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Chapter 18 A Little Dirty

Seeing Qin Keqing’s unconcerned flattery, Liu Quanan smiled, smiling very happily, lying on the Simmons bed with his face up, free from all touching Qin Keqing.

“Ke Qing didn’t know why she said such a word in such a hurry, but the emptiness in her body made her unable to restrain her desire.

How could Liu Quanan let go of this detail, she squinted her eyes and asked with a smirk: “Why?

I’m a little hungry?” “You, don’t you hurry up to take a bath?” Qin Keqing finally found an excuse to open up for herself, and somehow saved her face. “What’s the hurry? We still have one night away. “Liu Quan’an said lazily. “How can I do it, I have to go to work tomorrow.” “Qin Keqing said anxiously.

“If you’re anxious, just take care of yourself first, and then talk. “Liu Quanan wanted this effect.

Qin Keqing understood what Liu Quanan meant for her to take care of herself, so he no longer hesitated, and began to take off in front of Liu Quanan. “Wait for Liu Quanan to stand up and prepare for herself as soon as Qin Keqing got up. When he undressed, he suddenly shouted. “What’s wrong?” Qin Keqing asked instinctively.

“I just wanted to ask, when you were doing it with your husband, did you take it off by yourself?” Liu Quanan said with a smirk.

“It’s you, I won’t take it off by myself.” Qin Keqing didn’t know whether it was for the sake of saving face or for wanting Liu Quanan to show his worth. In short, her words made Liu Quanan very proud.

“Then why did you take it off in front of me?” Liu Quanan finally laughed.

Qin Keqing didn’t expect Liu Quanan to be so bad, so he stopped his hands and said, “That’s good, I won’t take it off, and see if you are not bad.

Liu Quanan watched Qin Keqing relax and knew that it was almost enough to drink hard. So I laughed and sat up, leaning in front of Qin Keqing and deliberately whispering: “Okay, let my husband take it off for you!”

“Fuck you, go home and find your wife, whose husband are you.” Qin Keqing said angrily.

Liu Quanan laughed’haha’. He thought that Qin Keqing’s stubborn energy was very interesting. In the past, under the temptation of his power, most of the women who had sex with him were docile and shy, and it was all because of him. Basically, there is no such thing as Xiang Qin Keqing who always pre-welcomes and pushes.

Men have curiosity and desire to conquer. Liu Quanan can be said to be like a fish in the water. At least until now, no woman can be tamed under his hand. Therefore, a strong desire to conquer drives him to be sure. To make this little beauty, who is less gentle and more spicy, surrender to her body, today she must call her husband in person.

Liu Quanan thought this way, but his hands started to be fake. One hand was stuck in the key area, while the other hand was wandering all over Qin Keqing’s body. Gradually, Qin Keqing became a naked mermaid. Curled in Liu Quanan’s arms.

Up to now, Qin Keqing is also out of helpless thoughts. Driven by Liu Quanan’s old-fashioned methods, coupled with his old and spicy mind-attack tactics, she is inexplicably involved. Not only was she blushing, but she also had an itchy hunger and thirst. Unnaturally, he took the initiative to undress Liu Quanan.

Liu Quanan was overjoyed in his heart again. The dignity of the man was once again satisfied. He couldn’t help speeding up the rhythm, and said in his heart: You must push the desire of this little pepper to the top.

Um, it’s gentle but it’s that kind. A voice from the bottom of the heart, and then Qin Keqing seemed to be possessed by a demon, he kept arching his head in Liu Quanan’s arms, and begged and said: “Are you hurry up, take off your clothes?

“Drop .” “Liu Quanan said with a smirk: “What are you doing undressing? ” “Fuck

you, you don’t know what undressing is doing? Sincerely!” Qin Keqing gave Liu Quanan a shy look.

Liu Quanan smiled and began to undress himself. The proficiency was really self-evident. After three clicks, he completely released the length of the clothes. After a little measurement of his slightly blessed body with shoes, he took him off. The man leaned close to Qin Keqing’s mouth.

“What are you doing, do you want to be like this?” Qin Keqing twisted which pretty face, and instinctively dodged backwards.

“Why? I’m already familiar with the road. Is it so troublesome? Didn’t you urge me to hurry up just now? This is because you are delaying the time.” Liu Quanan meant that this is a must Things to do.

Qin Keqing looked at Liu Quan’an’s resolute attitude, coupled with the discomfort that he had been rectified by him, so he stopped insisting. After all, this is not the first time, so there is no need to persist.

“It’s so good. Liu Quanan hushed his mouth, doing a show with an expression of grace, and then he laughed “haha” again.

Qin Keqing seemed to have found something from Liu Quanan’s laughter, and suddenly remembered that this old immortal hadn’t taken a bath yet, how could she be

“you are too Qin Keqing to push away Liu Quan’an’s thin body, a kind of huge Humiliation arose spontaneously.

“Ha Liu Quanan laughed wildly. He wanted this effect, which was to induce labor from Qin Keqing’s mind to her shameless self-confidence. Only in this way can he completely get rid of Qin Keqing’s arrogant young lady’s airs In front of oneself, do everything, omnipotence.

“Forget it, do not bother so much thing, and have eaten eat, wash not too late.” Liuquan An continue to use his psychological warfare


“You” Qin Keqing is already speechless by Liu Quanan. You must know that she has already exceeded her bottom line. For things like this, Zhu Guobin has been playing low and four goals for how long she has not. Promised to give it to him, but she lost herself in front of an old man, and he hadn’t even washed herself tonight.

Qin Keqing became more and more angry, and couldn’t help but stand up angrily. It was already the lust that had been mobilized, and it suddenly

disappeared . When she saw her picking up her clothes, she was about to run to the bathroom. Liu Quananyi Seeing that his move was a bit misguided, he did not expect that the usual Bailing tricks would fail on Qin Keqing’s body. Depressed, he was stunned on the spot and did not even try to stop Qin Keqing.

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