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Chapter 19 Forbidden Love

Just when Qin Keqing couldn’t stand Liu Quanan’s momentum and insults, and wanted to go to the bathroom to get dressed and leave resolutely, unfortunately, the phone in the bag rang, and now it has started, it scared her a lot, and her hands were frantic. She put her clothes on the sofa, hurriedly pulled the cable that she hugged, took out her mobile phone and saw that the phone was not the call from her husband, so she was relieved, pressed the answer button, evened her breathing, and directed her Phone: “Hey, who is it?

” “It’s me, Keqing heard a nice voice from a woman on the other end of the phone.”

“Oh, yes. It’s Aunt Liao? You changed the number? What’s the matter with you?” Qin Keqing heard Liao Cuixia’s voice, and her nervous words were a little uncomfortable.

“Well, of course something is going on. I don’t go to the Three Treasures Palace without any problems.” Liao Cuixia said with a smile.

Liu Quanan first heard Qin Keqing’s phone ringing, which was also a shocking spirit, or a guilty conscience, a small ringing ring can scare two people into white hair, but it is this kind of fear and sweetness. It feels so mysterious and exciting to the stealers.

How can Liu Quanan let go of this opportunity, if this opportunity is let go, I am afraid there will be no chance again in the future, he just wants to use the power in his hand to plunder the body and mind of beautiful women.

Qin Keqing only cared about talking to Liao Cuixia on the phone. How could she have thought that Liu Quan’an would scratch her again at this moment. Liu Quan’an slowly moved to her back, gently hugged her small waist, and smashed her face. Gently pressed against her smooth and delicate back.

Qin Keqing was startled, and then she shook her body desperately, trying to throw Liu Quanan out, but he still had to estimate that she was talking to Liao Cuixia on the other side of the phone, so her shaking was actually like a twist.

Liu Quanan thought that Haas was as excited as he had discovered a new way. He had never played such a game again. It was really exciting, so he put his face on Qin Keqing’s back with a gentle softness. Qin Keqing was itchy and unbearable to rub against it, that kind of soft and watery strength.

“Oh, Aunt Liao, don’t worry about what you said. I’ll know when I ask you tomorrow. If there is nothing wrong, I will hang up first.” Qin Keqing wants to end the call with Liao Cuixia as soon as possible, otherwise he There is no chance to resist, and Liu Quanan can only do whatever he wants on her body, especially Liu Quanan’s old-fashioned methods, which makes her feel uncomfortable and itchy and uncomfortable in her heart.

Liu Quanan was determined to have this game with Qin Keqing. It was the first time that he had such an opportunity. How could he miss it? Amidst excitement, he was inattentive, and the strength in his hand was used a little bit, which made Qin Keqing instinctive. “Ah!” called out.

Liu Quanan was immediately set on the spot like a zombie. In fact, it was not only Qin Keqing who was afraid that Liao Cuixia knew what she was doing, but Liu Quanan was also worried about exposing Liao Cuixia. Then, Qin Keqing would really break with herself. I don’t want to let go of this Bao Keqing.

“What’s wrong? Ke Qing?” Liao Cuixia’s worried voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just almost hit the table.” Qin Keqing tried his best to fabricate a lie that could cover the past.

“Haha, there was a hearty whisper over the phone, and then I heard it saying: “No, are you with your husband now?

” “Oh, no, no.” Qin Keqing didn’t know why he wanted it. Oppose Liao Cuixia’s statement.

“Hehe, don’t lie to Aunt Liao anymore, Aunt Liao is the one who came over to listen to your voice.” Liao Cuixia was still reluctant on the other end of the phone.

At this time, Liu Quanan really didn’t know whether he should thank Liao Cuixia. He gave him such a rare opportunity, and she delayed the call, which gave Liu Quanan more opportunities. Liu Quanan couldn’t help but secretly secretly. Thank you: Liao Cuixia, thank you for your cooperation, and someday I will tame you with me, ha ha.

“Oh, Aunt Liao, you are really amazing. You guessed it as soon as you guessed it.” Qin Keqing did not know why she was so happy and admitted that she was with Zhu Guobin. Maybe she avoided letting Liao Cuixia know that she was with a half-old man. It’s much better to be together.

Liu Quanan understands that the phone may hang up at any time, so he can’t just stay on the surface, he needs some real excitement, so he boldly implemented the next step and

slowly took Qin Keqing’s He pressed his body towards the sofa. Although Qin Keqing was a strong resistance, but because he still had to worry about not making any more noises, Liu Quanan still pressed his head on the sofa and bowed his whole body with his back facing upwards. .

“Hey, Aunt Liao, put down the phone first, let’s talk about it before we meet, okay.” Qin Keqing’s voice has already met and begged for Liao Cuixia.

“Hehe, you are just anxious. What’s the matter, Aunt Liao doesn’t want to listen to the phone call anymore. By the way, I haven’t thanked your husband for giving me a chance to have a blind date with his dad. Give him the call, I want Thank him in person.” Liao Cuixia got more and more excited, and even asked Zhu Guobin to answer the phone.

Damn! This is the reaction of Qin Keqing’s two surprises at the same time in her heart. One surprise was Liao Cuixia’s persistence, she had to find Zhu Guobin to answer the phone, and the other surprise was that Liu Quanan happened to invade her body at this time.

“Ah, too much surprise and too much excitement made it difficult for Qin Keqing to control her inner release, so she couldn’t help

but uttered aloud . “What’s wrong, Keqing? Did your husband bully you?” Liao Cuixia’s greetings made Qin Keqing feel ashamed.

Reluctantly supporting her body, Qin Keqing resisted the trace of sweetness and itch from behind, and forced a smile into the phone and said: “Haha, Liao Auntie’s insight is really powerful, he is bullying me. “In fact, Qin Keqing couldn’t help it. She couldn’t tell Liao Cuixia again that she hit the corner of the table again.

“Haha, there was another fascinating laughter from the end of the video, and then I heard Liao Cuixia say: “That’s the way men are, is it that they’re so instinctive with fishy tricks?”

“Oh qing and take this topic very much love the convenience of an express yourself, in Liaocui Xia sounds, this is the sound of her sentence for her surprise, rather than being a man made of comfortable sound.

Then Qin Keqing adjusted his emotions and said weakly: “Well, Aunt Liao is right. Men are not good things. “She said these words in disguise, insulting Liu Quanan, who was surging hard behind her.

“With a clear and crisp sound, Qin Keqing’s snow-white little butt was gently slapped by Liu Quanan, Qin Keqing She was so shocked that her body jumped, an unbearable consciousness rushed into the cerebral cortex, and then an uncontrollable sensation spread all over her body. At this moment, she had only one thought, that is, she can’t let herself scream anymore, otherwise she will I can’t explain to Liao Cuixia

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