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Chapter 16 is very attractive

Lu Xingzhi’s face was a little hot, and he took two steps back, “I’m going to try on my clothes.”

In the fitting room, Lu Xingzhi took a deep breath before trying on the second dress.

The second one is a bright yellow jumpsuit, which is extremely picky. Although it is said that it matches the skin tone, it is also suitable for fair-skinned girls.

Lu Xingzhi walked out of the fitting room and Huo Jinchen curled his lips. This dress was also suitable for Lu Xingzhi.

Then he asked Lu Xingzhi to try all the clothes inside.

“Uncle, this is the last one.” This is a rose red one-shoulder knitted dress.

When Lu Xingzhi came out, he was very awkward.

She had never worn this kind of off-the-shoulder clothes.

I couldn’t help but pull it up on my shoulders, and was stopped by the shopping guide, “Little beauty, don’t pull it up. This dress is of this style. Your skin is white and your shoulders are smooth and round. This dress is perfect. It’s so beautiful. Otherwise, you can ask your fiance.”

Lu Xingzhi bit his lip, not daring to see Huo Jinchen.

Huo Jinchen’s eyes are fiery, and Lu Xingzhi is really amazing wearing this skirt.

Compared with the previous clothes, it is a bit more mature, but not old-fashioned. Under the slender neck, a delicate and sexy collarbone was exposed.

The skirt was placed a little above the knee, showing a pair of slender and straight legs perfectly.

She didn’t know that those beautiful eyes were still eager to talk. This look was simply fascinating.

There is the charm of a girl, which is the favorite of men.

If you pair it with a pair of high heels, it will be even more perfect.

Huo Jinchen clenched a fist to his lips and coughed slightly, “Zhizhi, you are very beautiful. The clothes suit you.”

Lu Xingzhi’s face became hotter, “I’ll change my clothes.”

“Except for the third and fifth, wrap all the clothes she just tried.” Huo Jinchen took out the black card and said, “Swipe the card!” The

shopping guide’s eyes were bright, but there were more than a dozen sets of clothes just now.

This is a big deal!

Excitedly said: “Please wait

a moment .” When Lu Xingzhi came out with his clothes, Huo Jinchen had already paid the bill.

Seeing that she was wearing her clothes again, she took out the first dress she tried, “Just wear this dress and go!”

“No need! I actually have clothes to wear.” Lu Xingzhi tried on clothes before. When I forgot to change my clothes, I remembered to look at the tag.

Almost not surprised.

These clothes are too expensive.

The list prices are all four digits or more.

There are several five-figure ones.

Don’t buy it anymore.

“What should I do? I have bought all these clothes, except for two of them. Moreover, the clothes are sold and will not be returned.” Huo Jinchen deliberately pretended to be embarrassed.

“That…” Lu Xingzhi really didn’t wear such expensive clothes, and was very entangled.

“Zhizhi, do you like these clothes?” Huo Jinchen seduced.

“I like it.” Lu Xingzhi answered honestly, “But, it’s too expensive.”

“Your fiance, I have money, and you don’t spend it. Are you going to leave it to other women to spend it?” Huo Jinchen changed it. Say.

“That’s too much to buy.”

“As long as you like it, dress nicely.” Huo Jinchen touched her head, “Hey, since I bought them all, don’t think about it too much. Go and change to the number one. Let’s have a dress! Our family knows that it’s so beautiful, so we should wear nice clothes.”

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