Chapter 947 Dreaming again

Chapter 947 Dreaming again The

black man’s face eased a little after hearing this, he closed his eyes and said: “Let’s drive, pay attention to what you say later, Bo Qing’ang is Bo Qing’ang, and the Bo’s family is the Bo’s family. Make a distinction.”

“Yes!” The people around can only nod their heads.

The black-clothed man closed his eyes, tapped his hand on the seat, as if thinking about something, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth after a while, and his eyes were full of pride.

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Suer stood on the playground of the Imperial Capital University. When she saw Bai Qingyue walking by her side, she found that she was a little unhappy, and her eyes were a little red. She asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you? What happened? What’s wrong? Or is it? Who is bullying you?”

“There is nothing uncomfortable, and no one bullies me, just because I was misunderstood. I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart.” When Bai Qingyue spoke, she lowered her head and her shawl’s long hair fell to the sides. People look weak and charming, such a girl should be liked by everyone, who can misunderstand her? It also made her feel so uncomfortable.

“Whoever misunderstood you, it would be nice to make you feel so uncomfortable and explain to her clearly.” Xiao Suer reached out and rubbed her hair. Bai Qingyue was a few years younger than her, always making her feel like a little sister. Now This little sister has also become more sensible than before, and the two get along very well. She also has a good impression of Bai Qingyue.

“I don’t know the explanation. Xiao Yuhan doesn’t listen to me at all. He will always be on Rong Ling’er’s side. I originally thought that the two of us are getting along very well now. He should stand on my side. Think about it for me, but I never thought I would always feel that Rong Ling’er was right.” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, she lowered her head and couldn’t figure it out. The words were full of sourness. Xiao Su’er always felt something was wrong, tentatively Asked, “You treat my brother…”

“Yes, I just like him. I think he is very powerful and manly. When he rescued me that night, I liked him, but he didn’t even know that I liked him, and he still came all day long. Be angry with me, he probably likes Rong Ling’er.”

Bai Qingyue downheartedly thinks that the person she likes doesn’t like herself, she feels upset, and Xiao Su’er in front of her hears her saying that she likes Xiao Yuhan. surprise.

“It’s impossible!” Xiao Su’er yelled and sat up from the bed. Looking at the familiar and dim environment around her, she reacted. It turned out that she was dreaming just now. Why are these weird dreams constantly being dreamed last time? Dreaming that Xiao Wang was kidnapped. This time I dreamed that Bai Qingyue told herself that she liked Xiao Yuhan. How could this be possible?

Although the two of them should get along a little better now, Xiao Yuhan didn’t even think about the things that she liked or disliked, and she was not caring for her. Bai Qingyue was even more proud. How could she like one or not? What about the boy who put her in his eyes?

This dream is too illogical. Recently, I have been having these messy dreams. It must be due to poor sleep. It seems that I need to take care of it. Xiao Su’er did not take this dream to heart at all. I only felt that this dream represented her recent mood and her mood was confused. The dream also began to chaos.

the next day.

In the office of the charity club, Bai Qingyue received a call. The cry in the phone stimulated her eardrums. She kept apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I will find out, I really donated the medicine. Go out, it’s not what you think. I didn’t deliberately not donate.”

“If you don’t want to do charity, just say it directly. We are grateful to you that the children here must be saved, and we are waiting for your medicine. , But it’s been half a month. So many of my students have died of illness because they didn’t have medicine. Yes! We shouldn’t blame you, but you agreed to donate and don’t do anything now. Isn’t it too much? “

The teacher from the western country on the other side of the phone righteously accused him, and his heart ached. Bai Qingyue contacted them half a month ago and learned that many of their classmates were suffering from malnutrition and high altitude. After studying a special disease, she and Xiao Su’er asked Xiao Su’er to prescribe a prescription and prepare a variety of medicinal materials to be sent there.

I deliberately contacted the teacher over there and said that the children’s sick package was on her body. The medicine she sent in the past was enough to treat the child’s disease there, but half a month passed, and the teacher over there didn’t receive anything. Had to call Bai Qingyue upset.

This teacher is also a reasonable person. They thought it was not necessary to help them. They tried to treat them by themselves, but they also thanked them when they said that they helped. They also specifically called the office of the president of Imperial University to praise Bai Qingyue and did everything they should. Just waiting for their medicine.

However, they are most annoyed by the lack of medicinal materials that want to be famous and do not do real things. Their poverty does not mean that anyone can bully.

Bai Qingyue heard that there were many children who were getting worse because their medicines were not delivered in time. Some children even died of illness. She only felt anxious and guilty in her heart. She kept apologizing, and completely lost the waywardness of the past. Miss appearance.

After hanging up the phone, she immediately began to study where the batch of medicine was sent. She clearly remembered that every batch of medicine was prepared and sent out according to the designated location. All members of the community would be responsible for the batch of medicines. Why? Will it become like this?

She turned out the record notebook and found that Rong Linger was responsible for the batch of medicinal materials that were shipped to the west. However, she did not expect that the medicinal materials that were originally supposed to be sent to the west, she directly mistaken the address and sent it to the east, although there are also some there. People who need their help, but this batch of medicine is the right medicine, and it is of no use to transport it to the east.

Bai Qingyue felt so angry that it was such a major low-level mistake that caused so many children to die of illness, and it was just an address. She could make a mistake. She was a college student. It was too much, so he called directly. Here comes Rong Ling’er.

“Where are you now? Give me a look at our club’s office immediately!”

Her tone sounded very unhappy. Rong Ling’er probably could think of something, because she made a mistake on the batch of medicine deliberately, and Bai Qingyue was so angry only for this reason.

She deliberately sent a text message to Xiao Yuhan before going to the office, and deliberately wiped off the gorgeous lipstick from her mouth.

When she arrived at the office, she saw Bai Qingyue’s chest rise and fall violently with anger, and she saw that the address recorded on the notebook didn’t hit a single place, and even the pen broke.