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Chapter 8 The second time to give me a hug

“Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh, happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.” Lu Xingzhi was very cute and cute throughout.

Huo Jinchen suddenly stretched out his hand and squeezed her little face twice.

Withdrawing his hand, he coughed unnaturally, “It’s getting late, take a break! Good night!”

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi nodded, absentmindedly. When you are about to turn around, slip on your feet again.

When he closed his eyes and prepared to meet the floor, he fell into a firm embrace.

Huo Jinchen hugged Lu Xingzhi. Because of the shower, the snot was the sweet scent of grapefruit on her hair sofa. It seemed that she had the same taste.

Feeling the different warmth from the palm of his right hand, I realized where I had touched. The rhythm of his heartbeat suddenly changed a little, raised his eyebrows, jokingly said: “Today I gave me a second time.”

“I don’t have one!” Lu Xingzhi blushed like a sunrise, pushing him away, suddenly pained. With a cry, her hair somehow got stuck in the buttons of his black shirt.

It was embarrassing and bloody.

“Heh…what kind of trick is this? He says no, but is his body very honest?” Even if Huo Jinchen said such tricks, he was so elegant and noble.

He slowly untied Lu Xingzhi’s hair, twisted it around his fingers, and put it down again, playing like this for a while.

His fingers are white and slender, like a perfect work of art.

Lu Xingzhi’s face was red and hot, but it seemed that her hair was thinning his fingers.

This feeling is really terrible.

No wonder he thought she was deliberate.

His face is like a demon and immortal, perfect without a trace of flaws, so forget it, but there is still money, I don’t know how many women want to embrace him!

Although she is a face-controller, Huo Jinchen’s beauty and height like Mount Everest, she naturally does not dare to climb high.

This is a very poisonous flower, and beauty is beautiful, but just pick it off, don’t poison yourself.

Huo Jinchen put down her hair and looked at her without disguising.

Seaweed-like hair was draped around her waist at random, her fair face was stained with blush, deer-like eyes were foggy, and the mole at the end of her eyes made her a little more pitiful.

Adding to the fact that she is petite, it is easy for people to have a desire for protection for no reason, and there is a feeling of wanting to bully her.

The little girl is really pretty, but she’s too skinny.

This is the conclusion drawn by holding her hands twice.

However, the touch on the face is good, and the one on the waist is also good.

The one on my chest… is

quite mysterious.

After Lu Xingzhi returned to the room, it took a while before he regained his sanity.

Looking at the handbag, this is just a birthday gift from Huo Jinchen.

Driven by curiosity, slowly disassembled.

A pink crystal hairpin appeared in Lu Xingzhi’s eyes.

The hair clip is in the shape of a deer. Huo Jinchen chose this crystal hair clip when he thought of Lu Xingzhi’s name.

I clipped the hairpin to my hair and took a photo in the mirror. Lu Xingzhi smiled sweetly, as if it were pretty good-looking.

It rained all night and finally stopped early the next morning.

When Lu Xingzhi got up and opened the door, Huo Jinchen was already sitting in the living room.

Opening my eyes, I saw such a stunning man, it really tested her concentration!

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