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Chapter 15 You Are Too Skinny

Huo Jinchen had long given Lu Xingzhi a card. He needed a job and couldn’t stay with her all the time.

Lu Xingzhi just glanced at Zhuo Yixiang meaningfully and said, “So I can go out!”

“What? Is anyone not letting you out?” Huo Jinchen glanced at Zhuo Yixiang and issued a warning: “Lu Xingzhi is the hostess of this house. What she said is equivalent to me. If anyone gets angry at her, don’t blame me.”

After that, Huo Jinchen put some dishes for Lu Xingzhi, Rou The voice said: “Eat more, you are too skinny.”

“I eat it myself.” Lu Xingzhi squeezed his small face, there is still a lot of meat.

Seeing her behavior, Huo Jinchen’s deep eyes were stained with a little smile.

Then he said: “Tomorrow Saturday, I’ll take you go around, you have a place you want to go?”

“You arrange it!”


The next day, after breakfast, Huo Jin Chen directly deer Star Zhi brought to a shopping plaza.

“Are you taking me shopping?” Lu Xingzhi was surprised, no matter how you look at it, he is not a man who can go shopping.

Don’t people like them all wear custom-made clothes?

“You don’t like it?” Huo Jinchen has never accompanied women, but all he knows is that women like shopping.


Lu Xingzhi walked to the door of a clothing store, his eyes stopped on a pink dress in the glass window, very sweet and girlish, the skirt was double-layered mesh, and the fairy was fluttering.

It was only a few seconds, just as he was about to leave, Huo Jinchen took her hand.

Lu Xingzhi raised his eyes and looked at him, with doubts in his eyes.

“Let’s go in and take a look at this store.”

“Welcome, beauties, you can try them on as you like!” The clothing shopping guide saw them walk in and greeted them with a smile.

“Take out the pink dress on the model from the shop window and give it to my fiancee to try.” Huo Jinchen said directly.

The shopping guide looked at Lu Xingzhi a little, “Okay, madam, you should wear a small size! I’ll bring it for you.” The

shopping guide took the clothes, Huo Jinchen took it, and handed it to her, “Go and change it. !”

Lu Xing knew that his heart was a little complicated, so he went to change his clothes.

Huo Jinchen said to the shopping guide: “Take out all your new clothes that are suitable for little girls.”

When it comes to little girls, there are still some uncomfortable things.

He originally wanted to talk about girls.

“Okay.” Shopping guide is naturally willing.

When Lu Xingzhi came out of the fitting room, Huo Jinchen’s eyes lit up.

He knew early on that the color of this fiancée was excellent. It’s just that I didn’t dress myself.

Now, her skin is very white, so she is wearing a pink dress with net gauze, sweet and fresh.

Lu Xing knew that he pulled the skirt unnaturally, and quietly asked hopefully: “Uncle, is it good-looking?”

“Good-looking, good-looking.” Huo Jinchen gave an affirmative answer.

Lu Xingzhi smiled shyly, eyebrows crooked, and under the mole at the end of his eyes, he looked more and more lovely.

“Try all of these clothes!” Huo Jinchen pointed to the sofa and said all the clothes selected by the shopping guide for Lu Xingzhi.

“No…no more!” This is too much.

Huo Jinchen walked over, pinned a strand of messy hair on her cheek behind her ears, her voice was fascinating, “It’s okay anyway, let’s try it!”

The two were very close, and Huo Jinchen’s behavior was said to be ambiguous and gentle.

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