.

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