Chapter 1165 Arrived in Time

Chapter 1165 Arrived in time

”     Xiao Wang !”


Xiao Wang !” The two people almost said in unison while thinking of Xiao Wang. If someone wants to trap two people and prevent them from getting out, then the most likely one is Want to plot against Xiao Wang.

Xiao Su’er tried to calm down and exhaled into the receiver of the phone and said, “I will call Xiao Wang immediately. You call your bodyguards. We only need to make sure that he is safe.”

When she spoke, her voice was trembling, and Bo Qingang comforted her on the other side of the phone. “Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong. I will call the bodyguards right now.” The

two people hung up at the same time, and both picked up their phones with trembling hands to make another call. Xiao Wang’s phone was by Chi Siang’s side. When it sounded, he stretched out his hand to call the phone on the ground without even thinking about it. Xiao Su’er heard the echo from the phone and his heart sank to the bottom. It was still time for class, Xiao Wang would normally not stop answering her phone unless something went wrong. .

Xiao Suer didn’t even think about it, rushed to the side of the road and stopped a car to rush towards Xiao Wang’s school. In the car, she received a call from Bo Qingang. The bodyguard said that she had lost Xiao Wang, and she was working hard now. Look for.

“How can they do this? Can a few people look down on a child? They are well-paid bodyguards. I sent him to protect my son. They lost the child. What use do I want them to do? “

Xiao Su’er yelled into the phone, Bo Qingang listened to her roar, his fists were pinched and tightened, and he never thought that he would raise a group of well-trained bodyguards, so even a ten-year-old could not even look at him. live.

When the two rushed to school, the bodyguards were devastated, and some of them were covered with blood. Although Xiao Suer was anxious, she wanted to figure out what was going on.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you bleeding? Come on! How did you lose him?” Xiao Su’er asked excitedly.

“The few of us originally followed the young master, but the young master didn’t know why he ran out of the school after answering the phone. We were stunned from behind when we were about to follow. The two of them were not caught. Corona, stubbornly resisted desperately with that person, but was injured by him. If he strikes a bit harder, he will lose his life.” The

leading bodyguard explained, Xiao Su’er ‘s heart sank even more, knowing that this was a long-planned man. As for the matter, I’m afraid the other party had expected that they would let the bodyguards protect Xiao Wang in the dark, and the enemy would not be able to hide in the dark.

correct! Suddenly, Xiao Suer’s eyes lit up, she took out her mobile phone to open a software, and saw the small red dot appearing on the screen and yelled.

“When we went to this place, I actually forgot that Xiao Wang said that the rabbit pendant that the little girl gave him had a GPS positioning system. He made a software for me and said that his location could be monitored at any time. I actually put this I forgot about the matter, now we will follow this red dot to find him, hurry up, hurry!”

Bo Qingang took the phone and drove Xiao Su’er all the way to the spot where the red dot was.

“Ah! Ah…” Xiao Wang’s heartbreaking voice came, but Chi Siang stood by with a look of enjoyment and listened. Seeing that Xiao Wang was about to lose his vitality in pain, he looked forward to it instead.

“Keep it up so that he can feel death directly! He seems to be able to survive, but my time is precious. I have seen enough of his tortured appearance, and I don’t want to spend any more time.” Ang stretched out his hand towards Lin Fan to signal.

Lin Fan immediately pressed the button, Xiao Wang’s blue veins violent with pain, his heart-piercing shouts rang through the room, and then he passed out without being able to bear it, but at this moment, a patch appeared on his head. Shining light, Chi Siang felt shocked, is this the gate through another time and space?

He stepped forward and touched the bright light, and found that he was able to stretch his hand over. Just as he was about to get in, the door was suddenly kicked open from the outside.

Bo Qingang rushed in with a group of bodyguards. Xiao Suer saw Xiao Wang who had fainted on the bed, and his whole body was about to collapse. He screamed and rushed forward, “Mengbao, I’m here, mom is here, you’re all right!”

Chi Siang saw that the two came forward and didn’t want to entangle too much. He stretched his head directly into the light, but was torn off by Bo Qingang. Lin Fan wanted to step forward to protect him, but was surrounded by several bodyguards. live.

“Dare to hurt my son of Bo Qing’ang, you’re going to die!” Bo Qing’ang punched him fiercely. He was hit and fell directly into the corner with bloodshot eyes. He held his left eyeball and stood up and looked at Bo. Awe-inspiring, without a trace of fear.

“Bo Qingang, the duel between the two of us should have come long ago. You have been pressing on my head for so many years, and being your young master of the Bo family frankly, but I am like a mouse in a gutter. hiding, not able to appear in front of you, even if you are robbed beloved woman can not say one more thing, today the two of us look good liquidation! “

pools Secretary Aung activities with the wrist, Xiao Su children unlock trapped in bed Xiao Wang took the pulse for him, okay! There is no life-threatening danger, just because of intense pain and tension, he passed out. Xiao Su’er took out the golden needles from her bag to acupuncture the child, not paying attention to the light that appeared on the top of her head.

But Bo Qingang and Chi Siang were already fighting together. Chi Siang was naturally not his opponent. He fell to the ground in just a few short strokes. His whole body was wounded, and he gasped and looked at him suddenly. He laughed, “Hahahaha… So I can’t beat you! So you are better than me, it’s ridiculous.”

“Cough cough cough…” Xiao Wang coughed violently, opened his eyes, and saw the first thing I saw. The one was Xiao Su’er, and he hugged her immediately, “Mom…”

“It’s okay, Mom will save you, there will be nothing to do.” Xiao Su’er hugged him, and after a sigh of relief, he also noticed this strange room. The pictures on the wall surprised her. She never knew that Chi Siang kept her for so many moments.

She stood up slowly, walked to the wall and picked up a photo. That was when she was in high school, she was still sleeping on the table in her school uniform, what a long memory! It’s been ten years, but Chi Siang still kept it.

“Bo Qingang! Do you think you are great if you beat me? You are a monster, a monster whose father doesn’t care for his mother, even his mother wants to kill you, and your mother doesn’t like you. You said how could anyone in the world like you, you are a monster!” Chi Siang broke the pot, pointed at Bo Qing’ang and beat and cursed.

Xiao Suer heard two steps here and slapped Chi Siang fiercely, and slapped him again before he could react.

“You…” Chi Siang looked at her, bloodshot eyes filled with soaring anger.