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Chapter 21 The Feeling of Comfort

In fact, Qin Keqing was just to satisfy her arrogant and accustomed vanity, and the thoughts of Liao Cuixia’s moments were just a little bit of resentment.

However, the speaker is unintentional, and the listener is interested. Liu Quanan is a master at observing women and checking sex. In her opinion, since Qin Keqing is so beautiful, then her Aunt Liao must not be so bad. When she thinks of Qin Keqing’s Aunt Liao, especially a well-seasoned young woman, if a young woman like this gets paid, she will be beautiful.

“Which day will you take your Aunt Liao, I’ll treat, let’s get together?” Liu Quanan sent out a formal invitation to Qin Keqing.

“Huh, don’t even think about it, you old pervert, you actually eat in the pot and want to stand in the bowl.” At this time, Qin Keqing realized to the unemployed that she was a bit gaffe, and even took her own Aunt Liao’s. Chastity has come to ease the grievances in my heart.

“Haha, it’s just a meal, you think about it again, forget it, since you disagree, then I didn’t say it.” Liu Quanan suddenly felt that Qin Keqing’s answer made him feel very comfortable in his heart. This is another manifestation of women being jealous.

Qin Keqing knew that he was not the old guy whether he was talking or scheming, so he stood up and said, “Okay, we are all cleared. From now on, you will take your Yangguan Road and I will cross my single-plank bridge. Let’s not break the river.” After speaking, we

walked to the bathroom .

“Hehe Liu Quanan didn’t stop Qin Keqing, but laughed. The others didn’t even know why he laughed. Do you think Qin Keqing’s words are naive, or feel that you are defeated? Maybe it’s both. According to common sense, Liu Quanan’s woman who used Kung Fu, at this time, he is the only one who tries to get rid of the other party’s share. How can the other party ignore him so arrogantly? Liu Quan’an feels a little irritated.

The rushing sound of water came out of the bathroom. Liu Quanan seemed to be rekindled by the familiar sound of water. He walked quickly to the bathroom, but when she walked to the bathroom door, she suddenly stopped. With his footsteps, a wonderful thought instantly flooded his mind. He couldn’t help but smiled, and walked back leisurely, sat on the sofa, and waited for Qin Keqing’s Furong to come out of the bath.

After Qin Keqing showered, he was refreshed. After walking out of the bathroom, except for the bathroom, she actually looked at Liu Quanan with white eyes and said, “What do you look at, turn your face back.”

Liu Quanan felt sad, and said to her heart, this little girl was really proud . , For a while, there was really nothing to do with him, so I had no choice but to stabilize him first.

Thinking of this, Liu Quanan turned his face obediently to one side and said to himself: “Oh, I really don’t know. If I told Zhu Huaijing about this, what would he be like?

“What? What did you say? Qin Keqing asked in horror as if getting an electric shock.

“It’s nothing, I just think about it and want to play. “Liu Quan’an said nonchalantly.

“I tell you, Liu Quan’an, you are a person of identity. If you do things too terribly, don’t blame me for not seeing each other.” “Qin Keqing confronted Liu Quanan in a tit-for-tat manner.

“Haha, don’t be so excited, okay, I’m afraid if I don’t have the ability to protect myself, I’m afraid that the person in the position of director today might not be me. “Liu Quan’an was also insinuating and teasing the circle with Qin Keqing.

Qin Keqing actually just wanted to bluff Liu Quanan. In fact, he was extremely frightened inside. Liu Quanan’s words almost completely defeated the line of defense in her heart. His usual arrogant character supported her, and he didn’t immediately subdue her. After listening to Liu Quanan’s words, she calmed down a bit and said, “Liu Quanan, why are you doing this? I will do everything you want me to do. , You still do this, do you really want to…

“Hehe, don’t be afraid, I won’t be entangled with you so skinless, but I still want to exchange with you.” Liu Quanan said unhurriedly.

“Transaction? Isn’t our transaction over?” Qin Keqing felt a great grievance, and felt that Liu Quanan was a bit like a rascal. “Well, trading Liu Quanan deliberately lengthened the afterword of the word’deal’. “What deal?” Qin Keqing asked

uncontrollably, Liu Quan’an smiled, smiling very proudly, he slowly stood up. I put on my clothes one by one, and then I sat on the sofa again, and lightly lit a cigarette.

“What the hell is it?” Qin Keqing couldn’t help asking.

“I want you to do mine in the future . ” Valentine, otherwise I will tell your father-in-law about this. “Liu Quanan said, laughing. “You are too much!” Qin Keqing was so angry that she stood still for a while before slamming the door and leaving.

Qin Keqing didn’t know how she walked home, she walked on the holiday In a small town with a strong atmosphere, it turned out that it was the Dragon Boat Festival today, and she didn’t want to go back.

As she walked, Qin Keqing decided to tell Zhu Huaijing about the matter, so she called Zhu Huaijing and asked about the matter. She told him the truth, and even told him

about the child . Qin Keqing knew that the child belonged to Zhu Huaijing, because during the dangerous period, she and Zhu Huaijing did it, and never did it with her husband.

Zhu Huaijing was very angry after knowing the truth . He hated Qin Keqing’s self-love. Why did he commit himself to Liu Quanan to save him? After this call, when Qin Keqing returned home, Zhu Huaijing had already moved away, moved back to the hospital dormitory, and lived with Liao Cuixia. It was

Father’s Day . God, Qin Keqing was standing downstairs in Zhu Huaijing’s dormitory, thinking that he used to take her to make love here, but now he was so cruel that he would not even reply to her with a text message.

So Qin Keqing called him capriciously, and the phone rang but He hung up.

Qin Keqing didn’t give up and made another call. The phone rang only once and was shaken off again. Tears filled her eyes in an instant. She stubbornly made the third call! After the phone rang several times, Qin Keqing’s heart gradually cooled down, but at the end. In the ringtone, a female voice rang: “Hello? Is it Keqing? It

turned out to be Liao Cuixia who answered the call. Qin Keqing didn’t expect it to be her, so she quickly wiped her tears and said hurriedly, “Oh, Aunt Liao, I asked Dean Zhu

before I waited for Qin Keqing to say anything, Liao Cuixia said sweetly: “Keqing, where did you celebrate this holiday? What’s wrong with your dad? He is so strange that he doesn’t answer the phone. He frowned, and didn’t let me look at the phone. I snatched it over and took a look. It’s you and I answered it. What kind of dean do you think he is? A former subordinate called him. It’s probably a holiday greeting. He even put on the air, haha.” The

simple Liao Cuixia said to her own man, Qin Keqing quickly lied for Zhu Huai Jingyuan: “Dean Zhu said that he has been ashamed not to accompany you this baby too much. For women, I think I don’t want to be disturbed by others during the holidays. Aunt Liao, please take advantage of the holidays to accompany Dean Zhu. Please ask Dean Zhu how the holiday is good, then I won’t disturb you.

Just when Qin Keqing was about to hang up On the phone, a magnetic baritone rang: “Hey, Keqing, the festival is good, where are you celebrating the festival?” This voice was Zhu Huaijing, and he finally did not hold back Qin Keqing’s call!

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