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Chapter 2 Uncle, you are too old

After opening the door of the house to entertain Huo Jinchen and the driver, Lu Xingzhi regretted it.

It’s really beautiful! She didn’t know anyone, so why did she bring people into the house?

However, it is not easy to drive people away now.

“Sit down, I’ll go and pour you two glasses of water.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Huo Jinchen standing in this room, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Neither Huo Jinchen nor his driver fits into her simple house.

“Miss Lu, don’t have to be so troublesome. Mr. has his own drinking water in the car.” As Huo Jinchen’s assistant, Wei Yang still understands his living habits.

“Oh! Okay then!” Lu Xingzhi expressed his understanding, she was disgusted.

However, she didn’t care.

“Wei Yang, you go out first.” Huo Jinchen said in a deep voice.

After Wei Yang went out, he looked at Lu Xingzhi, with warm eyebrows and jade temperament, “That would be troublesome.”

“Huh?” Lu Xingzhi was a little dazed.

Huo Jinchen sat down gracefully on the old sofa, “I’m a little thirsty.”

Lu Xingzhi was stunned before reacting, “I’ll pour water for you.”

Lu Xingzhi told Huo Jinchen. When making tea, it suddenly rained heavily outside. She took a look at how it rained every year for her birthday.

The sun came out at noon today, and she was still happy, who knew it was raining again.

She is just eighteenth birthday today. This is her third birthday alone since her family passed away.

She has graduated from the third year of high school. Although she was admitted to the Imperial University with the national champion, she also received a scholarship of 100,000 yuan.

However, I still plan to take a one-year leave of absence.

She had to buy the piano, it was a relic left by her father.

Dad said that she was a natural pianist.

At the age of twelve, she once played a piece of music at will.

It’s a pity…

Huo Jinchen took out his token, and Lu Xingzhi had completely believed him.

Because I also have the same piece, and, on the marriage contract, there is an autograph of my grandfather.

Huo Jinchen took a sip of tea, “I will briefly introduce myself again. I am twenty-seven years old this year, with no history of love, no bad habits, and a company.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

There is a kind of honey. What’s the feeling of juicy blind date?

“My grandfather received the letter three days ago. The address your grandfather sent was in the old house. At that time, my grandfather was treating illnesses abroad. If it weren’t for this time, my grandfather would go to the old house to recuperate. I found it in the mailbox. I’m sorry, I’m late.”

“You don’t need to say sorry, I just heard my grandfather mention it. Now that you are here, our marriage contract will simply be cancelled!” Huo Jinchen kind of person , Destined to only become two worlds with her.

“What’s the reason?”

Lu Xingzhi held a water glass in both hands and carefully found a suitable excuse. “Uncle, you are nine years older than me! There is a generation gap at three years old, and there is a river in front of us. Distance.”


When Huo Jinchen heard this name, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Although he didn’t think he was very old, he seemed to be really older than Lu Xingzhi.

It’s really right to call “Uncle”.

Only eighteen years old.

It’s a bit small.

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