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Chapter 17 Hot

After this incident was over, Zhu Huaijing was really released a few days later. Now, Qin Keqing was very happy, but Liu Quanan wanted to catch her lifeline and asked her to go to the hotel again.

In the four-star deluxe single room, Qin Keqing was staring at Liu Quanan with a pair of hot eyes, and said unceremoniously: “Tell me out

” Tsk, tusk, tusk, why did you start pretending to be innocent again? What are those things about you!” Liu Quan couldn’t help but smacked his lips and said with a smirk.

Qin Keqing let out a deep breath, and then said, “Director Liu , let’s say it, this is the last time. , If you don’t agree, I will leave now. “

Good, good, good, it’s up to you, but I also have one condition.” “Liu Quanan didn’t dare to head-on with Qin Keqing directly, so he said roundly. “What conditions?” Qin Keqing asked instinctively.

“At least this time you should let me experience your gentle side.” Liu Quanan said calmly. “I have this character, I can’t change it.” Qin Keqing still said rudely.

“So you just don’t want to cooperate?” Liu Quanan was still smiling, but there was already a bit of evil in between the smiles, he saw him put away a little smile, and then said: “You know what I hate the most. People?”

Qin Keqing moved her eyes to another direction. She no longer dared to look at Liu Quanan’s eyes. It seemed that Qin Keqing had seen the irresistible power in his eyes.

Seeing that Qin Keqing stopped answering, and his eyes dimmed, he knew that her aura had been lost in half, so he went on to say, “I hate the kind of villain who crosses the river and breaks the bridge the most.”

Qin Keqing Her heart trembled suddenly, raised her eyebrows and questioned Liu Quanan, “Who do you say is a villain?” She is usually arrogant, and others say that she is not at all unhappy for a long time, not to mention indirectly saying that she is a small person. People, how can this not make her anxious.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I didn’t say you.” Liu Quanan said slyly.

“Is there anyone else in this room, who are you talking to?” Qin Keqing asked nonchalantly.

“Hey, you are right. There are two of us in this room. Why can’t you think about it. Will a third person know what we two are doing in this room? So, I advise you to It’s better to let go, so that both of us are happy, don’t you think?” Liu Quanan deserves to be a teacher, persuades people to behave well, and is very good at grasping the minds of others.

Sure enough, Jiang was still old and spicy, Qin Keqing was suddenly distracted by Liu Quanan’s words. Hearing what he said, he felt a little reasonable, and thought: Anyway, it’s already here, it’s better to make him happy. Otherwise, once the fallout is over, things will not be easy to handle in the future. Besides, he has fulfilled all his requirements. Even as a thank you, he should be easy-going.

Qin Keqing didn’t say anything any more, and stood silently in the bathroom with her head down. Liu Quanan saw that Qin Keqing’s spirit was almost the same size, so he laughed and said, “Okay, let’s not tease you anymore. Take a shower yourself. I am waiting for you in the room, remember, when I come out, what I want to see is your smile and your uncovered body.” After speaking, he smiled and left the bathroom door.

Liu Quanan has gotten his heart out this time. He must domesticate this spicy little chili into his intimate little quilted jacket. I don’t know what’s going on. He feels that it is a great joy to subdue Qin Keqing under his hands.

In fact, as far as Qin Keqing is concerned, mental torture is something that makes him unhappy. When it comes to physical needs, he even has such a touch of nostalgia for Liu Quanan. After all, the previous ecstasy made him feel it. Liu Quanan’s veterancy is more lingering and more vivid than Zhu Guobin’s stunned head and brain. Apart from the aftertaste, he also had to admit in his heart that Liu Quanan could make her feel happier than Zhu Guobin.

The rushing water couldn’t wash away the contradictions in her heart, and she was awkwardly dressed before she walked out of the bathroom. Liu Quanan squinted at Qin Keqing, the puzzled expression seemed to be saying, would you dare to listen to what I said?

Qin Keqing grinned reluctantly, and sat on the spacious Simmons bed, looking at Liu Quanan leisurely. The expression also seemed to say: I did this on purpose, to see what you can do to me?

Or Liu Quanan laughed out first, he stood up, walked to Qin Keqing’s side actively, and put her arm in his arms. Excited and said: “I want to see, how long can you last like this?” The overtone is,

Qin Keqing , who sees how I will toss you for a while, of course refuses to admit defeat, her character is like this, the more you use it The more she urged her, she would stubbornly resist, although when Liu Quanan’s big, hot hands touched her sensitive chest, he still maintained a calm and calm attitude. In fact, otherwise, her heart was also in battle. Itchy.

“Oh, okay, you really belong to you.” Liu Quanan couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Qin Keqing’s persistence.

Qin Keqing did not speak. It was not that she did not want to respond to Liu Quanan’s provocation, but that she was afraid that she would be exposed with one mouth. After all, the heart trembling at this time made her feel that as long as she spoke, her voice would definitely have a sullen tremor. That’s not the result she wants to see.

The charm of a mature man is reflected in Liu Quanan’s body little by little. He has been in love for a long time and appreciates the style of most women. Especially for intellectuals like him, he pays special attention to some details. Qin Keqing didn’t expect that she was so fragile. Before Liu Quanan took off her clothes, she could no longer hold on. Her expression was suspicious and pretended to be nonchalant, but her body could not deceive the experienced Liu Quanan. With the earth trembling, Qin Keqing began to compromise.

“Okay, don’t mess with people like this anymore, you hurry up and take a wash first.” Qin Keqing began to urge Liu Quanan to take a bath.

Liu Quanan smiled secretly, and continued to entangle Qin Keqing’s body indifferently. He knew that the meat stewed with this kind of’slow-fire stew would definitely be sweeter and more delicious.

“When I got off work today, I ran into your husband Zhu Huaijing and your husband when I passed the hospital. I also said a few words from them.” Liu Quanan started to feed Qin Keqing at this time.

Sure enough, Qin Keqing’s reaction was violent. When she heard the name of her father-in-law, she couldn’t help but stiffen all over her body. “Guess what your husband said to me?” Liu Quanan said while moving his hands and talking nonchalantly.

“Stop mentioning him, okay.” Qin Keqing obviously couldn’t stand Liu Quanan’s stimulus. When Liu Quanan mentioned Zhu Guobin, she would immediately think that she was stealing youth with other men. Subtle thoughts made her feel a little bit of pleasure for a while.

“Why can’t you mention him?” Liu Quanan asked knowingly, he just wanted Qin Keqing to express that feeling. “The two of us are together, what are you doing to mention him?” Qin Keqing dealt with it, trying to get through.

“What’s the matter? Let’s have fun tonight. There is no need to make it like looking for an escort. Once you come up, you will be one, two, three, and pay the bill quickly. Therefore, it is fine to talk and chat.” Liu Quanan This makes Qin Keqing speechless. If Qin Keqing says that he will not be allowed to speak, it will be tantamount to admitting that she is a escort, and she will never allow herself to be a escort.

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