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Chapter 8 Reception

However, what Zhu Huaijing could not imagine was that he got into trouble because of Liao Cuixia’s affairs.

The next day, when Director Wang came, Liao Cuixia went to Zhu Huaijing’s office several times as ordered by Zhu Huaijing. When she saw Liao Cuixia, Director Wang couldn’t help but his eyes fired.

Because Liao Cuixia was wearing a red silk shirt with a side open, with a large opening in the front, a white half-cup hood with lace inside, a plump giant peak swaying at the neckline, in front of Director Wang As soon as he bends over to pick the file, a pair of giant peaks are almost exposed. Director Wang’s eyes are fixed on the looming pink dots, almost hard.

The lower body is a very short black tight skirt. Because the skirt is tightly wrapped around the plump buttocks, the shape of the small briefs inside can be seen. On the slender legs are a pair of black thin silk tights. Black high-heeled sandals are more sexy and charming.

When Liao Cuixia was far away, Director Wang seemed to be dangling with a pair of giant peaks in front of Liao Cuixia, and he began to think about it.

When the inspection was over, just when Director Wang said something, Zhu Huaijing looked for an opportunity to secretly say to Director Wang, “We will finish our meal in a while. Don’t leave. Let’s go out to have some dinner. Let the head nurse who came just now. How about staying together?” Director Wang was overjoyed and quickly agreed.

So the two drove to a singing and dancing restaurant, inside a private room with ensuite, outside was a wine table, inside was a large sofa and TV, Liao Cuixia knocked on the door just after sitting down for a while and came in.

Director Wang stood up at once, and Zhu Huaijing hurriedly introduced them, “This is

Director Wang.” “This is Head Nurse Liao Cuixia.” Director Wang held Liao Cuixia’s soft white hands and stared at Liao Cuixia’s blushing pretty face. I forgot to let go.

“Is the head nurse married?” The gaffeful Director Wang asked such a sentence.

“I just divorced last year.” Zhu Huaijing hurriedly answered for Liao Cuixia, while Liao Cuixia was already seated by the table.

Director Wang kept admiring Liao Cuixia’s wine on the wine table. In order not to be embarrassed for a while, Liao Cuixia also drank a few more glasses. She couldn’t help but face the peach blossoms. The apricot eyes were full of spring. Director Wang sitting next to Liao Cuixia kept touching her hands for excuse I came and fumbled, occasionally pouring a little oil on Liao Cuixia’s plump Kyoho.

Although Liao Cuixia had made up her mind at this moment, she still disliked this feeling, she couldn’t get rid of it, and occasionally touched Jufeng a few times and pretended not to know.

After eating for a while, Liao Cuixia went out to the bathroom. Zhu Huaijing looked at Director Wang’s unsatisfactory appearance and asked, “How about it, Director Wang, do you want to go?” Director Wang, who

had already drunk too much , couldn’t care about so much at this time, so he asked. Said: “Can it be done?” I have a way, but our hospital has deliberately shut down this matter. “No problem, no problem, as long as Director Wang feels that she is simply too hard.” Don’t worry, let her find you in a while. “Zhu Huaijing said

after hearing the words. After Liao Cuixia came back, the three of them continued to eat. After drinking a few sips of wine and drinks, Liao Cuixia gradually felt that the Kyoho was swollen. The bottom was also warm, and the whole body began to limp, especially for a man. Touching herself, if Director Wang wasn’t there, she would definitely fall into Zhu Huaijing’s arms.

Director Wang looked at Liao Cuixia with watery eyes, she was already irritable, and accidentally got the chopsticks on the ground and bent over to pick it up. At that time, his eyes were fixed on Liao Cuixia’s beautiful thighs. The plump thighs under her short skirt were wrapped in black silk stockings. They were clamped and moved openly. At the moment when Liao Cuixia’s legs moved, Director

Wang couldn’t help feeling mad. Jumping, her hand grabbed Liao Cuixia’s ankle involuntarily, and stroking it on Liao Cuixia’s round calf. The smooth and soft touch of the stockings made

Director Wang’s heart ups and downs. Liao Cuixia felt that Director Wang’s hand was touching her calf early. , Struggled slightly, but another stimulating feeling made her give up the struggle and let Director Wang’s hand caress her smooth calf wantonly.

Director Wang got up after touching it for a while. Seeing that Liao Cuixia didn’t mean to be disgusted, she was even more enamored. Seeing Liao Cuixia’s red face, I really want to hug

Liao Cuixia and chew on Liao Cuixia at this time. It was already limp. When Director Wang touched Liao Cuixia’s arm for an excuse, Liao Cuixia leaned on him limply. Zhu Huaijing saw that it was all right, so she went out with an excuse.

As soon as Director Wang watched Zhu Huaijing go out, his hands were already closed and hugged Liao Cuixia’s fleshy body, her face leaned against Liao Cuixia’s hot face, and her lips began to tentatively kiss Liao Cuixia’s face.

Liao Cuixia said vaguely: “Don’t”

but Director Wang kissed her lips. Thinking of Zhu Huaijing’s explanation, she involuntarily sucked Director Wang’s lips. Director Wang succeeded and hugged her arms tightly. Liao Cuixia kissed Liao Cuixia’s rosy lips hard.

After struggling for a while, Liao Cuixia hugged Director Wang’s fat body in a daze . Under Director Wang’s vigorous sucking, her soft little tongue was also stretched out, and Director Wang’s hand I stretched into Liao Cuixia’s lapels and held her plump Kyoho through the thin cover of Liao Cuixia.

The feeling of Feng Ting’s hand made Director Wang rubbed violently, and Liao Cuixia trembled violently, feeling all over her body. It was much stronger than usual, and while kissing

Director Wang , he groaned and groaned . Director Wang’s hand left Liao Cuixia’s Kyoho anxiously, and reached out to Liao Cuixia’s plump thighs, and then reached between Liao Cuixia’s legs. , Rubbing in Liao Cuixia’s garden through the soft stockings and underwear. When Liao

Cuixia’s legs were clamped, Director Wang’s hand was pressed against Liao Cuixia’s fat and soft garden, and the two layers of thin fabric felt a real feeling. The heat and humidity on Liao Cuixia’s lower body almost hugged Liao Cuixia on the sofa in the back room.

At this time, Liao Cuixia, who was lying on the sofa, had opened her red shirt with a big open front. The white hood was hanging on the giant peak. A pair of plump giant peaks were trembling constantly with her breathing. It has stood up hard, and the skirt of the lower body has been rolled up, revealing the plump buttocks tightly wrapped in black pantyhose and the plump garden.

The two straight and chubby thighs were now swayed openly, revealing the most secret place between the legs,

Director Wang quickly took off his pants, and stood upright on the side of the sofa, who was about to erupt. Holding Liao Cuixia’s waist, let her lie on the sofa, and put her hand into Liao Cuixia’s skirt

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