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Chapter 15 Surprised Acts

After hearing the words, Liu Quanan looked at Qin Keqing’s surprised eyes, triumphant, and even smiled and said, “Do you think all men are as despicable as you think? Do you use beautiful photos to intimidate and lure? ?Then you are very wrong.

When Qin Keqing heard that Liu Quanan didn’t take a picture of herself, she felt more at ease and became more courageous. She stabilized her emotions a bit and said, “Is that me? Thank you too?”

“It’s not necessary, I mean you know, I don’t like you vaguely, but when doing this kind of thing to women, I always follow a purpose, Liu Quanan, that is The beauty must be willing, otherwise there is no interest at all. “Liu Quan’an said in a big manner.

Qin Keqing smiled contemptuously, and said rudely : “Then I will tell you now, I don’t want to, you quickly get my clothes. “

Okay, I will ask the waiter to bring your clothes to Liu Quan’an immediately. While talking, he picked up the phone in the guest room and called the front desk to do something. But just when his finger was about to be pressed down, he Then he stopped and said: “But I still want to remind you, after all, we have already had’skin’ relatives, oh, of course, it’s just’skin’, and didn’t go deep. Don’t you think it’s too pity to give up like this?” As he spoke, his hand gestured to press the phone button again.

“Wait!” Qin Keqing stopped suddenly.

Liu Quanan didn’t intend to press it down. After listening to Qin Keqing’s words, he immediately retracted his hand and said with a grin, “Is that right? Now that things have reached this point. , I think you are a smart person, so you are so

short -trembling, why bother! Qin Keqing didn’t speak right away, she was very entangled in her heart, yes, it was so short-trembling, but the difference between this-trembling is bad Zhiqianli, although I have been touched by this bastard all over my body and looked at every corner, after all, I am still a pure woman up to now, but if I don’t keep shaking like this, the previous efforts will be wasted. , This point is very clear in her heart.

Qin Keqing raised her head and inspected the environment of the guest room. After making sure that there were no other people, she said with difficulty: “It seems that I can’t escape your palm. Since you are here prepared, no matter what I am, you will I won’t let me go. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to let my fate.”

In fact, Qin Keqing’s remarks were completely trying to find a step for herself, so that she could keep a little bit of face, but Liu Quanan did not expect Liu Quanan. But without saving him any face, he immediately met Qin Keqing’s words and said, “Don’t, don’t think so. I never force others to do anything. To tell you the truth, I don’t lack women, especially beautiful women. , You still think about it and promise me, really, if you don’t want to do it now, you can leave right away.

One of the reasons why Liu Quanan dared to be so merciless is that he has accumulated a lot in this area. Because of her experience, she is very confident in herself.

The second reason is that Qin Keqing is no longer a holy woman in front of her. After all, every part of her body has been exposed to herself, so, He is absolutely sure that Qin Keqing will never let the previous efforts in vain.

The third reason is that he must put down the arrogant arrogance of this overbearing little beauty before doing good deeds, or even if it is reluctant to do it. A good thing,

Qin Keqing , who would definitely be awkward in the process, stared at Liu Quan’an fiercely, but could not say anything except for the word “you.”

“Hehe.” Liu stopped smiling this year. He got up and walked to Qin Keqing’s bed. He sat down slowly and said, “Don’t be angry, and don’t think there is anything that hurts your self-esteem. Your self-esteem is worthless. Me. people do things is to pay attention to the results, the most important thing is the result, the thing you want to do is run a success, even if you give the belongings grandchildren will know how other people have it, it is important that their objective was achieved.

saying Saying: “Words are a paving stone,’Sure enough, under Liu Quanan’s enlightenment, Qin Keqing gave up completely. Although there was still a little bit of loss in her heart, Liu Quanan opened the pillow lightly from her chest. In fact, she was ready to cater to him.

“Come on, let’s review our homework again.” Liu Quanan touched Qin Keqing’s body with his hands as he spoke. He undoubtedly meant to tell Qin Keqing that the touch now is nothing new, but the review has been done before.

Qin Keqing, who was ashamed of the things she had done, was full of Zhu Guobin’s shadow in her mind at this time. She kept shouting deep down in her heart: Zhu Guobin, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

However, under Liu Quanan’s sophisticated and unique techniques, Qin Keqing has already started to become hot involuntarily. She has to admit that Liu Quan’an’s ambiguous skills are much better than Zhu Guobin’s, and I don’t know how much, even compared to her father-in-law It was even better, giving her a feeling of eagerness in her heart.

Liu Quanan looked at the little beauty who was gradually being swallowed by himself, and his heart was filled with infinite passion. When he became interested, he even more presumptuously put forward more special requirements: “Ke Qing, use your little mouth to refresh me, right? “

Although Qin Keqing was already a little confused, she was not so confused as to be delirious. Just as Liu Quanan was talking and pulling her body back, Qin Keqing immediately turned her head to the side and said stubbornly:” No.”

“Hey, don’t pretend, I don’t believe you didn’t do this for your husband.” Liu Quan’an said, he turned his dreamy head back. “Ming hasn’t been over.” Qin Keqing used all his strength to push Liu Quanan back to his lips.

“Hehe, since your husband hasn’t done anything, let me teach you.” Liu Quan’an is quite a big winner. On the contrary, he is more interested and has another psychological change. .

looked Liuquan an that does not aim to never give way, qing and know that if he does not meet probably could not pass this off, but when she heard Liuquan an Zhu Guobin again mention the name of my heart all of a sudden thrown With a little thought, I couldn’t help but think: Yes, since Zhu Guobin is already sorry, then he must be compensated.

Thinking of this, Qin Keqing once again stubbornly resisted Liu Quanan’s offensive, and whispered in an angry voice: “Wait, wait a minute, I have something to say.” Liu Quanan is the kind of guy who never likes the overlord to bow. The lord, hearing Qin Keqing’s words, there was room for discussion, he immediately stopped the consensus, and asked patiently: “Why? Are there any conditions?”

“Well, since this is a transaction for us, then I must have Conditions.” Qin Keqing said bluntly.

“Hey, you little stinky girl, at this time, there are still a lot of things?” Liu Quanan dressed up angry, staring and then said: “Then speak quickly.”

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