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Chapter 14 I like young and beautiful

In his opinion, only Shen Xinzi is worthy of Huo Jinchen.

“Third Brother, I just grievances for you. Even if you do not like purple Xin sister, however, a hill ditch woman, give her a big deal of money it wants.”

Huo home country in China, it is the top elite, expensive Kyoto Women are completely left to their choice.

Huo Jinchen leaned lazily on the sofa, “I don’t feel wronged, your third brother, I am a layman, and I like to look beautiful.”

He Lianyi suddenly got stuck when he wanted to say something.

He can’t say against his will that Lu Xingzhi is not good-looking, he really did not expect this little village girl to be so beautiful, and he can’t even find a few more beautiful than her in Kyoto.

“Then what else does she have besides being pretty? Sister Xinzi…”

Huo Jinchen interrupted him with a smile, “You want to say that Shen Xinzi is also pretty? Are you sure?”

He Lianyi whispered. Said: “It’s just a little bit worse. Besides, there are many beautiful women, and some are more beautiful than her.”

“I also like being young. Lu Xingzhi has just grown up for five days.”

So young?

He Lianyi gave Huo Jinchen a weird look. This is not because he wants the old cow to eat tender grass!

Twenty-seven and eighteen, which is nine years old.

“That’s quite a lot.”

“I also like the national college entrance examination liberal arts champion.” Huo Jinchen remembered this.

He Lianyi: “…”

Now, he really doesn’t know what to refute.

The national college entrance examination champion, young and beautiful, he can’t tell for the time being.

As for the future, there may be.

However, there is a national champion in liberal arts every year, and many times he is still a man, which is really difficult.

“Go back quickly! You, a public figure, don’t run to me without problems.” Huo Jinchen didn’t give He Lianyi a chance to refute.

He Lianyi knew that everything was false now, so he had to leave first.

As the chairman of a listed company, Huo Jinchen went to the company on the third day.

Lu Xing didn’t know anyone, didn’t know anything about this place, so he stayed in the room all day.

Except for three meals, basically they don’t leave the room.

After two days, I was ready to go around.

Just when I went downstairs and was about to go out, I saw Zhuo Yixiang walking over, “Miss Lu, where are you going? You are not familiar with this place, so it’s better not to go out.”

Lu Xingzhi frowned, “What? Me? I have to report to you when I go out? Has Huo Jinchen restricted my freedom of life?”

She didn’t know, these people thought she was not worthy of Huo Jinchen.

But, who has asked her opinion again? I asked her, would you like to live with Huo Jinchen?

“Would you like me to call him now and ask him if you, the butler, can show me your face at will?” She is not an idiot. She lives alone for so long, and she will look at the winks of others the most.

“Mr. explained, let us take good care of you. I overstepped it.” Zhuo Yixiang doesn’t like Lu Xingzhi. Huo Jinchen is kind to him. In his heart, Huo Jinchen deserves the best match. Woman.

“Heh…” Lu Xingzhi was no longer in the mood to go out, sneered, and went straight back to the room.

In this weather, she didn’t really want to go out.

In the evening, when Huo Jinchen came back, Lu Xingzhi didn’t tell him about these things.

She knew that Huo Jinchen married her only because of his grandfather.

“I know, if you are bored at home, you can ask the driver to take you out. If you need anything, just swipe your card.”

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