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Chapter 16 The Stimulus

Qin Keqing doesn’t care what Liu Quan’an’s expression is. Anyway, at this point, she has paid a huge amount, so she must get more compensation, so she said with a serious expression: “I want you to make a good job for my husband. Position.”

“Little beauty, don’t even think about it. You think the main house is ours.” Liu Quanan didn’t know why he was so cold and ruthless. Perhaps it was at this time that he heard Qin Keqing and still served her. For the sake of her husband, the man’s competitive heart was shocked, so he refused without even thinking about it.

Well, well, the special things you want me to do for you, don’t even think about it forever. “Qin Keqing deliberately added the word “forever”. Liu Quanan heard Qin Keqing’s word “forever” very clearly, and couldn’t help but say: It seems that this little girl is really doing a bit of a play, thinking about this, my heart is stunned. I couldn’t help but smiled and said: “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll take you, my little beauty, let me try. “

Try it, no, I want it now, no, I want my husband’s job to change tomorrow.” “Qin Keqing is also in good measure. Seeing Liu Quanan’s weakness, he came to pursue a victory.

“My sister-in-law , you really treat the main house as our home.” “Liu Quanan deliberately referred to us as us, invisibly narrowing the distance between the two.

Qin Keqing is not the kind of little girl who has never seen the world. He knows that dealing with men can’t just be Yongqiang, but the key is to pay back. We must use the gentleness of a woman to overcome the strength with softness. Therefore, when he saw that Liu Quanan intends to draw the relationship between the two of them closer, he followed his words and said coquettishly in his arms: “No, no, no, I You have to do it tomorrow. If you can, you can definitely do it.

The little pepper, who has always been despised by him, suddenly became so delicate and cute. The thing Liu Quanan couldn’t stand the most was this. He laughed and said, “Well, for your face, I just Go up for my little beauty, go up to the sword mountain, and go down to the sea of fire.

“Fuck you, is it as serious as you said? This little thing is in your hands. Isn’t it as simple as reading a book and turning the page.” Qin Keqing gave Liu Quanan one with those big watery eyes. He rolled his eyes, and then he cast his eyes closer, while repeating: “Man, you have to count your words, otherwise, don’t want me to care about you in the

future .” “Don’t want me to care about you again, damn, Didn’t this give Liu Quan’an a very clear signal? Liu Quan’an stared straight at his two big eyes. Just when he was thinking about something wrong, he felt his body shook. It was warm and wet, right? Well, the itching sensation hit his mind, and he couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, and snorted dullly: “Ah, it’s so cool! Don’t worry, what you are talking about in the future will

be the men and women in the imperial edict and passion. , Often said unexpected words, Qin Keqing heard Liu Quanan’s words, as if he had received encouragement, and when he was excited, he worked harder.

“Hey Liu Quanan suddenly yelled, and Qin Keqing, who was so shocked that he was working hard, stopped immediately, raised his head hesitantly, and looked at Liu Quanan.

Liu Quanan also lowered his head and grinned at Qin Keqing and said, “Grandma, you Want to maimed me?

Qin Keqing immediately reflected it, and smiled embarrassedly and said, “It’s you who want to be like this. I and I have never done it like this before. How could it be.

” “Okay, okay, it’s not. Blame you, blame me, I didn’t teach you, now you just do what I say. “Liu Quan’an slowed down a bit, and said unwillingly.

“Haha Keqing suddenly smiled with her small mouth, Liu Quan’an looked at how happy she was smiling, and couldn’t help asking: “What are you laughing at?” “Ahaha, Keqing smiled, covering her small mouth and said: “I have a way this time. If you don’t count, I will maimed you like this.” After that, it’s haha again. A burst of laughter.

“Okay, you little enemy, see how I can rectify your Liu Quanan’s words, just like Qin Keqing launched a man’s official attack. Although Qin Keqing has been baptized by a man, he is after all a little man who is a newcomer. As Zhu Guobin once again appreciates the background of a middle-aged man, Qin Keqing can feel the different moistness, the lingering continuation, the occasional impact at that time, and the aggressive firmness, all of which make her fascinated. Desires and dying, wave after wave of good feelings made her feel that Liu Quanan was more manly than Zhu Guobin, but a little worse than her father-in-law.

The high room of the hotel was filled with the atmosphere of Feiyi, and Liu Quanan was determined. He wanted to show his best efforts and completely conquer the little pepper underneath him.

However, things backfired, and I don’t know why. In short, he, who has always been good at protracted warfare, has not been able to survive today. The test of the three postures was when Qin Keqing uttered the innumerable sweet chants from the bottom of her heart, Liu Quanan relaxed, and his whole body seemed to fall apart and limp on Qin Keqing’s body.

After some clouds and rains passed, There is another kind of lingering between the two. For Qin Keqing, who has never experienced the sharpness of men, she really cherishes this lingering, no matter what method Liu Quanan used to seduce her to this point. Yes, but what the facts can prove is that Liu Quanan’s ability has already made her feel what Zhu Guobin can’t give her.

“How about? I’m pretty considerate in serving, right?” Liu Quanan licked his face after taking a breather for a while. He said.

“to you, the people ended up this way, and also to tease people are not sincere?” qing and fight back road of Sa Zhejiao.

“how can it, I think this is sincere in your comments do so in the future Serve you harder. “Liu Quanan” Ha ha: said with a smirk.

“There’s still a face to say, I really didn’t see that you, the usually serious chief director, turned out to be a guy with a beast.” Qin Keqing has completely let go in front of Liu Quanan, and she uncovered her arms. Deliberately looked at Liu Quanan provocatively.

Hehe’ Liu Quanan gave another smirk, and then continued: “Your husband must be a gentleman, he will definitely not treat you like this, will he?”

“Fuck you!” Qin Keqing’s face sank suddenly. , And then said solemnly: “Between us, you will not be allowed to mention him again.” Liu Quanan didn’t expect this little girl to protect her husband like this, so he accompanied the smiling face and said, “Okay, okay, just listen to you.” Yes, when we do this in the future, just leave him alone. It seems that your husband is not good.

“Who said he is not good, he is tough?” Qin Keqing said unconvinced.

Liu Quanan smiled inwardly . Then, secretly said: I don’t believe what you don’t say, this is just the beginning, wait, I will let you tell all the ugly things about your husband later, thinking of this, Liu Quanan laughed unnaturally.

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