Chapter 1166 The Gate of Time and Space

Chapter 1166 The Gate of Time and Space

“You are a monster. You have been immersed in your own world all these years. All day long, you feel that the whole world is sorry for you, that you are great, and you hurt my relatives and me in the name of loving me. The one you love, you are a crazy!” When

Xiao Su’er looked at him, the eyes were no longer warm, and even the trace of pity for him in the past and the trace of nostalgia for life in high school were all just cursed by him. Those words of Qingang disappeared without a trace, no one can hurt Bo Qingang, no matter who it is!

“I’m crazy, yes! I’m crazy, I will like you. How many years I like you, I have liked you since high school, obviously we two met first, but you like him. “

“I have never understood why you like him. You don’t like other girls like his money, then why do you like him? You never saw me. Five years ago, I finally found the courage. You confess, but what about you? You actually want to poison me to death. In your heart, I have never been better than him?”

Chi Siang climbed up from the ground and looked at Xiao Su’er. Pain and sorrow, even if he has been hypnotizing for the past five years. He can’t like Xiao Su’er. They are destined to be enemies. He can’t like a woman who will poison him. But no matter how self-hypnotizes the love that is rooted in his heart, Can’t change.

“You have always got the point wrong. It doesn’t matter who you like and first come first. It’s not that you first appeared in my life. I must like you.

Like a person is not to say one, two or three. The day I saw Bo Qingang, it was at that time that the two of us were destined to have a fate that no one else had, so I would be together with him.

And the most important thing is that Bo Qingang never compares him to others. It is his business that he likes me and does not involve other people. It’s not like you always belittle others, raise yourself and want to harm my son, don’t you think you hurt him? Can we two be together? “

Xiao Su’er watched Chi Siang finish this long paragraph, and he stood still in place. Was that the case? It turned out that he had misunderstood the key points all these years. It turns out that the things he has been struggling with over the years are fundamentally in Xiao Su’er’s place. It’s not worth mentioning.

“Hahaha…” Chi Siang laughed even louder, smiling and laughing suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, ran out crazy, the bodyguards still wanted to catch him, but Bo Qingang Raised his hand to signal, “No, just let him go, he won’t have the chance to hurt us again in the future. “

Xiao Su’er sighed. Who said her Bo Qingang was a cold-blooded person, he was so kind, even if Chi Siang hurt them again and again, he was still willing to let it go.

“Mom!” Xiao Wang suddenly yelled from the side. Xiao Su’er turned around and saw that the piece of light above her head was slowly expanding, and it seemed to have suction power, sucking things in.

Looking at the halo, Xiao Su’er had an idea in her heart, and turned her head to look at Bo Qing’ang.

“This should be the gate of time and space between the two continents. If we go in, we may go to Ghost Doctor Valley, or to other continents. Would you like to try it with me? If we succeed, we both Saved, I can find the ice cold grass. If we don’t succeed, I don’t know where we will go. How about a gamble?”

“I said in the future, wherever you go, I will follow. Since I have a chance, I can go there. Finding the ice cold grass to save the two of us, of course we can’t let it go, let’s go.” Bo Qingang took Xiao Su’er’s hand, and the two walked in front of Halo.

Xiao Wang ran over and hugged Xiao Su’er’s leg, “Mom, where are you going? I will follow.”

“Child, you stay here!” Xiao Su’er looked down at Xiao Wang, and said to the bodyguard next to him, “You guys. Take good care of him and send him back to my grandfather’s hands.”

“Yes.” The bodyguard replied uniformly.

Xiao Su’er and Bo Qingang looked at each other’s hand, slowly closed their eyes, and walked towards the halo. When they reached the halo, it seemed that there was a huge suction force that sucked the two of them into it. Xiao Forgot to see this scene from the side and immediately ran forward, but was hugged by the bodyguards from behind, “Little master, come home with us! Don’t worry the master and madam, come with us.” The

bodyguards pulled Xiao Wang away. Although everything that happened today was far beyond their cognition, everyone was silent and did not dare to disclose a bit of news. After they left, Chi Siang covered his eyes and ran back to the spot to look at the large halo. Reach out.

When he felt the suction, he suddenly took a few steps back, away from the halo, took out his cell phone and dialed a call.

Su Wanwan, who was on the other side, was lying in the ward, thinking about what to do next, when he received a call from Chi Siang.

“Mr. Chi…”

“Don’t speak, I will send you a location now. You can follow that location immediately, don’t delay, hurry up!” Chi Siang refused to give her a chance to speak, and then hung up the phone after saying this. , Sent her the location from WeChat.

Although Su Wanwan was strange, he still did it, but when he rushed to see the halo, he was deeply surprised, “What is this?”

“The time-space gate connecting this continent to another, you and me Go in together, let’s find them.” Chi Siang took her hand and walked under the halo.

Su Wanwan was not at all surprised when he heard about another continent, instead he laughed, “Really? That means I’m going back?”

“What do you mean?” Chi Siang felt that she was saying very much. Strangely, when I turned my head to look at her, I only saw a deep smile on the corner of her mouth.

at the same time.

“Su’er, take my hand tight!” The two felt an inexplicable suction pulling each other in the space-time tunnel, and the two were almost separated.

“Aang! I feel like someone is pulling my foot. You must tighten my hand and not let go, otherwise we will be separated. I don’t know if we will cross to different continents.” Xiao Su’er also Shouting loudly, he squeezed his thin hand tightly.

The two people floated in a void, without any focus, they could only tighten each other hard, they didn’t know where they were going, maybe it was Ghost Doctor Valley, or maybe it was another place. In short, this was an unknown journey.

“Ah!” Xiao Su’er yelled suddenly, even though she tried her best, she was still sucked away by the huge suction, and she was forced to let go of Bo Qing’s hand.

“Su’er!” Bo Qingang called her heartbreakingly.

“Bang!” Xiao Su’er didn’t know how long it took before she fell out of that piece of nothingness and slammed on the ground. This sudden shock made her instantly lose consciousness and fainted to the ground.