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Chapter 2 It’s a little bit itchy there

“Ah? Could it be that the hot spring was infected with bacteria.” Zhu Huaijing heard that, his heartbeat jumped quickly. You must know that looking at Qin Keqing’s place like this, but he was crazy about things, and now it is all free of charge. Time?

“I don’t know, it’s so itchy inside now, it’s so heart-wrenching, I can’t bear it. Dad, you can check it for me.” Qin Keqing clamped his legs tightly and twisted his body and said.

Originally, she wanted to check it by herself, but even if she had the tools, she couldn’t check the inside by herself, so she had to seek her father-in-law. In the hospital, the father-in-law had outstanding achievements in gynecology.

In fact, just before coming to Zhu Huaijing, Qin Keqing also regretted that she ran to the pool where the group of women soaked. She was very sensitive and easily infected with bacteria.

“Well, come here quickly and lie here. I only have simple tools here. I will take a look for you.” Zhu Huaijing heard the words, and the exhausted little brother was so excited that he had been in gynecology for many years and had seen many women. Wherever he is, but looking at his heart-beating woman, he still can’t suppress the excitement in his heart.

Of course, at this moment, the two of them were still concerned about the bottom line of morality, so they were all behaved like doctors and patients. Qin Keqing still hesitated for a long time before lying down on Zhu Huaijing’s bed.

And Zhu Huaijing went to look through the small medical kit he would carry with him when he went out. This habit was formed when he went to the free clinic in the village, but he didn’t expect it to be used many years later.

“Dad, have you come here all these years?” Qin Keqing, who was lying on the bed, said suddenly. At this moment, she saw a few tissues on the edge of the bed and smelled the special scent of male essence. As an andrologist, she , I don’t understand there yet.

Upon hearing this sentence, Zhu Huaijing still didn’t understand what it meant, but soon he remembered the paper towel ball still at the bedside under the panic just now, thinking that this daughter-in-law is a doctor in this area, so naturally he knew exactly how to respond. thing.

So he blushed immediately and said with a little embarrassment: “Although Dad is a healthy man at this age, he can’t find a suitable female partner by his side, so he can only do this.”

“Actually, I think the head nurse of our hospital Liao Cuixia is suitable for you, Dad, why don’t you talk to her everywhere.” Qin Keqing realized that she had made a mistake and shouldn’t ask her father-in-law these questions, so she quickly found a topic and went back.

“Hehe, let’s talk about it when the time comes. Come, let me check it for you first.” Zhu Huaijing smiled. Liao Cuixia is indeed dignified and charming, charming, and a rare young woman, but he was not moved.

Hearing, Qin Keqing’s cheeks was another flush. She looked at her father-in-law, hesitating, for a long time, she slowly bent her feet, lifted her bathrobe, and slowly spread her legs.

In the end, Qin Keqing closed her eyes and let her heart out, stretched out her hand to take off Xiao Nei Nei, and let Zhu Huaijing inspect it.

Looking at the fresh and rosy entrance, Zhu Huaijing shook his hands, and he couldn’t help swallowing. This was the first time in his career that he lost himself in front of a patient.

Pulling away the chaotic grass at the edge of the entrance, Zhu Huaijing gently opened the opening with a small stick, and opened it with gloved fingers.

Feeling the cold stick invaded, Qin Keqing’s sensitive body trembled involuntarily. Her already sensitive body couldn’t help but react, especially when Zhu Huaijing poke in with her fingers.

After checking, Zhu Huaijing was already a handful of nectar, thinking that his son would be blessed, such a beautiful girl, how cool the grass is.

“You are infected with bacteria. You have a sensitive physique. I have some antiseptic medicine here. Let me put it on first. But now it only treats the symptoms but not the root cause. You have to go back to the hospital with a special medicine.” Although I think so. , Zhu Huaijing still saw the symptoms, and carefully helped her with medicine.

With the power of the medicine, Qin Keqing slowly stopped feeling itchy. She inadvertently saw that the bathrobe had been opened because the father-in-law was bent over. There was a large object inside the gray and the wheel hub was visible. How big is this. What’s more terrible is to run out at any time–kind.

But soon Qin Keqing flushed her face again, and she also found that the gray inner part of the cyst was obviously watery at the top of the large object. This father really can bear it, this is about to erupt.

But the reason why Qin Keqing blushed was because she knew the professional ethics of her father-in-law, it was impossible for her to react like this to the patient, unless he had a crooked mind in his heart. She thought so, surprised and delighted in her heart.

Actually Zhu Huaijing was not right, he wanted to take off the inner inner immediately and put his daughter-in-law to sleep comfortably, especially when he looked at the fresh and tender entrance, opening and closing, a stream of nectar kept flowing out, with The tissue was wiped again and again, so back and forth.

It’s just that this is his daughter-in-law, he can’t be such a beast!

“The medicine is ready. When you go back to the hospital, you should prescribe the corresponding medicine. It should be fine in three or five days. But in the meantime, you shouldn’t do it anymore. I went to the hot springs.” Zhu Huaijing was afraid that he would really behave like a beast when he watched this way. After all, he looked up and saw Qin Keqing again. The bathrobe on it had been opened. The two peaks were white and big. , The ups and downs at this moment, full of dynamic.

“Well, thank you Dad.” Qin Keqing said, looking at Zhu Huaijing’s turned back, and then quickly took the paper towel next to him and wiped it, put it back into the small inner, and sat up.

“What the family said about this.” Zhu Huaijing, who put down his tools, smiled, took a few sips after holding up the water glass. His lips had been dry for a long time, so he didn’t dare to sit down because it was hard and uncomfortable.

“Yeah.” Qin Keqing said. After finishing her clothes, she stood up, but instead of leaving immediately, she said to Zhu Huaijing, “Dad, let me help you. You also know my profession.”

“You girl, how can you help Dad? I don’t have that kind of illness.” Zhu Huaijing drank water and almost choked on hearing Qin Keqing’s words.

“You are an old doctor. I have to make it clear. You know that excessive hand addiction is not good. You have tried it once, and now you are so restrained as a male doctor, Qin Keqing has not avoided these things. It’s just that Now

it’s the father-in-law , so there is still a frenzy in my heart. “It’s not bad, I am your father-in-law, I just come by myself, you can go back. “Zhu Huaijing listened, thinking that it was naturally good, but he finally did not cross the moral bottom line, so he said immediately.

“As a doctor, my health advice to patients is professional. In front of patients, we can Do you care about so much? Besides, Dad, you are already a little old. If you don’t take good health care, you also know the disadvantages. “Qin Keqing was a little happy to see that the father-in-law wanted and looked honest and honest.

“Listen to the doctor, go and lie down, I will help you take care of it.” “Qin Keqing said, walking over and reaching out to push Zhu Huaijing towards the bed.

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