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Chapter 17 Don’t worry about spending my money

Lu Xingzhi was bewildered by Huo Jinchen’s low guqin-like voice and deep and gentle eyes.

So he took the skirt and changed it.

Huo Jinchen still felt very seductive after putting on this fairy-style gauze dress again.

Girls still have to be rich.

She glanced over the white shoes on her feet and had to buy some shoes.

“Bring me these clothes to this address.” Huo Jinchen took a pen and wrote down an address, and put it on the cashier.

Then, naturally he took Lu Xingzhi’s hand.

After they went out, the previous shopping guide and cashier couldn’t help gossiping.

“My God, that man was so handsome just now. The male stars in the entertainment industry are not as good as him!”

“Yes, yes, the point is that he is so gentle! To his fiancée, he was too spoiled. “

That fiancee really saved the galaxy, so there is such a rich and handsome man!”

“But, they are so beautiful! The collagen on the face, and the figure is pretty good. Just like her looks, the end of her eyes is still There is a mole of tears, which is a little bit pitiful, and the man can’t even give her his heart.”

Lu Xing knows the gossip of others, looks at the big hand that covers her hand, frowns slightly, and doesn’t say anything. Huo Jinchen should just be holding her like a child!

When she wandered, Huo Jinchen’s voice rang in her ears, “See if there are any favorite clothes in other stores.”

“Don’t buy it, I have already bought a lot.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head again and again, so many clothes. , She has to wear it for a long time.

“Not much.” Huo Jinchen didn’t tell Lu Xing any clothes that he refused, and took her directly into the two stores.

She didn’t want to try clothes again, Huo Jinchen directly asked the shopping guide to pack clothes that suit her directly based on her own vision.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Huo Jinchen and stopped talking. She felt that one or two hundred clothes were already very good. These clothes were so expensive and she had bought so many, her little heart couldn’t bear it.

“What do you want to say?”

“Uncle, don’t buy me clothes anymore.”

Huo Jinchen squeezed her wrinkled little face, and promised: “Okay! No more clothes, let’s buy shoes.”

Lu Xingzhi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the word in front, but the words behind Huo Jinchen made Lu Xingzhi’s heart tremble again.

“Uncle, I have shoes to wear, so I really don’t want to buy them again.” Lu Xingzhi couldn’t feel the joy of buying and buying, and felt heartache.

“Look, isn’t the skirt you are wearing right now with sneakers?”

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t refute Huo Jinchen. She said it anyway, and Huo Jinchen didn’t listen to her either. It just broke the jar.

“Are you not happy?” Huo Jinchen couldn’t help feeling amused when she saw her bitter hatred.



is that pouting ?” “I just feel my heart hurts. How much does it cost for such a thing.”

Huo Jinchen’s smile widened a bit, “Isn’t you sorry for my money if you haven’t married me yet.” ? ” “

I’m not …… “deer-known star blush No, she did not mean.

“I have money. I am distressed now, and there will be more valuable things in the future, what do you do? You can rest assured to spend money! Spend my money.” Huo Jinchen hung up to blame her little nose, and finally added One sentence.

“Yeah!” Lu Xing nodded without knowing it.

She can’t adapt to spending money like this for the time being.

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