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Chapter 6 Destruction of the Bottom Line of Morality

Your bad Qin Keqing’s body also softened, and there was already a layer of sweat on her flushed face. She didn’t know what the consequences would be if the father-in-law did this, but she was afraid and wanted.

“I will only give it to you.” Zhu Huaijing couldn’t control herself anymore, rubbing his hands on the two balls of white meat, bowing his head and kissing.

Feeling the kiss from her father-in-law, Qin Keqing’s buttocks twisted. She didn’t know whether it was irritation or nervousness. The whole body was tense. She turned her head and looked at Zhu Huaijing, sticking out her tongue, where it itched again unknowingly.

What’s more serious is that Zhu Huaijing has changed from kissing to licking at her daughter-in-law’s garden, and the smell of medicine and medicine spread to Zhu Huaijing’s mouth.

Under Zhu Huaijing’s attack, Qin Keqing had lost her square inch. She groaned slowly, twisting her body slightly to cooperate with Zhu Huaijing. She felt that she was a slut at the moment, and she actually stole her father-in-law.

But it is this kind of moral and ethical challenge that makes her feel more irritated and react more intensely.

Seeing her daughter-in-law reacted, Zhu Huaijing moved Qin Keqing’s prone legs to the sides, revealing Qin Keqing’s round buttocks and two wet petals in the middle.

Then Zhu Huaijing held Qin Keqing’s waist with both hands, but he was afraid of hurting her. In fact, he took it off with a gentle force and another touch, and then he took Qin Keqing’s butt and inserted it with a “pounce”. .

Suddenly Qin Keqing couldn’t care about the pain of the tail keel, her upper body lifted up and her two white legs trembled, and she lay down on the bed softly and motionless. Zhu Huaijing immediately began to insert Qin Keqing’s buttocks into the young woman’s garden.

For the first time feeling the huge size outside of her husband, Qin Keqing only felt throbbing in her lower body, but before it reflected, Zhu Huaijing’s guy squeezed in the lower body junction violently, and realized that Zhu Huaijing wanted her from behind. The jade body trembled fiercely.

“Ah!” Qin Keqing almost fell down due to the impact of the entry from this different angle, and Cherry Little Mouth groaned constantly.

Zhu Huaijing, who had broken the moral bottom line, reached under Qin Keqing’s body, grasped Qin Keqing’s mountain, and began to move quickly. The meat of the two slammed into each other, and Qin Keqing fell into surprise, regret, shame, excitement, and confusion. She was completely confused.

Except for gasping and groaning sounds, Qin Keqing quickly became a delicate young woman coming in and out of Mr. Ren.

As Zhu Huaijing went in and out repeatedly, Qin Keqing’s garden was overflowing with slurry, and every time the big guy went back and forth, he made a loud noise.

The climax came and went, Zhu Huaijing had forgotten everything, the thick and long guy worked hard, hard, and hard on the long-awaited daughter-in-law. The middle-aged uncle’s sturdy body is almost like a male dog lying on Qin Keqing’s smooth and exposed body. The lower body enters and exits the young woman’s body, but the hard guy still shows full of spring.

After more than half an hour finally passed, Zhu Huaijing reached Qin Keqing’s first orgasm in a female body for more than a decade. When the arrogant guy shrank in Qin Keqing’s garden, he sprayed hot essence In her body.

With such a large amount, Qin Keqing trembled constantly, raised his legs, and completely exposed the underside of Chi Guo to Zhu Huaijing’s powerful lasing. At this moment, Zhu Huaijing’s fellow was still digging into her body, but Qin Keqing was numb, and didn’t want to move when he lay on the bed. The milky white essence flowed out of her slightly swollen garden.

After the incident, Zhu Huaijing hugged Qin Keqing’s full body tightly, and pressed the guy below to the warm and humid joints, not wanting the slowly softening guy to fall out so quickly, so that it would be more in the damp and warm ecstasy hole Stayed for a while, until I felt the pleasure fade away and the big guy was squeezed out.

Satisfied Zhu Huaijing was already awake a lot, he lovingly embraced the young and mature woman in his arms, and continued to play with it. But Qin Keqing endured the unique body odor of Zhu Huaijing’s middle-aged uncle, with endless aftertastes.

“Keqing, Dad didn’t hold it back for a while, you wouldn’t blame me?” Zhu Huaijing said when he kissed Qin Keqing’s earrings.

Qin Keqing immediately said, “Dad, you are necrotic, but I won’t blame you, and I think it’s too hard for you to hold back yourself. You should find a woman.”

“You still take care of your dad. Come, see if I won’t take care of you.” After Zhu Huaijing broke through the last thread of the bottom line, he couldn’t help but patted Qin Keqing’s ass again and said.

“Oh” Qin Keqing really hurts this time. She frowned and said, “You bad uncle, ask you to help me apply medicated oil, not to bully others, but now she still hurts them. “

Oh oh oh, I’m sorry, Dad forgot, I blame Dad, I will help you wipe it.” “After that, Zhu Huaijing remembered what was going on, and quickly sat up, took a paper towel and carefully helped her wipe the essence of the garden, and then helped her wipe the active oil on the tail keel. The

two of them wiped it, and there was a wave of springiness. , Didn’t control it, and did it again. Zhu Huaijing gave up, Bang’s daughter-in-law put on the small inner inner and let her rest.

But Qin Keqing had long been like mud, the whole person was like floating on cotton, and she passed out. , It turned out to be irritated by the powerful family grass. It

has been more than a week since the spring tour. On the way back, Qin Keqing saw the undisguised hot lust in Zhu Huaijing’s eyes, and his heart could not help but pound, I don’t know. How to face this father-

in-law , after all, her husband will come back from a business trip in a few days. This is Zhu Huaijing after Qin Keqing’s multiple juice extractions, and then began to become more interested in all kinds of beauties. He came to the hospital that day and was in the office. Looking outside from her window, she just saw Liao Cuixia’s slender figure coming from a distance. After the baptism of time, her plump body is full of charming charm, and the clothes she wears are beginning to be sexy and charming, plus a pair of long eyelashes.

Her big eyes are always watery and misty, dimly coquettish and sultry. In this, today’s Liao Cuixia wears a white lace-up shirt, a light blue one-step skirt, and white light and transparent Her pantyhose, a pair of high-heeled sandals, her hair turned into a young woman’s bun, Zhu Huaijing quickly called Liao Cuixia into the house.

Entering the room, Zhu Huaijing hurriedly closed the door, his hand could not wait to put his arm around Qin Keqing and sat on the sofa, Qin Keqing’s fleshy body sat on Zhu Huaijing’s lap, letting Zhu Huaijing’s hand touch the giant mountain in front of him. Looking back, he kissed Zhu Huaijing and made Zhu Huaijing suck-for a while, his soft tongue.

To be honest, during this period of time, Liao Cuixia also wanted to find Zhu Huaijing very much. The few days of bathing in the hot springs were almost debauched, she almost lost her conservatism. Today Zhu Huaijing-touching her body, she felt like she was going to It melted, and the soft garden was slowly getting wet.

“Do you want me to care about you?” Zhu Huaijing said softly in Liao Cuixia’s ear, touching her smooth thighs wrapped in silk stockings with one hand, while leaning into the depths

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