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Chapter 4 Is the waist of girls so soft?

At that time, he had just eaten lunch and was about to get in the car to come to her house. He just glanced at her. Although he couldn’t see his face, his smart eyes were very clear.

It’s funny, a little girl who speaks loudly.

Fate is really mysterious.

“Let’s go!” Huo Jinchen said lightly after taking back his thoughts.

This kind of downpour makes it easy to get your clothes wet even with an umbrella.

Lu Xingzhi shrank, and Huo Jinchen calmly lowered the umbrella and leaned closer to her. The two were very close, and under the support of such an umbrella, there was a faint smell of ambiguity.

Lu Xing knew nothing else, he felt that Huo Jinchen was still a gentleman.

When he saw Huo Jinchen coming out, Wei Yang got out of the car and trot towards him.

“Sir, an uncle near here just said that the river in front of it has risen, and it has covered the bridge. We can’t walk temporarily, and this kind of rain is not suitable for driving.”

Huo Jinchen did not speak. But he looked at Lu Xingzhi.

And Lu Xingzhi’s nice little face is a bit stiff, what is this?

After taking a deep breath, he tried to suffocate a smile, “If this is the case, then you can rest in the house. Wait until the rain becomes smaller and the river flows down before leaving!”

“Good!” Huo Jinchen looked at Lu Xing. Knowing the reluctant and painful appearance, the depressed mood just wiped out, but it was more joyful.

When the two of them returned with their umbrellas, it was probably rainy and the ground was too slippery. Lu Xingzhi couldn’t step on his foot and fell backward.

Thinking that she would fall, a big hand suddenly appeared on her waist, which helped her up.

But because of his strength, Lu Xingzhi hit his chest before standing still.

Undecided, he rubbed his nose and looked at Huo Jinchen.

The distance between the two is a bit close, and they can feel each other’s breathing.

“Thank you!” Lu Xingzhi thanked him quietly, and stepped back carefully.

The heartbeat was a little fast, and I don’t know if it was because of being nervous to be so close to a man, or because he almost fell and had lingering heart palpitations.

Huo Jinchen’s thoughts were much simpler. It was the first time he had such contact with a girl. His waist was very thin and he couldn’t stand a grip. He felt good and was quite soft.

Is the waist of all girls like this?

“Then…Let’s go in!” Lu Xing knew that his face was a little hot. Just now I didn’t know whether Huo Jinchen was intentional or unintentional, and he felt that he was still squeezing his waist.

However, looking at Huo Jinchen’s calm and graceful appearance, Lu Xingzhi felt that it was her villainous heart, how could someone like her take advantage of her.

“This rain won’t stop for a while, if you don’t mind, let’s have dinner here!” Lu Xing knows that he doesn’t really want to invite Huo Jinchen and the others, but he’s embarrassed to have dinner by himself. Others watched.

“Don’t mind.” Huo Jinchen gave three words.

Lu Xingzhi: “…” I

don’t know how to be reserved.

The room is actually not comfortable outside, and it’s a bit stuffy.

Lu Xingzhi did not install air conditioners in his home, only fans.

After turning on the fan, I turned on the TV in the living room and placed the remote control beside Huo Jinchen. I went straight to the kitchen.

Soon the vegetables are washed, cut, and ready to be cooked.

When she lived with her grandfather, she already knew how to cook.

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