Chapter 1168 Displacement Replacement

Chapter 1168 Yi Rong

dragged her out of the sack instead of Xiao Su’er. Seeing that her figure is almost the same as her own figure, this is a great opportunity. You don’t need to bother to find some ordinary people to buy it with money, this lady Isn’t it just a perfect identity? She only needs to change her appearance and put on her clothes.

“I borrow your identity for a few days, as long as I return to the Ghost Doctor Valley to get the ice cold grass, I will return the identity to you immediately.” Suddenly, Xiao Suer knelt on the ground and respectfully knocked on the corpse three times.

When she raised her head, she saw the body’s hands squeezed into fists. She stretched out her hand to help her open, but found that even though she had passed away, she was still holding her breath and couldn’t open her hand at all.

“You must be very angry? You were killed by your sister and passed away at a young age. Don’t worry! Although I borrowed your identity, it won’t be useless. I will avenge you and let those who bully you get a response. Some retribution.” After

Xiao Su’er said this, she found that the corpse’s hand was loose. She was a little shocked but still relieved. Perhaps it was the fate of the two. They were destined to meet her here and destined to use her identity. Take revenge for her.

Xiao Su’er swapped the clothes of the two of them, then closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space and took out a Yirong pill to show the changes in the appearance of the woman on the ground. When she opened her eyes again, she had changed again.

“Is the lady from the prime minister’s mansion? I’m going to the prime minister’s mansion now. I don’t know how they would feel when they see a person who has come back from the dead.” Xiao Su’er muttered to herself and walked back to the market again.

The prime minister’s mansion is also considered a more iconic place. After asking two people at the market, she found the destination, stood at the door of the prime minister’s mansion, and knocked on the door.

“Who? It’s even in the middle of the night.” A complaining voice came from the door. When he opened the door and saw Xiao Suer in front of him, he was surprised, “Second Miss, why are you outside?”

“There was an accident. Can’t walk anymore, you can take me back to the boudoir.” Xiao Su’er looked at this promised prime minister’s mansion and didn’t know where she lived.

“Yes.” The servant led the way in a proper manner. Although she was strange in her heart, she still didn’t dare to say much. Xiao Suer followed him all the way back to the room but saw that the room was full of people, packing things up, and only had to put the bed. All removed.

“What are you doing? I just came back later, do you want to tear down my room?” Xiao Suer collapsed into the house and shouted.

“Su, Su Xin’er, why did you come back?” In the room, a gorgeously dressed woman with a dazzling array of headdresses turned around. When she saw Xiao Su’er, she almost couldn’t stand still, her eyes filled with panic. .

Seeing her reaction, Xiao Su’er was almost certain that it was the person in front of Su Xin’er who harmed Su Xin’er, and she didn’t know what the relationship was between them.

“Why won’t I come back? I just went outside for a walk, and I will go home naturally when it gets dark, why? Do you really want me to come back?” Xiao Su’er naturally sat at the table and took a sip from the teacup. “I want to ask you what are you doing? Do you want to tear down my room?”

“What are you talking about? No rules! I don’t know how to call when I see my sister, and I will call you every bite. Is there any distinction between inferiority and inferiority? I just see the old furniture in your room. I want to change it for you. What are you talking about? A girl who came back late at night outside and didn’t punish you. , You have to make this gesture.”

Su Yaoer pretended to criticize her as if nothing had happened.

Xiao Su’er raised her eyelids. It turned out that it was Su Xin’er’s sister, who wanted to kill her own sister? It’s too much, he should be the one in front of you! He seemed to be bragging about his might, so she wanted to come and demolish everyone’s room before she killed Su Xin’er. Su Xin’er must have been bullied all these years in the Prime Minister’s Mansion to come here.

“My sister’s lesson is that a girl’s house should stay in the boudoir at night, and can’t walk around. Why did my sister wear it in my room all night? Even if I think my furniture is outdated, it will be replaced by tomorrow morning. Also. Sister, please go back to the room, I’m going to sleep.”

Xiao Su’er didn’t even look at her when she was speaking. Instead, she walked directly to the bed and watched the sheets and bedding that were removed by them. Her tone changed, “What? Do you want me to sleep on the bed board? Such an unruly person, I don’t want to be here. Isn’t this done?”

She turned her head and pulled the nearest maid, and slapped her fiercely. This is a slap in the face. Although she is killing people, she must remember Su Yaoer in front of her that she is no longer The former Su Xin’er can let her bully.

“You, you…” Su Yao’er was frightened when she saw her appearance. Is this still the second lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion who only allowed people to bully before? Why is there such a momentum now?

“The second lady calms down, and the servant girl will immediately make the bed for you.” The beaten maid covered her face and started to make the bed, Xiao Su’er watched coldly.

Su Yaoer always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t be punished. After all, she was just a subordinate, so she could only coldly snorted, “My sister is so arrogant, I don’t know how much we have treated my sister.

” Both of us know exactly how my sister treats me.” Xiao Su’er replied without fear.

“You…you are really arrogant, what is a person who has no spiritual roots here to show off? You can only eat and drink at home and wait for death, and you have no contribution to this family! I tell you, I can have it in a month

I’m going to test the ghost doctor valley.” “If I enter the ghost doctor valley and become the apprentice of the ghost doctor, I will definitely become a genius doctor who is famous in all corners of the world. At that time, I will give the prime minister’s face a long face, and I will also be the one who shines on the ancestors. As for you, only I can always look up at me in the corner.”

Su Yaoer was a little bit unresponsive to the sudden change in temperament of the hopeless sister in front of me. Thing.

On this continent where there are cultivators everywhere, a person without spiritual roots is just like trash! Xiao Su’er was shocked when she heard this. She was once a disciple of Ghost Doctor Valley, and she naturally knew the conditions for taking the Gui Doctor Valley exam.

Ghost Doctor Valley does not accept people with unknown origins, and does not accept people without spiritual roots, and even has requirements for spiritual roots, and must be fire and wood spiritual roots to take the exam.

She actually forgot about it when she was pretending to be Su Xin’er. A person without spiritual roots in Ten Thousand Saints Continent is indeed no different from trash. No wonder she was humiliated and poisoned to death in this family!

Isn’t it just a mere lingering root? Now that she Xiao Su’er is here, she naturally knows how to make herself a cultivator!

“It’s no need to worry about my sister. After a month, I will take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley with my sister.”