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Chapter 5 Under the legal age

Up to now, it has been possible to make a delicious meal.

During this period, Wei Yang came over to help her, but she refused.

When she was cooking, a burst of scent drifted into the living room. Huo Jinchen, who was not originally hungry, felt a little empty in his stomach.

“It’s time to eat, sit here!”

Huo Jinchen looked at the dishes on this table, did not immediately pick up the bowl, his eyelids lowered, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Mr. Huo, is the food not to your appetite?” Lu Xingzhi was very upset, and if he disliked it, don’t eat it.

She didn’t make it specially for them, she originally wanted to have a good meal for herself.

“No.” Huo Jinchen moved his chopsticks, ate a piece of bass, and said, “It tastes good.” It was

not a polite remark, it was really good.

What he thought was that Lu Xingzhi was only a teenager and all his family members had passed away.

She has taken care of herself by herself, and she has to read while studying.

It’s not easy for a little girl.

After eating, the rain outside hasn’t stopped.

Lu Xingzhi is a little angry, why the rain hasn’t stopped!

The atmosphere is a bit stiff.

“Are you still in high school?” Huo Jinchen asked.

He didn’t know much about what Lu Xing knew, he just came here based on the address.

People went to investigate Lu Xingzhi’s information, but it has not been sent to him.

“Just graduated this year.” Lu Xingzhi took a sip of water while holding a cup.

“Which university did you get?”


“Good grades.”

“It’s okay!”

“Lu Xingzhi, you can follow me to Kyoto. I happen to be there, and you can live in my house.”

Huo Jinchen thought that maybe he could take Lu Xingzhi to the capital first. As for other things, you can take your time.

“No, I’m going to suspend school for a year.”


“I’m going to use this year’s time to make a little more money.

“Lu Xing knows…” Huo Jinchen hadn’t said the next thing, his mobile phone It rang. He

took it out and saw that his grandfather was calling. He

glanced at Lu Xingzhi, and Huo Jinchen went outside to answer the call.

Only after the call was made, he said with a loud voice over there, “Jin Chen, have you seen Xiaozhi yet? “

Xiaozhi?” “Huo Jinchen twitched the corners of his mouth, which is really familiar. “I saw it, but they don’t want to marry me.” “Although this is a bit hard to accept, it is a fact.

Huo Jinchen also didn’t expect that the first time he actively asked to marry someone, he was rejected. The

first time he had some doubts about himself.

“You Didn’t you say it right? Do you look down on Xiaozhi because you live in the countryside? Let me tell you, Xiaozhi knows this granddaughter-in-law. No matter what method you use, I must marry someone back to me. “

Grandpa, they are not interested in your grandson.” “Huo Jinchen pressed his temple, “Forget it!” Besides, they are still young and they are still studying! Moreover, they are under the legal age. “

What’s the matter, if your brother is not too carefree, I won’t give you a chance.” The chairman of such a big group really has such a blank face.

Huo Qiyuan said disgustingly. Huo Jinchen: “… ” Does

he have to say thank you?

“If you can’t marry Xiaozhi back, don’t come back to see me either.”

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