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Chapter 3 My condition suits you

“Grandpa asked me to take you back and let me make up for you.” Since grandpa hoped, he still has to satisfy the old man’s wish.

“Since this is the case, just follow the normal plot and give me a sum of money to send me away.” Lu Xingzhi said seriously.

“I am an honest businessman. Since I have agreed to a travel marriage contract, it is as good as signing the contract and must be honored.” Huo Jinchen held the water glass and leaned back slightly, his posture a little lazy.

Lu Xingzhi is looking at his hands, which are undoubtedly a pair of nice hands, with distinct bones, and the length of the fingers can almost completely cover the water cup.

Hearing his words, he turned his gaze back, “But don’t you all like business marriage or something? Isn’t that more advantageous?”

“Our family does not need to be maintained by marriage, so what you said does not exist. Yes. And,” Huo Jinchen paused and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“I’m going to find another wife, and I will spend more money. It’s not worthwhile.” Huo Jinchen analyzed the pros and cons for her.

Lu Xingzhi: “…” It

seems to make sense.

“You really don’t need to be wronged to marry me.”

“Don’t be wronged.”

“Uncle Huo, I am a layman, greedy for money, lust, and admiring vanity. You really should not have such a beautiful and elegant man. Wife.” There are a lot of powers and wrongs, and Lu Xing knows that he likes money and he hates trouble.

“Looking for money and lust, admiring vanity.” Huo Jinchen aroused a faint smile, “I think it should be suitable for you on my terms.”

Lu Xingzhi was almost bewildered. This man looks good. , Smile so slightly, very ecstatic!

But don’t laugh at her, if she can’t hold it, she will really rely on him.

This is exactly the incarnation of the perfect man in the eyes of women, who is rich and good-looking.

However, one must be self-aware.

“I don’t like you, and you don’t like me, why bother? Moreover, I am not of the legal age for marriage. I don’t want to marry you either.” Lu Xingzhi simply said his unwillingness straightforwardly.

Looking at the time, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. It’s raining again outside, isn’t this person ready to leave?

She hasn’t cooked dinner yet!

Huo Jinchen glanced at her, and from her eyes, it was very clear that he really didn’t have any thoughts about him.

In fact, he is not willing to force others.

“Lu Xingzhi, since this is your wish, I respect it.” Huo Jinchen had already stood up, and saw Lu Xingzhi’s beautiful eyes suddenly brighten, and he was a little bit amused.

For the first time, a woman wanted him to leave so impatiently.

“Okay, it’s raining heavily outside. Be careful when driving. I will take off the umbrella and take you to the car.” Lu Xingzhi said as he took an umbrella, opened it, and hit Huo Jinchen on the head.

Huo Jinchen originally wanted to refuse.

However, inexplicably, she didn’t say it, and took the initiative to take the umbrella in her hand, “It’s better for me to support it! Your height should not be able to support my head.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

She This height of six or seven is not too short!

Seeing her bulging her cheeks with some resentment, Huo Jinchen slightly raised her lips.

In fact, he had met Lu Xingzhi before coming over.

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