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Chapter 22 The Ethics That Should Not Be Moved

Suddenly hearing his voice, as if separated from him for a century, Qin Keqing’s tears flowed down silently, as if the person facing him, like before, could act coquettishly and weakly and cry to him.

At this time, Qin Keqing tried hard to restrain the sobbing, but he still let him hear it. His voice became dull and said: “Keqing, where are you? Did you pass Festival E well?” At

this moment, Qin Keqing can no longer be rational. Geng swallowed and said, “Dad, I’m downstairs in your house. I thought, I thought you would never care about me anymore. Qin Keqing’s nose became heavier, and she cried so quickly that she would let out a loud voice, as if she had suffered something. It was like a big grievance, but actually she just came out of the hotel with another man.

In fact, Qin Keqing was thinking how shameless she is!

But Zhu Huaijing sighed imperceptibly and said, “Then why don’t you come up? Come up.

Right ! The phone hung up, Qin Keqing raised her face and looked at the window of his house, and saw Liao Cuixia just opening the window, poking out her head and beckoning to her, “Keqing, come on!”

Qin Keqing lowered her head and wiped twice. Tears, I don’t know if I should go up. However, Liao Cuixia had disappeared from the window, and soon her brisk footsteps sounded on the stairs.

In the end Qin Keqing had no choice but to climb up the stairs, just when she ran down from upstairs, she grabbed Qin Keqing and said, “Keqing, happy holidays! If you knew you were alone, you should really be taken by your dad. Keqing should stay at my house today for the holiday. The

simple and kind Liao Cuixia kept saying that Qin Keqing felt like a despicable thief, contaminating the man who had the image of a tall man in her mind, Zhu Huaijing stood at the door of the house and waited for them. Qin Keqing didn’t have the courage to look up at him, but just like all the small staff meeting the leader, he lowered his head and said carefully: “Dean Zhu has a good holiday. “

He replied, “You are welcome, it’s all a family, come in quickly.” “

The last time Qin Keqing came to his dormitory, they hugged and kissed as soon as he entered the door, but now his women are happily laughing and laughing around him. They have not seen them for a while, and they are more like a pair of strangers.

Liao Cuixia graciously invited me to sit, poured tea and sweets to Qin Keqing, and said sympathetically: “When Keqing is alone in the future, she will come to my house to play. Aunt Liao will definitely accompany you well. Don’t have another one during the festival. People are crying, and they are away on business all the year round than her husband. Huai Jing, in front of Keqing, don’t put on the dean’s airs

anymore, and care about Keqing as your daughter.” Qin Keqing could only smile reluctantly as Liao Cuixia said this. Her heart is sore, is she still worthy now?

Zhu Huaijing calmly found out a pair of his big slippers, handed them to Qin Keqing, asked her to replace the high-heeled shoes, only whispered: “Aunt Liao’s proposal is good, but Qing will come as soon as he wants to come, and treat this as your home. At

this time, he is still so caring and considerate, and Qin Keqing’s nose is sour again, and hastily bowed his head and said thank you, covering up the past. At this time, Liao Cuixia pulled it up. Qin Keqing chatted, Zhu Huaijing said to let them play by themselves, and he went to cook dinner. At

this time, Qin Keqing asked Liao Cuixia to help her download some data on the computer to the mobile phone, and said to help Dean Zhu, and followed him to the kitchen.

He stood in front of the cabinet and chopped vegetables. Qin Keqing boldly walked behind him and hugged his waist. His body immediately stiffened, and he whispered: “Keqing, don’t do this again. “These

words made Qin Keqing a little bit away. She wiped the tears in her eyes again, wiped it on his back, and said capriciously: “You are not allowed to ignore me in the future, or I will let Aunt Liao know our relationship. !”

He looked back at her helplessly, sighed and ignored her.

Qin Keqing knew that the lump in his heart had not been digested, and regardless of his attitude, she turned to him with a cheeky face, suddenly cocked her foot, and stood in front of him. Kissed on his lips.

He shuddered and turned around to escape from the kitchen to the living room, avoiding her harassment, but she stubbornly blocked his retreat, so he had to bury his head and cut up the vegetables again.

Considering that Liao Cuixia would bump into their small movements at any time, Qin Keqing no longer embarrassed him, but silently beat him and prepared the ingredients. The atmosphere in the kitchen was very quiet at this time. There was a light rain outside the window, and the light rain that was blowing like mist was very mysterious and beautiful, and it brought the warm meaning of the Spring Festival. Qin Keqing remembered the last rainy day. He rushed back overnight to linger with her. He couldn’t help but whispered: “Bad Dad, I love you, please believe it is true.

Hearing that, his chopping hands stiffened. Finally, he said: “Do you like stewed chicken with mushrooms or stewed chicken with mushrooms? I’ll wash some dried mushrooms and stew them.

Qin Keqing stuffed a saint fruit into his mouth and said coquettishly: “As long as you make it, I like to eat it! But, I want to eat you more.

He stared at her with annoyance but not annoyance, but Qin Keqing They stared straight at him bravely. They confronted each other for a few seconds. He finally let go of the knife. He slammed her into his arms.

He kissed her deeply. He still had the sweet and sour cherry fruit in his mouth. Taste. Qin Keqing bit his big house greedily. Xiao She twisted flexibly and never let go of him.

His breath was fast, he kissed very deeply, and certain parts of his body also changed obviously. Qin Keqing pressed herself closer to him. Zhu Huaijing lingered on Qin Keqing’s lips, and finally let go of her and said in a dumb voice, “Little thing, how much I miss you, do you know?”

Tears rolled from Qin Keqing’s eyes. When she got down, she swallowed and said, “I know, but you don’t know how much I miss you. “What he was about to say, Liao Cuixia came out of the room and told Qin Keqing that the information in the computer is complete now, and you can see if you need it. After that, Qin Keqing was taken to her room by Liao Cuixia and looked at the information together. Zhu Huaijing cooks in the kitchen by herself. During the meal, to welcome Qin Keqing, Zhu Huaijing poured some red wine and the three of them drank together.

Qin Keqing said that Liao Cuixia now needs maintenance and drinking pure wine is not very good. In order to make the taste good, add some drinks to her Right.

The wine with the drink was really sweeter and more palatable. Liao Cuixia acted like she asked Zhu Huaijing for half a cup. She blushed soon after she didn’t drink wine very often.

After eating, Liao Cuixia yelled dizzy and became drunk, so she held her forehead to wash briefly, and fell asleep on the bed. Her nose was well-proportioned and her sleeping face was sound and sweet. Qin Keqing helped her change her clothes, covered her with a quilt and walked out of the bedroom.

Seeing Qin Keqing coming out, Zhu Huaijing also got up from the sofa and said to her: “You too, go to bed early, just sleep in the same room with Aunt Liao, good night.” Then he stood up and walked to his room.

Qin Keqing took a few steps and hugged his waist from behind, and shouted in a low voice: “Bad father, you said, will always love me, no matter what I do wrong.

Zhu Huaijing pulled her hand hard, no Turning back and said: “Keqing, I take back those idiots, you let go, go to bed early, I sincerely hope that everything is fine for you, as long as you are good, I will be fine. “

Qin Keqing reluctantly continued to tighten his waist and said: “If I don’t let go, I will pester you, I want it! Bad dad, want me

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