Chapter 1167 Miss Prime Minister

Chapter 1167 Miss Prime Minister

“Hiss!” Xiao Suer woke up rubbing her temples, looking down at the green mountains and green waters. She looked down and saw that she was still wearing the clothes she wore when she was in China Mainland, without any change.

This time it came directly through, and it was different from the previous two times, it was not a soul wear!

But, is this the continent where Ghost Doctor Valley is located? Or did you cross to other continents?

Xiao Su’er got up from the ground. After searching around for a long time, she couldn’t find Bo Qingang. She felt regretful. She knew that she should hold his hand tightly. Now she was lost. I really don’t know where to find him. Will it fall into a different time and space? What should I do?

“Forget it, first figure out where this is.” Xiao Su’er gave up searching and walked towards the crowded place.

It took a long time to see the bazaar. The bustling crowd was walking around in the bazaar, wearing clothes different from her. She knows this place. This is the market on the mainland where Ghost Doctor Valley is located. She used to go to the market to buy things before.

However, she still needs to be sure. She walked up to find a kind-looking old man and asked, “Hello old man, I am from a different place, but I have separated from my family. I don’t know where it is. Can you tell me?”

But when the old man looked at her clothes that were different from everyone else, he believed her words and replied, “This is the north side of the Continent of All Saints. You came from the south side? I have never been to the south side. Do people over there wear such clothes?” When

she heard what she said, Xiao Su’er’s heart relaxed completely. This is the continent where Ghost Doctor Valley is located. It doesn’t have as many place names as the China mainland. Everyone just talks about the south and north.

How familiar a few words are on the Continent of Halloween! I haven’t heard these words for ten years, and I really feel an inexplicable feeling when I hear them again.

“Thanks a lot.” After Xiao Su’er thanked him, she walked in the direction of Ghost Doctor Valley according to the path in her memory.

If she really saw the gate of Ghost Doctor Valley at the place in her memory, she was full of emotion, and she didn’t know how the master ghost doctor was now, and those senior sisters and younger brothers who had not seen each other for ten years, they should have already married.

Xiao Su’er felt her heart beating faster, walked to the door of Ghost Doctor Valley and knocked on the door, but someone she didn’t know came out.

“Are you?” The visitor didn’t know her, and looked at her in “fantastic clothes” with a guarded face.

“I am…” Xiao Suer wanted to reveal her identity, and wanted to go in to see how the master is now, but ten years ago, she had an explosion while refining medicine and then crossed back to China Mainland. It was such a big explosion. The body in this world is probably torn apart by the explosion.

She is now a person who has been dead for ten years in this continent. If she said that she was a ghost doctor’s apprentice, or had traveled from other continents, she would probably be considered crazy.

She couldn’t enter the Ghost Doctor Valley so grandiosely, she had to think about a new way. Ten years ago, the Ghost Doctor Valley would regularly recruit apprentices, but she had to take the exam in the Ghost Doctor Valley. I don’t know if it still exists.

Xiao Suer gently said humanely, “Hello, I want to ask if Guiyigu is still recruiting students?”

” Yes , recruiting regularly. The next exam will be a month later. You want to take our apprenticeship exam. Come again in a month.”

“Boom!” As soon as the voice fell, she closed the door directly. The loud noise from the door in front of her made Xiao Su’er a little dazed, and the door seemed to hit her face directly.

One month later? Then there is not much time. Guiyigu is very strict in recruiting students. It is necessary to check the family background and will not recruit an unknown person. She has to find a suitable identity, and she can’t make up casually. This is the biggest Difficult problem.

Travel across this continent again. Ten years ago, she had passed away again. She has no identity to use!

Xiao Su’er wore clothes that were incompatible with the residents of this mainland and dazzled the market, attracting a lot of attention, but she didn’t care. She just walked indiscriminately for a whole day, but she still didn’t have the slightest clue, and she didn’t find Bo Qing’ang.

Until late at night, with nowhere to go, she went directly to a big tree in the forest to sleep, and decided to find an ordinary farmer to give them some money the next day, and let them recognize themselves as their daughters. Have a rightful identity.

As for the money in this continent, she has no worries at all. There are so many medicinal materials in the medicine spirit jade space, and some of them can be sold for a big price by the way. This mainland Chinese medicine is just when it is booming, the spiritual power in the medicine spirit jade space The medicinal materials are abundant, and the medicinal materials grown are very effective, which is the most valued by the officials of this mainland.

Xiao Su’er slowly closed her eyes, but when she was about to fall asleep, she heard some faint sounds coming from the bushes. She pricked up her ears and began to sound carefully.

On the other side of the forest, among the mottled shadows of the trees, two men carried a sack and walked quickly.

“Damn! It’s so lazy all day, a prime minister is still so fat, no wonder she is going to be killed, this woman is useless to live, just leave it here, don’t leave.”

A man said fiercely. Take a sip.

“It’s too attractive to be here. I’m still walking some distance. Let’s dig a pit and bury her. Otherwise, we will be unlucky if we find it on our heads.” The man on the other side said, speeding up his pace. .

“Why are you running so fast? Can you walk slowly, it’s dead.”

“This is a dead person in the middle of the night, and you are walking slowly, don’t you want to live anymore? Let’s take it! Come over with the shovel,

dig a hole and bury her as soon as possible.” The two men slapped their heads and started to dig the hole. Xiao Su’er slipped down from the tree and carefully hid behind the bushes and looked at them.

“Bang!” The two threw the sacks into the pit, hurriedly covered the soil and ran away. Xiao Su’er waited aside and waited for them to walk away before coming forward. She heard what the two of them said clearly. , I knew that the buried person was Miss Prime Minister, and was killed by the eldest sister of the family.

“Although you were killed, you still have to go to the soil for safety, but now I do need your help, don’t worry! I will find a good place for you to bury and will not let you be thrown here.” While talking, Xiao Su’er began to dig through the soil on the sack with his hands, and then pulled the sack out again.

The sack was pulled open, and inside was a young girl with a cardamom age, with blood stains on the corner of her mouth. She seemed to be poisoned by someone. The clothes she was wearing were also gorgeous, and she looked like a young lady from a wealthy family.