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Chapter 4 Stunning Picture

Zhu Huaijing couldn’t think of this amazing scene. He swallowed his saliva before he stepped forward and said, “Keqing, what’s wrong with you? Where did it hurt?

Help Qin Keqing tidy up his bathrobe. Zhu Huaijing found the stall on the ground. Shui, I thought this daughter-in-law must have slipped by the water. He hugged her thigh with one hand and her waist with the other, and walked out of the bathroom directly with his arms around her.

“Dad, the ground is slippery, I slipped accidentally. fall down. I feel a lot of pain in my butt, and my feet should also be broken. “Qin Keqing, who was hugged by Zhu Huaijing, blushed to dripping water, and said with her eyes down

. “Holding Qin Keqing out of the bathroom, Zhu Huaijing, who was gently laying on the bed, said and immediately walked into the bathroom. As

soon as she touched the bed, Qin Keqing grinned in pain. She estimated that she had hurt her tail keel and looked at her caring father- in-law. Walking into the bathroom, she couldn’t help but feel warm.

Married into Zhu Huaijing’s house, her husband and her stayed together more and more. In work and life, the father-in-law took care of her more, especially now that she is suffering from pain and sickness. After

a while, Zhu Huaijing took out a set of women’s bathrobes, handed them to Qin Keqing, and said, “You quickly change the wet bathrobe to avoid catching a cold. “Dad, how can I change this? You see Qin Keqing looked at Zhu Huaijing aggrievedly and said, pointing to her feet and buttocks.

“Oh, oh, yes, yes, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to change it for you.” Zhu Huaijing only realized then, but soon he said as if he found the problem again. “Let’s see if there is anyone outside? If there is no one, you hold me back to the room, and I call Aunt Liao to help me.” Qin Keqing glanced at her father-in-law speechlessly. This old man really doesn’t understand the taste.

“Yes, yes, okay, I’ll take a look.” After that, Zhu Huaijing hurriedly walked to the door and opened the door and looked around for a while before he came back and said: “No one is outside, hurry up, let’s hurry up.

This is the end, Zhu Huaijing is already He picked up Qin Keqing, tiptoed to her room, and put her on her bed. During this period, Zhu Huaijing accidentally saw Qin Keqing’s pair of proud objects, and he swallowed again.

“Then I will go out first, and you will call Aunt Liao to come and help you later.” Zhu Huaijing was afraid that he could not control it, so he hurriedly turned away and dared not look at her again.

“Well, thank you dad.” Qin Keqing smiled in her heart as she said, this father-in-law is too cute, he wants to see it to death, but he pretends to be honest,

“What are you polite with dad, I will go out now, you have Send me a message whenever you need it.” Zhu Huaijing felt uncomfortable, he was more comfortable with his legs clamped, and then he didn’t take a second look at his daughter-in-law before walking to the door.

Looking at the face and back of the father-in-law, Qin Keqing laughed. A good man is cute. She was ashamed and angry when she was seen by the father-in-law, but now that she thinks about it, she still feels exciting.

Especially thinking that she actually helped the father-in-law to do Da Baojian, what a mess of ethics, it was too bold, to do things that Qin Keqing could not have thought of before, and now they are still doing it.

However, this father-in-law is magnificent, much more powerful than his husband’s, and the essence is even stronger. If everything gets in there, the hot taste will surely rise.

What are you thinking about? It’s getting shameless. Qin Keqing pinched her thigh before sending a message to Liao Cuixia.

After Zhu Huaijing walked out of his daughter-in-law’s room, he hurried back to the room to wash his face and calmed down after a while. He was really afraid that he could not control it and did something extraordinary.

Finally, after tidying up the room, Zhu Huaijing casually took a document and went out to find Lao Zhang, lest Liao Cuixia found anything.

When he went to the barbecue area, Zhu Huaijing found Director Zhang was drinking with the young nurses and doctors, so he walked over and gave him the documents by the way.

At the beginning, Zhu Huaijing’s mind was not on the barbecue, so he didn’t dare to let go of the wine, and even the barbecue did not dare to eat more. After Liao Cuixia called him to send Qin Keqing back, his hanging heart was relieved.

So slowly Zhu Huaijing also let go of drinking, especially the young nurses, the dean Zhu on the left and the dean Zhu on the right were drinking fascinating soup.

Zhu Huaijing thought that his drinking was not bad, but he couldn’t stand the war of wheels, and gradually became a little drunk and his head became dizzy. During this period, he discovered that Director Zhang’s old fellows still took advantage of a lot of young nurses.

Originally, during work, Zhu Huaijing was more strict with style issues, but in private, he always closed one eye, as long as it didn’t make a big noise, he would ignore it.

In fact, Zhu Huaijing discovered that a nurse was very attentive to him. In the past, he must have reminded her secretly not to engage in these useless things, but today he drank a bit too much, coupled with the stimulation of Qin Keqing, his inner balance has already tilted. Up.

Seeing that Zhu Huaijing did not hint to them like before, the nurse was very happy. After all, people who have worked here for a long time know that this is a rare opportunity, so she couldn’t help but test it boldly. Also scratched his crotch intentionally or unintentionally.

The guy in the crotch was so provoked, Zhu Huaijing’s head became sober in an instant. He quickly grabbed the nurse’s hand and was about to imply that she should not do this, but the shrewd Director Zhang beside him handed the wine glass and said, “Dean Zhu. Let’s give these young people a chance. Come, let’s have more

drinks with them.” To avoid embarrassment, Zhu Huaijing had to let go of the nurse’s hand and let her hand on her crotch. After receiving the glass, Zhu Huaijing After saying something to encourage young people, I drank up the wine.

But when the wine entered his stomach, he realized that something was wrong, and he couldn’t tell what was wrong, as if something was mixed with the wine. After a while, Zhu Huaijing felt more and more wrong. His whole body was hot and dry, his mouth was dry, and his head was confused again. Some bad pictures always appeared. He wanted to let himself go out and blow the air, but he didn’t even think about standing. Steady, a stagger almost fell, and if it hadn’t been for the attentive nurse to help him, he would really fall on all fours.

“Dean Zhu, are you okay? How about I help you go back to your room to rest.” The nurse said immediately with concern. Now that this is the case, Zhu Huaijing can only nod his head and say okay, he has no idea what is in the wine.

After this beautiful little nurse helped Zhu Huaijing back to the room, he put him on the bed before going to close the door. She even went into the bathroom to get him a wash towel, but when she took the towel over, she took care of it, tripped her foot on purpose, and fell directly into Zhu Huaijing’s arms.

Facing the beautiful nurse’s embrace, Zhu Huaijing sat up on his back and instinctively reached out to support her, but only grabbed the thing in front of her chest, so soft that it made his heart beat faster.

The beautiful nurse exclaimed and lowered her head shyly before she suddenly kissed Zhu Huaijing’s mouth and pushed him down on the bed, with both hands taking the initiative to unbutton his shirt.

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