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Chapter 20 is to be good to her

“How is she, it has nothing to do with me.” Huo Jinchen has no affection for Shen Xinzi.

“Okay!” He Lianyi glanced at Lu Xingzhi with unkind eyes.

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

She seemed quite innocent.

“I’m going back to the room first.” Lu Xingzhi asked Huo Jinchen again with his eyes.

Huo Jinchen nodded, “Go! I will ask you to have dinner

later .” Lu Xingzhi stood up, and when he left, he picked up the plate of strawberries, “This, I’ll take it and eat it.”

“If you like, let People buy more. Don’t eat more of this. Let someone bring you a plate of cherries.” Huo Jinchen felt that the family should prepare more fruit.


“Three brothers, why are you treating her so nicely?” He Lianyi didn’t even look anymore. Is this still his third brother?

Although he has always been modest and courteous to people, he is completely pampered to Lu Xingzhi.

“She is my fiancee, shouldn’t I be nice to her?” Huo Jinchen asked back.

“Are you going to treat others as long as you are your fiancee?” He Lianyi felt that if this is the case, before that, he should have his aunt make a marriage contract for him.

“Which stand are you asking these words?” Huo Jinchen curled his lips, but there was no temperature.

“I…” He Lianyi didn’t say any more, he was thinking, maybe it happened that Lu Xingzhi had his appetite.

“I’m upstairs, do it yourself.” Huo Jinchen stood up, just took the cherries washed by the servant, and walked directly upstairs.

Before he reached Lu Xingzhi’s room, he heard a brisk song coming from it.

“I have a little donkey. I never ride it. One day, on a whim, I rode to the market on a whim. I was holding a small leather whip in my hand. I was proud of it…”

Through the open door, he could still see a little man dancing with his hands.

Like a vigorous girl, full of vitality.

Huo Jinchen hooked his lips, and he was still a child.

However, this is better.

Feeling someone outside the door, Lu Xingzhi stopped and walked out to see Huo Jinchen.

“Uncle?” Lu Xingzhi’s face was hot, did Huo Jinchen see all her actions just now.

“I brought you cherries.”

“Thank you.”

” Get a good rest.” Huo Jinchen said nothing, and returned to his room.

Lu Xingzhi was very happy today and bought a lot of beautiful clothes and shoes, as well as bags.

Although I feel sorry for the money, I am really happy.

She has been for a long time, not long, but she has never bought so many things.

Sitting in the room, watching TV and eating fruits, this feeling is not real, but it is really great.

It’s just that, suddenly I’m idle, and I don’t have to think about making money to go to school, and I’m not used to it.

After dinner in the evening, Huo Jinchen told Lu Xingzhi, “My parents are back, as well as the two older brothers and one younger brother above. We will go to the old house again tomorrow. Let’s have a meal together!”

“You Mom and Dad?”

Huo Jinchen widened her heart, “Don’t worry, just meet each other. After all, they should also see you. In the future, you will see more relatives in our family.”

“It’s not worried either.” Just no Too much adaptation.

If his parents don’t like her, it is nothing more than dissolution of the marriage contract.

“That’s good.”

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