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Chapter 3 Strange Health Care

“This is not suitable. I know you are doing it for me. Huai Jing’s face blushed. Under the impetus of my daughter-in-law, she still moved a little awkwardly and said.

“I said, Dad, you are all too old. Like a child, I am not afraid, but you are still acting like a baby. “Qin Keqing covered her mouth and smiled, pushing Zhu Huaijing again.

That’s the only way. When Zhu Huaijing saw that his daughter-in-law said so, he didn’t hesitate anymore. He lay on the bed obediently, took off the bathrobe, and only left one inside. Nei.

Looking at Zhu Huaijing’s body without a trace of fat, no uncle’s oldness, especially the bulging bag of Nei Nei, Qin Keqing’s cheeks reddened, and the whole body became hot again.

As a andrologist with full clinical experience, It was the first time that Qin Keqing lost his temper in front of a man. She hesitated for a while before she dared to reach out and massage Zhu Huaijing’s abdomen. She went all the way

because she was so familiar with these acupoints and positions. Qin Keqing didn’t press a few times, and Zhu Huaijing groaned. His breathing was heavy. Because of his professionalism, he didn’t feel a burst of irritation. At

last, Qin Keqing hesitated. She glanced at Zhu Huaijing who had closed her eyes before she helped him take off the inner inner ring and exclaimed in surprise. Sound.

Good fellow, this can be regarded as a domestic leader, especially Qin Keqing has seen a lot of men’s things, such a magnificent thing, she has seen it for the first time.

Hearing the exclamation of her daughter-in-law, Zhu Huaijing opened his eyes, a little proud She smiled a little embarrassedly and said, “My child, you are a male doctor. You have seen a lot of this stuff. Don’t tease Dad.

“Dad, you are really big, you are one of the best in the country.” Qin Keqing said with a smile, with a shy look on his face, but the movements on his hands did not stop. No, press hard on the perineum to make Zhu Huaijing feel comfortable. Can’t help but sigh.

The two of them did not speak any more, the atmosphere was ambiguous and depressing, especially Zhu Huaijing, under the actions of the daughter-in-law, the stimulation in his mind wave after wave, every time it hit the peak breakthrough point.

At this moment, Zhu Huaijing’s room door was knocked again, and then a female voice came: “Dean Zhu, are you resting? When I heard this female voice, I knew that it was the head nurse Liao Cuixia.

But it was unexpectedly caused by this. The voice was startled, Qin Keqing’s strength involuntarily increased a bit, which made Zhu Huaijing not hold back at all, and directly vented. It was so thick and thick that Qin Keqing’s face and hands were covered.

“I used to be. Zhu Huaijing, who wanted to say sorry, thought that something was wrong, and cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Liao, I’m here, what’s the matter?”

After that, Zhu Huaijing hurriedly took out the tissue and handed it to Qin Keqing, and helped her wipe her face. cream on.

there is no qing and preparedness, is get so much, and she blushed as red as Hongxia, panic took a paper towel and hands, then walked to the bathroom, at the moment her heart is like a jump as if a nurse Seeing this for a long time, how can I meet people?

“That’s it, Director Zhang and the others have a barbecue outside, do you want to come together?” Liao Cuixia asked, standing outside the door, she heard a little movement in the room. But she looked at her head and didn’t dare to ask.

“Oh, then you guys bake it first. I’m changing my clothes. I’ll be over later. “Zhu Huaijing groaned for a while, then said.

“Well, you’ll be here later, I’ll call Keqing by the way.” “I heard that, Liao Cuixia thought, it turned out that Dean Zhu changed her clothes again, no wonder she seemed to be a little bit moving, so she left without hesitation. After

Liao Cuixia left, Zhu Huaijing breathed a sigh of relief, and he wiped her underneath. Then he quickly changed his clothes and went to the bathroom door and said, “Ke Qing, then I will go there first, and you will come out later so that it is not good to be hit by them. Also, I couldn’t hold back just now, I’m sorry. “It’s

okay, Dad.” You go first and help me hold Aunt Liao. “Qin Keqing answered in a low voice, washing her face. In

this case, Zhu Huaijing didn’t say anything, so she walked out of the room, closed the door, and walked away quickly after looking around.

After leaving the room, Zhu Huaijing’s heart was still banging faster. He was thinking, what he did just now is really absurd, this is his daughter-in-law.

But after thinking about it, it was too exciting just now, and it made him regain the impulsive feeling of youthful vitality. It felt so good!

Zhu Huaijing, who was walking on the road, ran into a person head-on, and this person was Liao Cuixia who had just left. . Waiting for Zhu Huaijing to take her hand to support her, she screamed and fell straight into his arms.

In fact, Liao Cuixia is considered a charming young woman, and Zhu Huaijing still has a male impulse because of her embrace. This may have the effect of a massage by her daughter-in-law just now.

“Head Nurse Liao, I’m sorry, I went in a hurry and didn’t look at the road seriously.” Zhu Huaijing, who was holding Liao Cuixia, said with a slight red face.

I don’t know why, Zhu Huaijing felt that today’s little brother’s fighting ability is so strong, how long has it been since then, he stood up again, and still has to bear on Liao Cuixia’s thigh.

Feeling that Zhu Huaijing seemed to be staring at her, her face turned red in an instant, and she said softly: “Dean Zhu looked at you, I am also walking in a hurry, not paying attention.”

As a divorced young woman, Liao Cuixia was naturally right. Zhu Huaijing has been fond of such a charming uncle for a long time, but he has never given her a chance, how can she not be excited now with such a hug.

But Zhu Huaijing quickly let go of her and said, “Then let’s go over to help Lao Zhang and the others, get some barbecue and fuse with those young doctors.

After that, Zhu Huaijing quickly left, ignoring what Liao Cuixia would say. What.

Looking at Zhu Huaijing’s distant back, Liao Cuixia’s newly-rising Chunxin lost again, she couldn’t help this man to hide from her, she stamped her foot with anger, and then walked up. You

must know that she is pursuing in the hospital . She Liao Cuixia’s man is too much. Now she is posting this Dean Zhu. People are not lukewarm, but Liao Cuixia will not give up. This man is the object of her pursuit.

Zhu Huaijing, who was walking away, found that the phone in his pocket seemed to vibrate a few times, so he took it out and took a look. At this point, his heartbeat accelerated a lot. It turned out that Qin Keqing had sent him a message.

“Dad, I accidentally slipped and fell in your bathroom. I got my foot and couldn’t stand up. You can find a chance to come back and help me.”

Seeing this message, Zhu Huaijing stopped and turned around and walked back. Bi Jing’s wife slipped and fell in his bathroom, and she was only wearing a bathrobe. Of course, it was not convenient to call others for help.

When returning home, Zhu Huaijing spoke to Liao Cuixia, who had followed up. He wanted to go back to the room to get a document for them to play first, and then quickly walked back to the room. Back to the room, Zhu Huaijing closed the door with a guilty conscience before going to the bathroom.

When he walked to the bathroom, Zhu Huaijing blushed and his heart beat faster, and couldn’t help swallowing. After all, the daughter-in-law was lying on the floor at the moment, her legs spread out, and a touch of the black forest scenery was looming in the wet inner inner part. Her eyes were full of spring, her face flushed

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