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Chapter 18 He likes this type of girl

Huo Jinchen bought a dozen pairs of shoes with Lu Xingzhi, and finally, after buying her a few more bags, he did not continue shopping.

Although Lu Xingzhi felt sorry for the money, he was still in a good mood wearing such a beautiful dress and shoes.

After all, she was still a teenage girl, with joy in her eyes.

Lu Xingzhi felt that Huo Jinchen must have taken care of her like a daughter. To say that Huo Jinchen liked her, she would never believe it.

Or, Huo Jinchen, a big man, his hidden attribute is shopping.

“Tired! It’s already noon. Let’s go to lunch and take a break by the way.”


Huo Jinchen took Lu Xingzhi to the front. Suddenly, a woman in fashionable dress and gentle temperament walked over.

“Three brothers.” Shen Xinzi saw Huo Jinchen from a distance, and at first thought she was wrong.

How could Huo Jinchen take the girls to go shopping, in fact, not only did he go shopping with him, he also carried several shopping bags.


Shen Xinzi has become accustomed to Huo Jinchen’s indifferent attitude, but when her eyes fell on the hand held by him and Lu Xingzhi, her eyes still couldn’t help but catch some sadness.

“This…this is?” Shen Xinzi’s expression was a bit ugly. He had never seen Huo Jinchen and a woman so close before, and he actually held hands.

“Lu Xingzhi, my fiancee. I thought you should know.” Huo Jinchen’s words have deep meaning.

“It turned out to be Miss Lu.” Shen Xinzi pulled her lips unnaturally.

She took a look at Lu Xingzhi, her skin was fair and shiny, her facial features were very delicate, her big smart eyes were a bit charming, and a small mole at the end of her eyes gave birth to a bit of compassion for no reason.

Does he like this type of girl?

What else did she want to say, Huo Jinchen didn’t give her this opportunity.

“Miss Shen, Zhizhi and I are going to have a meal. Let’s go first.” Huo Jinchen nodded slightly and left with Lu Xingzhi.

Looking at their backs, Shen Xinzi’s eyes were reddening. She had long heard that Huo Jinchen brought back a fiancee, but she did not expect that he would treat her like this.

They have known each other for many years. He called her Miss Shen, but Lu Xingzhi, Zhizhi.

“Uncle, did that beauty like you just now?” Lu Xingzhi tilted his head, his bright eyes curved.

“Beauty?” Huo Jinchen didn’t think so. “She’s Shen Xinzi, don’t care about people who are not important.”

“Oh!” She really didn’t care.

“Go for dinner! What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat grilled fish.” Lu Xingzhi happened to see a grilled fish shop, and she likes fish the most.


time they go home, they are renowned for Hector Yi again.

Seeing the two come back, He Lianyi’s sight first fell on Lu Xingzhi’s body.

It showed a bit of stunning color.

It is true that people rely on clothing. Lu Xing knows how to dress up, but he really can’t tell that he comes from a small village.

But soon, his eyes turned to contempt again.

“It’s really not my own money. I don’t feel any mercy when I buy things. It’s really embarrassing!”

Although he didn’t name her, Lu Xingzhi was naturally not stupid enough to think that she was not talking about her.

“Dear fiancé.” Lu Xingzhi suddenly hooked Huo Jinchen’s arm, tilted his head playfully, star-like black eyes looking at him with a sweet and soft voice, with a hint of grievance, “Body Is it wrong to spend your money for your fiancee?”

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