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Chapter 7 Wave after Wave

Suddenly, Liao Cuixia’s face flushed, and she whispered softly: “Fuck you,” but she didn’t oppose her hands. Anyway,

she spread her legs slightly and let her hands touch the soft place at the base of her legs. So Zhu Huaijing immediately She opened her trousers chain, took Liao Cuixia’s hand, let her reach in, touched his big hard guy, Qin she struggled slightly, her hand was already holding the hot thing, and she couldn’t help holding it. It pulled out, and moved his hands up and down. It

didn’t take long for Zhu Huaijing to breathe heavily, and he reached into Liao Cuixia’s pantyhose while touching her soft fur, while pulling the small inner inner under her skirt and the stockings.

Pulling down. Liao Cuixia twisted her body and groaned, “What are you doing

?” Zhu Huaijing has exposed Liao Cuixia’s white buttocks, and her hand has touched her wet garden. It’s time for the whole body to tighten her hands

, Zhu Huaijing can’t help it, and pulls Liao Cuixia’s stockings and panties under her knees, let her turn her back to herself, roll up her skirts, and hold Liao Cuixia with both hands. Body.

After that time, Zhu Huaijing liked this posture more and more. Liao Cuixia also pushed Zhu Huaijing’s big guy upright to her. With her soft cry, she had already sat on Zhu Huaijing’s body and on her legs. Still entangled with stockings and Xiao Nene, high-heeled sandals wandering on toes.

At this moment, Liao Cuixia’s charming body is leaning against Zhu Huaijing, her white and tender legs stretched forward, and the rolled stockings are entangled on her round knees , A thick guy deeply connects her legs between her legs, the

soft body of Liao Cuixia, after this period of baptism, has fallen in love with Zhu Huaijing, this charming uncle, but her natural shyness still makes her forever They all have the beauty of wanting to refuse and greet, and at this time, there is still a little can’t let go. At this time, her lower body has been flooded with nectar, and the big guy is moving inside, and the sound of water continues. But she still let Zhu Huaijing hug her up and down, she just leaned softly against Zhu Huaijing’s arms.

After doing it for a while, Zhu Huaijing got very upset, so he picked up Liao Cuixia and let her kneel on the sofa. Zhu Huaijing played with her straight buttocks for a while before he held her butt with both hands to hold up the big guy. Plugged in.

So Liao Cuixia’s ass cocked vigorously at the moment she got in, and her head stuck to the seat of the sofa. As Zhu Huaijing continued to vigorously enter and exit, she kept shivering, panting as if she was taking a cold breath. The same, the already tight lower body is now tightly hooping Zhu Huaijing. Everyone

doesn’t know why. Zhu Huaijing didn’t hold on for long and felt dysfunctional, just when he was staring tightly at Liao Cuixia’s body to explode. , There was a knock on the door, and the two stopped motionless. Feel the beating of the big guy in the body and the jet of essence.

But the knocking on the door kept ringing, and Zhu Huaijing slowly pulled out his guy. Liao Cuixia could only turn around and sit on the sofa. Regardless of the garden where the essence was flowing, she quickly put on her underwear and stockings, and tidy up her clothes. When the two were panting, the sound of the door no longer sounded. Zhu Huaijing cautiously went to take a look.

At this moment, Liao Cuixia was sitting there blushing and feeling a little uncomfortable. Zhu Huaijing walked over and sat beside her and said, “Baby, discuss something with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Liao Cuixia asked in surprise.

“Isn’t our hospital going to build an office building? It’s now the director of the Health Bureau,” Zhu Huaijing said, approaching Liao Cuixia’s ear. “What does it have to do with me?” Liao Cuixia moved her ass uncomfortably at the moment.

“Oh, you don’t know, that Director Wang is a big-eyed ghost. Now our hospital is not qualified enough. Unless he comes to check up tomorrow and can say good things, or else it will be for nothing.” Zhu Huaijing said, touching Liao Cuixia’s thigh with his hand.

“What do you mean? I thought I went to Cuixia and opened Zhu Huaijing’s hand. She liked him and she was willing to let him do it unconditionally. Now Zhu Huaijing pushes herself to other men, when she is what Liao Cuixia is.

“If it succeeds this time, our hospital will be up to the next level. Then I will give you another good title, how about it?” Zhu Huaijing said. “Who do you think I am?” Although Liao Cuixia was very angry, she was really moved in her heart. After all, she didn’t know whether Zhu Huaijing would marry her, but the title was equal to the salary. It’s not a clean body anymore. After

hesitating for a while, Liao Cuixia raised her head and said, “It’s okay, you can give me another one hundred thousand. ‘

‘ Well, tomorrow morning you wear sexy point, I’ll give you a moment to get money. “Zhuhuai Jing Liao Cuixia promise not think so fast, it is very happy.

Hearing Liao Cuixia glanced at Zhu Huaijing with a very unfamiliar and determined look. In an instant, her eyes turned into a charming style. She lifted her skirt in front of Zhu Huaijing and curled up her chubby ass, “Is this not sexy enough? “Speaking, Liao Cuixia turned and walked out.

Seeing Liao Cuixia’s slim figure walking out, Zhu Huaijing also felt a strange feeling in her heart.

While Liao Cuixia was walking in the corridor, a familiar figure immediately turned out from the next room. It was Director Zhang, looking at her with a sly but dodgy look, with a smirk on her face. Liao Cuixia knew at once that he must be the one who knocked on the door just now. Seeing his wretched look, she felt irritating and ridiculous, and

remembered when he watched Zhu Huaijing doing himself outside the window, and he must have known what he was doing in the house just now. I was really afraid that he would say it out, so I had a charming smile and hurried to the toilet to deal with it.

After drying the essence from her lower body, Liao Cuixia returned to the office. There was no one in the room. She sat there and couldn’t write the follow-up form at all, thinking about how to meet the director tomorrow. After all, it was the first time she did such a thing. my heart is still shortage of shortage of

time, Zhang did not see who it slipped in and sat opposite Liaocui Xia, smiling asked her:! “? matron, just what went” “you governing it” did not see Liao Cuixia His eyes said directly and irritably.

“Haha, did you go to play with Dean Zhu?” Director Zhang’s eyes had already radiated an excited and lustful look. “What do you mean?” Liao Cuixia’s face flushed slightly, and she pretended to be calm and asked.

“It’s not interesting, I saw it just now, you are really white.” Director Zhang was already a little brazen. “Go away, stinky hooligan.” After listening, Liao Cuixia became angry and stood up to drive Director Zhang outside.

“Who is a gangster, haha” Director Zhang looked at the bulging giant peaks under Liao Cuixia’s shirt, and imagined her two red small hills cocked up.

“If you don’t go, I’ll go.” Liao Cuixia held back her anger, and walked outside.

“Haha, don’t play stupid. Your husband and I graduated together. On Sunday, there is no one at my house, so go to my house, or let me tell your husband.” Director Zhang turned and went out.

At this moment, Liao Cuixia sat down on the chair and froze.

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