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Chapter 20 Supreme

But the more this happened, the more her heart was suppressed. At this critical moment, she always wanted to be released. Therefore, with Liu Quanan’s cooperation and efforts, she finally couldn’t help releasing herself,

Liu Quanan. Looking at Qin Keqing under her in surprise, she did not expect to have such a great result in just a few strokes. It seems that Liao Cuixia’s phone call not only stimulated her, but also stimulated Qin Keqing’s nerves. It seemed beautiful. Women also have a need in their bones, and that is desire.

Qin Keqing had never experienced many things between men and women. Being stimulated by Liu Quanan, he was already involuntarily. He slowly turned over before Liu Quanan. Liu Quanan held her phone and put it in her ear. She did something for him herself.

Qin Keqing had already cooperated helplessly at this time. She had no choice but to cooperate. Once Liu Quanan made a noise and made a noise, she would have no face to see her Liao Cuixia again. After all, she was supreme in Liao Cuixia’s heart. A good cousin who is omnipotent.

Liu Quanan also saw this weakness of Qin Keqing. He only had to grasp her weakness and was finally caught by him in this opportunity. He still had insufficient use of his power, so he became more and more vigorous and displayed all kinds of him. The gameplay can be thought of, but Qin Keqing actively cooperated uncharacteristically, and even covered the handset of the phone with his hand, urging Liu Quanan with a small voice, “You give it to me quickly, I can’t stand it anymore.” .

Hey Ke Qing, do you hear, how you do not speak ah, doing the & quot;? Liao Cuixia a sentence urging then make qing and heart wrapped up in a great change, she did not know the reason is because Liaocui Xia’s phone , Or because of Liu Quanan’s skills, she doesn’t want to say a word anymore, pointing to enjoying the feeling of surfing from inside the body.

“Hey, Keqing, you call Zhu Guobin, I want to talk to him, how can we bother us like this.” Liao Cuixia seemed to think of something on the other end of the phone, which made Qin Keqing terrified. She had two eyes. Waiting for Liu Quanan in a daze, as if seeking help like him

Finally, Qin Keqing could no longer control her emotions during Liu Quanan’s final release. From the bottom of her heart, she uttered the unique voice that only women can make when they are most excited and hardest.

Liu Quan’an is also silent. At the peak, but after all, he is a seasoned veteran. Seeing that Qin Keqing had lost his senses, he hung up the phone quickly, feeling uneasy for a while, and I didn’t know that Qin Keqing’s Liao Cuixia heard it. I didn’t hear Qin Keqing’s last mad eyes.

After that, Qin Keqing immediately woke up, and she shouted at Liu Quanan with anger and open eyes: “It’s all you and blame you. This

tells me how to behave in the future.” Liu Quanan was also a little dumbfounded for a while, he only took care of it for a while. He is happy, but forgets the nature and instinct of a woman, but Liu Quanan is Liu Quanan. He must not bow to Qin Keqing, especially at this time, if he admits his mistake and bows his head, then troubles will definitely accompany in the future. Therefore, Liu Quanan Qiang cheered up and thought to himself: Even if I killed Lao Tzu, I couldn’t admit that it was my own fault.

Just as Liu Quanan was going to explain to Qin Keqing, Qin Keqing’s phone rang again.

Qin Keqing was like a frightened bird. He waited for the call in horror, but did not dare to answer it. Liu Quanan was still relatively calm. He picked up the phone on the sofa, handed it to Qin Keqing, and said with a smile: ” Just pick it up. If you don’t pick it up, it means you haven’t done a good job.”

“After picking it up, Aunt Liao wants to ask, what shall I write?” Qin Keqing was anxious and even discussed with him.

“You just said that you are with your husband now, anyway, you Auntie Liao knows what’s the matter with you.” Liu Quanan said with a little chuckle.

“Then what if he still wants my husband to answer the phone?” The more Qin Keqing thought about it, the more he felt the consequences would be disastrous.

“Oh, you, Aunt Liao, are also true. You know you are having sex with your husband now, but you are so unreasonable. You have to be so good to beat the mandarin ducks.” Liu Quanan also felt that this Liao Cuixia was really speechless.

“Yes, she also really knows whether it is because of Liao Cuixia’s excesses, or because Qin Keqing got her unexpected experience and the satisfaction of a woman in Liu Quanan, so she stood with Liu Quanan for a while.

” Humph, then ignore her, Keqing, don’t be angry, wait for that day I will crack her too, give you this breath. “Liu Quanan really had no other way, so he could only use this to comfort Qin Keqing and said.

At this time, Qin Keqing stared at the phone on the sofa that had no audio system, and couldn’t help thinking about what Liu Quanan said just now. She seemed to be inspired by Liu Quanan’s words, but she quickly rejected it.

Maybe Qin Keqing’s mind was a little confused at this time, or she had some mental imbalance barriers at this time, so she was on a whim. Said to Liu Quanan: “You really want to talk to my Aunt Liao halfway through. Qin Keqing felt a little embarrassed and couldn’t continue.

What kind of person is Liu Quanan? He immediately noticed a faint smell from Qin Keqing’s words and her tactful expression, so he asked, “Do you mean you want to introduce your Aunt Liao to me?

“Oh ? , No, forget it. “Qin Keqing seems to feel that she can’t be sorry for her Aunt Liao again at this time. “Hehe” Liu Quanan smiled gloomily, and then asked: “Does your Aunt Liao have you so beautiful?”

Qin Keqing was asked directly by Liu Quanan. Ashamed, she kept shaking her head as the testimony said: “No

” Oh, that’s your fault. You actually want to introduce an ugly monster to me, take me for nothing, don’t look at me. I deliberately counted the age of my son, but I don’t lack beautiful women, don’t you know?” In fact, Liu Quanan said that because he wanted to show off his skills in front of Qin Keqing.

“Bah! You are the ugly monster. Keqing stared at her unique pair of willow eyebrows and apricot eyes, staring fiercely at Liu Quanan and said, although she has a bit of resentment towards Liao Cuixia, after all, they are Liao Cuixia, like Liu Quanan Saying directly that her Liao Cuixia is ugly, doesn’t it mean that she looks down on herself, so the high-hearted Qin Keqing unceremoniously responded to Liu Quanan.

Although Liu Quanan and others were scolded by Qin Keqing, it seemed that he was actually Seeing a glimmer of hope, she then asked: “So, your Aunt Liao is just like you, a big beauty?

“Of course you can use it.” Qin Keqing proudly raised her delicate whiteness. Jade neck

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