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Chapter 5 Disturbance

This beautiful little nurse’s initiative caused Zhu Huaijing to mess up, her delicate and moist lips pressed against him, and the skilled little Shetou easily pried open his teeth and reached in.

I have forgotten how long I haven’t tried this kind of taste. Zhu Huaijing only felt that the heat in his body became more intense, and the pictures in his mind were bolder and more exciting, so his hand involuntarily touched the nurse’s waist, and he

saw Zhu Huaijing reacting all the way. , This beautiful nurse was delighted, she knew that Director Zhang had a way, and it seemed that it would be easy for her to evaluate the job title in the future. Even if you don’t talk about job title evaluation, if you can do it with such an elegant and charming uncle, it is worth it.

So the nurse went to loose Zhu Huaijing’s belt more directly and went down. She was surprised and delighted until she caught a giant python. She could not help but loosen her clamped legs. There was suddenly Wet.

But Zhu Huaijing felt that his arrogant fellow was caught by the tender jade hand, and his mind was turned upside down again, but he soon came to his senses, he quickly pushed the nurse away, put his hand on the top of his pants and said, “Go out. , This shortcut is

unacceptable .” Unexpectedly, Zhu Huaijing pushed her away at this time. The nurse was a bit blinded, but she soon realized that she immediately rushed up again, hugged Zhu Huaijing’s back, and kissed her. His mouth.

It’s a pity that Zhu Huaijing pushed her away while she was still awake, and said solemnly: “You go out, if you do this, I won’t let you stay in the hospital again.

This beautiful nurse doesn’t know herself. I did something wrong there. I stood there grievingly, with tears in her eyes pouring. She wanted to talk, but looking at Zhu Huaijing’s stern expression, she didn’t even speak, wiped her tears, and ran out crying. After the

nurse left, Zhu Huaijing hurried to lock the door, walked quickly into the bathroom, stripped himself up,

and drenched himself with cold water, so that he remained somewhat awake. After this shower, Zhu Huaijing He was quite awake, so after he put on his clothes, he called Doctor Xiao Liu and asked him to drive himself home.

In the hospital, the person Zhu Huaijing trusts most is this Xiao Liu. Although this Xiao Liu has only been transferred to the hospital for less than a year, he is honest and has good medical ethics, and Zhu Huaijing likes it.

Xiao Liu, who received Zhu Huaijing’s call, came to Zhu Huaijing’s room not long after, helped him into the car and safely sent him home.

Because Xiao Liu drove very steadily, Zhu Huaijing took a nap before arriving home. Only after he got home, the images in his mind began to hit like mountains and oceans, and his body began to become hot. He quickly walked back to his room and changed his body. The nightgown just wants to sleep.

But not long after he entered the room, Qin Keqing called Zhu Huaijing.

Looking at the caller ID that he remembered, it was his daughter-in-law. Zhu Huaijing didn’t want to answer it at first, because he knew he was tampered with by Lao Zhang and the others.

But the phone stopped but rang again. Zhu Huaijing was afraid that his daughter-in-law had something important. After all, he remembered that her daughter-in-law did not fall in the bathroom lightly, so he hurriedly pressed to answer.

“Keqing, what’s the matter? Dad didn’t receive a call just after he changed his clothes.” Zhu Huaijing said immediately after connecting.

“Dad, I’m sorry, I want you to help me, can I come to my room for a while?” Qin Keqing replied shyly, and there was another turmoil in her heart. She didn’t want to trouble her father-in-law, but the tail keel really hurts. No, it won’t work if you don’t rub some iron and fight oil, otherwise she will have to lie on her stomach for several days.

At this time her husband is not at home, what else can Qin Keqing do?

“I think Zhu Huaijing wants to refuse. After all, he knows that he drank a different wine this time, but he doesn’t want to refuse the first time his daughter-in-law called him. , So he continued: “Okay, I’ll go over. “

Before going to the daughter-in-law’s room, Zhu Huaijing even washed his face to make himself as clear as possible.

After entering the daughter-in-law’s room, Zhu Huaijing’s sober head became blurred again, and her eyes became straight. After all, the daughter-in-law lying on the bed only wore a silk nightgown, which was only covered under the slender thighs. A little bit, the sexy legs are straight and white and attractive.

The round buttocks are tilted up in a graceful arc. The plump buttocks are very round and convex. Under the silk nightgown, it is full of fiery charm, which makes people can’t help but press it up, ruthlessly. Come for a collision.

Hearing the door opening, Qin Keqing knew that the father-in-law had come in. She turned her head and looked at Zhu Huaijing who was stunned by the door. Her face turned red in an instant. She stretched out her hand in embarrassment and pulled her dressing gown and said, “Dad, can you help me in the end? Can I put

some activating oil on the keel? I can’t reach it myself. Seeing Qin Keqing pulling her nightgown, Zhu Huaijing became a little more sober, and quickly walked over and said,

“It’s okay , but Dad drank a lot of wine today . Dad, can’t I still trust you? “Qin Keqing blushed and said, she didn’t think about it, but she still wanted to take

a gamble under such circumstances. In addition, Qin Keqing smelled Zhu Huaijing’s alcoholic breath. There was a strange feeling, and it was a little itchy unknowingly, and it was still wet.

“But Zhu Huaijing wanted to say that he couldn’t believe in him, but Qin Keqing twisted his thigh and interrupted him directly and said, “Don’t be it, Dad, Just help me.”

Zhu Huaijing nodded his head straight and sat down. His daughter-in-law’s bed was very soft and elastic, unlike his mattress, but he chose a hard mattress. For a good lumbar disc.

After stretching out his hand, Zhu Huaijing, who struggled inwardly, pushed his daughter-in-law’s nightgown up to his waist, and suddenly a big, round buttocks appeared in front of him. More importantly, here. The daughter-in-law seemed to be ready early, she didn’t wear the small inner inner.

Bai Temper’s sexy and attractive round butt runs along a ditch, and you can also see the black forest, which is bloody, and more importantly, this daughter-in-law twisted her waist.

At this moment, the guy under Zhu Huaijing was already in pain, and the imperial beast in his mind was ready to break through the trapped cage at any time, so he couldn’t help it anymore.

It felt good when he reached out his hand and touched the hip , tender, smooth, vigorous and elastic. Zhu Huaijing, who was drunk on his head, couldn’t help but patted it with more gravity.

Snapped, crisp and sweet, round hips immediately shock a few times, white skin floated a hint of red marks, his eyes watching Zhu Huaijing spray


And Qin Keqing couldn’t help gasping for such a shot. Turning her head, she looked at Zhu Huaijing with Qiubo in her eyes and said, “Dad, don’t do this, you can’t be like this.

“Don’t? Dad!” Zhu Huaijing whose alcohol power has completely burst Lost the last-wisp of sobriety and reason, he said with a snap, patted on the smooth round arm of his daughter-in-law

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