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Chapter 23 The Last Crazy

At this moment, Zhu Huaijing said helplessly: “Keqing, don’t do this, don’t wake Aunt Liao.”

But Qin Keqing pushed him into his room, turned to him, held his waist, and kissed his fortitude. chin, said: “plus drinks red wine, can increase the degree of hypnosis into several, Liao aunt numerous liquor, she slept very heavy.

Zhuhuai Jing did not think she would say, with a sigh said,” you’re getting bad Keqing

not When he finished speaking, Qin Keqing’s lips had already closed his lips, and the soft and hot little house slid into his mouth. After struggling for a few times, he finally couldn’t help but kiss deeply. Live her.

His big house attacked Qin Keqing’s mouth, and she stretched out contentedly, her body instantly limp in his arms. His nose became heavier and heavier, and finally Qin Keqing took him to the bed with him.

Qin Keqing squirmed constantly under him, Feng Ting’s front pressed against his chest, his heart beating very violently, hitting her front, her hand began to push his clothes upwards.

He wanted to struggle, but Qin Keqing bit his lips deeper. Her hand touched his belt and touched his hot iron. He stretched out and finally stopped resisting, and instead covered her with his big hand. At

this moment, Qin Keqing trembled fiercely and called him: “Bad father loves me, loves me and wants me, please love me, please, your Keqing wants it.”

His palm is warm and strong, and he grasps greedily. Rubbing the front of Qin Keqing, a puff of love rushed all over her body. She pushed up his sweater eagerly, and he took it off together with his underwear in cooperation.

Qin Keqing’s little hand grabbed his belt again and opened it. At the same time, he unzipped the zipper, and he freed up his hand to take them off.

Qin Keqing’s small hand shook his stubborn stiff, he gasped dumbly, and purred Qin Keqing’s sweater from the top of his head. Qin Keqing’s jeans were also opened by him, and Qin Keqing kicked it down cooperatively. At this time, they finally met again sincerely. His firmness crushed Qin Keqing’s softness, and the feeling of a close blind date made them tremble with excitement.

His kiss withdrew from Qin Keqing’s lips and eagerly kissed Qin Keqing’s ears, neck and shoulders, and then fell to Qin Keqing’s Su Qiao,

who immediately licked him, Qin Keqing violently convulsed and whispered, “Bad Dad” Oh, bad dad, his lips bit the one in front of Qin Keqing, and her hands pinched

Qin Keqing’s back into his back. He whispered with Qin Keqing’s earballs in his ears: “Keqing, bad Keqing, I can’t stand it anymore. , Lost the principle. “

Qin Keqing took the initiative to raise her little skin to greet him, deliberately rubbing his rough with Weng Zhang’s petals and said: “Bad father wants me, wants me, I am yours, yours.

He sealed Qin Keqing’s lips again with a kiss, and slowly guided the stubborn iron clone to Qin Keqing! The

tightly filled and plumped fusion, deeply entangled, and they made a disorderly panting sound at the same time, in order to prevent the throat from being caught. Zhang Yin blurted out, their homes stirred frantically.

At this time, Qin Keqing bit his ear and whispered: “Bad father, want me very hard, Keqing want you very want me very much! I really want to be deeply filled with you, I really want to think about it.

Qin Keqing’s honeyed words To make him crazy, he bit Qin Keqing in front of him, sucked hard, and said like gnashing his teeth: “Little thing, you goblin! I really want to love you to death.

Speaking of him, he finally couldn’t restrain himself and began to move at a high speed and depth. After some clouds, they were tired to the bed after all, and Qin Keqing hugged him without speaking.

But under Qin Keqing’s provocation, his hands crazily rubbed her in front of her, rolled over and pressed her under her, his strong body was embedded in her, and he vigorously pushed and said: “Keqing, you little Fairy, do you have such a big appetite? You want to eat me, can you swallow


Qin Keqing’s body is so soft, it sticks to him like a leech, no matter how he hits her, he can It fits tightly on his body, and was even violently taken away from the bed sheet underneath him time and time again.

Qin Keqing raised his waist and buttocks greedily to meet his entry and impact, his breath was terrible. It seems to be suffocating at any time. Qin Keqing clung to his broad shoulders with both hands and muttered like a dream: “Bad father, I love you, please remember that I love you.” “

Zhu Huaijing stopped suddenly, leaned down to press Qin Keqing tightly under her body, and kissed her greedily. She couldn’t breathe as she kissed her, and his body was still full of him. At that moment, Qin Keqing really wanted to die under him. . For

a long time he raised his head and said crudely, “Little things, I love you too.

But Qin Keqing still saw from the bottom of his eyes a sorrow that was as vague as cooking smoke.

They all know that such feelings will not last long, and reality will gradually pull their people and hearts away and eventually become separated.

So grasp all the time that can be deeply compatible with each other at the moment, Zhu Huaijing watched Qin Keqing once again push his vigorous body fiercely. This night, they went crazy twice again, and once again eliminated the gap in their hearts, they hugged and fell asleep.

Only after Qin Keqing woke up, she found that Zhu Huaijing was no longer at home, but a text message from him was stored in her mobile phone. “Keqing, take good care of the child, I will personally report

this grudge .” After reading this text message, Qin Keqing knew something was wrong. She quickly called Zhu Huaijing’s phone, but it was turned off. She hurriedly called Zhu Huaijing’s office, but The secretary said that Dean Zhu and Director Zhang had gone out to work and had not come back.

The flustered Qin Keqing knew what was wrong, so she called Liao Cuixia again and found that she was busy. She quickly got up and got dressed and was about to go outside.

At this time, the phone rang. It was Liao Cuixia who called back. Qin Keqing answered immediately. Before she could speak, crying came from there: “Keqing, your father is in an accident. Come to the hospital.

You know. That would happen. When Qin Keqing lost her mind, the phone could not be held steady, and she fell to the ground. It took a while before she woke up, picked up the phone and ran out. When

Qin Keqing arrived at the hospital, she did not see Zhu Huaijing for the last time. Because this car accident was too serious. It’s just surprising that the vehicle that caused the accident was Liu Quan’an’s car.

And in this car accident, both Liu Quan’an and Director Zhang died very tragically. Of course, Zhu Huaijing was not much better.

Listen . After this, Qin Keqing knew the meaning of Zhu Huaijing’s text messages. It turned out that the father-in-law was taking revenge for her, but it was not worth it to get Liu Quanan’s beast and take his own life.

Qin Keqing couldn’t help it anymore and knelt on the ground. She burst into tears, her heart was broken, and the man who loved her the most was gone!

After returning from the hospital, Qin Keqing seemed to have lost her soul, but she could not fall down. After all, she had to take care of what Zhu Huaijing left her children.

so after Zhuhuai Jing and her husband handle the funeral, Qin Ke resigned in domestic tire, she just want to heal, because there will be an angel would love

over half a year, qing and gave birth to a son, very much like Zhu Huaijing, everyone says that this child Qin Keqing knows the unspeakable secret like Grandpa

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