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Chapter 6 Then agree with your body

Seeing that Huo Jinchen did not say, Huo Qiyuan started the latest trick he learned again, and began to cry: “Why is my life so bitter! I got stomach cancer when I was old. Before I died, I wanted to watch my grandson marry a comfortable one.” ! Sun-law came back, how are impossible ah “

!” Grandpa “Huo Jin Chen afraid to hear the Father say, severe headaches, and appease said:” I went to try. ” “

is sure to bring back small cicada What’s wrong with your young age? You have been single for 27 years anyway, not less than those two years.” Huo Qiyuan is full of anger, not like a sick old man at all.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

At the beginning, I didn’t know who disliked him at his age and didn’t find a girlfriend?

The old man had hung up the phone, Huo Jinchen stood outside for a while before walking in.

Looking at Lu Xingzhi who was watching TV on the sofa, he said directly: “Lu Xingzhi, my grandpa said just now, if I can’t take you back, I don’t have to go back.”

“Ah? We have already said it clearly. Did Lu Xing know that Huo Jinchen went out to answer the phone, and things changed again.

“If you unilaterally dissolve the marriage contract, you can only compensate for my mental loss.” Huo Jinchen changed to a very comfortable sitting posture, lazily and leisurely.

“What mental loss fee?” Lu Xingzhi exclaimed.

“Do you know the Dorsett Group?” Huo Jinchen asked.

“Know some.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“This was created by me.”

Lu Xingzhi was a little surprised. Huo Jinchen is only 27 years old, and he has such a big group at such a young age.

If she marries Huo Jinchen, wouldn’t she have taken a big advantage?

Without waiting for Lu Xingzhi to speak, Huo Jinchen continued: “I knew since I was a child that I had a fiancée, so until now I am single. I rejected many excellent women just to wait for you. If I get married early, Now, maybe they already have children.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

It seemed that it was all her fault.

“And you, you want to dissolve my engagement now? Do you think it is appropriate? Of course, if you have to do this, you can only compensate me for my losses over the years. Both mentally and financially. By the way, Dorsett’s market value It’s already over ten billion.”

Huo Jinchen was very serious when he said this, and he didn’t feel guilty to deceive Lu Xingzhi at all. Also emphasized the latter sentence specially.

Lu Xingzhi swallowed and calculated that it would take him a lifetime to make so much money.

Weak said: “I don’t have money.”

“Then let’s show promise!” Huo Jinchen said simply.

“Is there no other choice?”

“Or, you still want to make up for me.”

Lu Xingzhi thought, today’s coming-of-age ceremony is really sour and refreshing, or you just marry yourself out and live a white and rich life. life.

Or, it is to bear huge debts, and then be poor for a lifetime.

With such a strong contrast, Lu Xingzhi thought, let’s choose the first one!

Although, in the end, there is still some reluctance.

“Lu Xingzhi, don’t worry, I don’t have any thoughts about you. To marry you is what grandpa means. After marriage, we can not interfere with each other. Of course, you enjoy all the benefits of being my wife.”

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