Chapter 948 Low-Level Mistakes

Chapter 948 Low-Level Mistakes

Rong Ling’er deliberately pulled her nose and made her nose red, then walked into the office to Bai Qingyue and asked in a low voice, “What happened to Qingyue? It feels like you are not in the mood. “Okay.”

“How can you be in a good mood? Look at what you have made a mistake. I told you that our charity society is to help others. You must be careful. Do you know how serious you committed this time? I made a mistake. I told you how urgent the batch of medicine is. You said that you are the most careful girl in the club. Let me give this ticket to you. There will be no problem.”

“The result? you give me the addresses are wrong, but also poles apart, obviously to be sent to the west, you sent me to the east, you are not intentional? “

white Ching specially dug out a month before she and capacity Linger The chat log clearly stated that she told Rong Ling’er to send the medicine to the west, and she was worried that Rong Ling’er made a mistake and reminded again and again. When she was chatting, Rong Ling’er repeatedly promised that she would not make a mistake, but the result was still a mistake. NS.

Rong Ling’er glanced at Bai Qingyue, pretending to be confused, took the chat records of the two of them and checked them carefully and then turned out the delivery note recorded before, and she covered her face in surprise when she found that something went wrong. Mouth, muttering incredulously.

“What, how? How could it happen? I’m sorry, I don’t know if I remembered wrongly, whether it caused any serious harm, otherwise, I just received a few small advertisements, and I took the money I earned Make up the medicinal materials this time, and then send some medicine to the children in the west.” When

she talked, her red nose became even more red, and tears appeared in her eyes, and she was about to cry when she saw it, Bai Qingyue was somewhat Annoyed and yelled at her.

“What’s the use of your appearance here? Do you know? It’s because you were late to deliver, causing many children in the west to die because of no medicine. I had to know that you couldn’t even handle this thing well, I would definitely just I came in person. I prepared all the medicines. I just asked you to send them. Why do you make a mistake even this? How low-level this mistake is!”

Bai Qingyue was upset, even though Rong Ling’er seemed to be upset. It was really pitiful. She also said that she would use the money to donate medicine to the children in the west, but she just couldn’t figure out why such a low-level mistake would be made by someone. This is obviously something that can be circumvented.

“I know this error is low-level, but I, I just did it wrong, and I won’t justify myself anymore. I am wrong. Don’t get angry, okay? Next time I promise that there will never be such a problem, you Let me send the medicine wherever I go. It will definitely not go wrong.”

Rong Ling’er tears down her face, watching Bai Qingyue apologize constantly, but Bai Qingyue can’t listen at all now. Sorry for these four words. If these four words are useful, will the children who died because of their mistakes survive? If not, these three words have no meaning.

“Okay, you have to make such low-level mistakes. You don’t need to come to the club again in the future. You just need to study hard in the future. I will find someone to do things in our charity club again.”

Bai Qingyue saw him so pitifully Xixi looked upset, she walked to the window and opened the window to let it breathe. Rong Ling’er is also very rare to see such aggrieved appearance. Normally, even if she did something wrong, she would not admit it, but now she admits it. It’s no use, those children have passed away.

She worries that if Rong Ling’er makes the same mistake again next time, the consequences are immeasurable. She can only be relieved if she is expelled. It seems that all the medicinal materials sent out in the future must be checked by herself and absolutely cannot make the same mistake again. .

Rong Linger cautiously walked to her side, reaching out to try to pull Bai Qingyue’s hand, “Qingyue I was wrong, you should not fire me, I promise that the same thing will never happen again next time, you It’s okay to calm down, say what you want, as long as you don’t expel me.”

Bai Qingyue felt her hand stretched out, and she was upset and threw it away. She didn’t like this Rong Ling’er at all. It was fine for her to talk nonsense in front of the professor. This time she caused such a big mistake. At the beginning, he shouldn’t have been recruited into the club and shouldn’t give Xiao Yuhan this face.



Suddenly heard the sound of glass breaking and screams. Bai Qingyue was a little strange. Turning her head to see an incredible scene, Rong Linger’s hand hit the glass, the whole piece The glass shattered and even injured her hand.

Bai Qingyue was a little strange. She didn’t use that much effort to shake her hand away. How could she be so exaggerated? She immediately walked over to see clearly, but she didn’t expect someone to walk in outside the office at this time, Xiao Yu. Han frowned and took Rong Ling’er’s hand, and when he saw her bloody hand, he reprimanded Bai Qingyue.

“What’s the matter with you? Haven’t you and her reconciled before? I thought the two of you could get along well, so why did you bully her behind your back?”

He just received a text message from Rong Ling’er and said to let him come. There are important things in the office, but I didn’t expect to see him being bullied like this by Bai Qingyue.

Xiao Yuhan’s impression of Bai Qingyue had changed a bit. He thought she was not such a wayward girl, but he didn’t expect to see her once again before he bullied others.

“I’m not bullying her, I didn’t mean to…”

Bai Qingyue tried to explain, but Xiao Yuhan didn’t listen at all, “Okay, you don’t have to say it anymore.”

He took Rong Ling’er’s hand and put it down. Bai Qingyue asked loudly under her eyes, “Did you not see how her hand was hurt? You told me that it was not intentional. Did she intentionally hurt herself? How could you accidentally hurt yourself like this? Seriously, you are too much!

This is the office of your charity club. You bully your classmates in this office. I’m afraid it is for the purpose of running this club for you. While helping others, you are bullying classmates in the school?”

Xiao Yuhan hated iron and steel, and felt that he was getting more and more angry at the sight of him, and he scolded Bai Qingyue to be merciless in the coming months.

Bai Qingyue was so wronged by him, her eyes felt hot, as if liquid was about to roll down, but her pride did not allow her to cry in front of Rong Linger, she could only try to explain, “I Just shook off her hand gently. I didn’t know that so much effort was used, so you don’t have to be so excessive! Do you understand what happened? You just say this.”