Chapter 949 Self-harm

Chapter 949 Self-harm

“I saw it with my own eyes. You just threw Rong Ling’er’s hand on the glass. No matter what happened between the two of you, it is wrong to use this method, she did it wrong. Why do you need this? Even if something is wrong with her, you can sit down calmly and make it clear, there is no need to do it! Now that you have done something wrong, immediately apologize to her.”

Xiao Yuhan is still standing by Rong Ling’er The accusation against Bai Qingyue here simply doesn’t want to understand what happened.

Bai Qingyue saw him categorically saying that she was wrong. The more she thought about it, the more angry she turned and walked away, saying, “Whatever you want, I won’t apologize anyway.”

She couldn’t figure it out, just lightly. Throwing away his hand gently, how could there be such a powerful force that Rong Ling’er smashed the glass, although she didn’t want to maliciously speculate on others, but seeing Rong Ling’er like this, she always felt that she did it on purpose, she was Want to pretend to be pitiful here on purpose? It’s like going to the professor on purpose before and talking nonsense?

Although Bai Qingyue was angry, she was rationally told that Rong Ling’er’s affairs should not affect other things in the future. There are already so many children in the west who died of illness because of lack of medicine, so we can’t let more children. In the same way, she had to immediately prepare new medicinal materials to be sent to the west.

She walked out of the office and took out her mobile phone to call Xiao Su’er to clarify what happened this time. Xiao Su’er immediately agreed on the phone, “You don’t need to worry, I’ll go to help you prepare the medicinal materials right away.”

“Thank you, sister Su’er. this time you may need to speed a little faster, or else I come to you, once I see those herbs you use the three days to get ready. ” “

no, that there are readily available, should I packed up immediately after Send it to me, and you can send me the address.”

“Okay, thank you!” Bai Qingyue felt that she was in Xiao Su’er’s place to say a few words casually, her mood was much better, the medicine matter was resolved, and she calmed down. After coming down, I thought in my heart that maybe I was too strong unintentionally, I should go and see Rong Ling’er.

the other side.

Xiao Yuhan took Rong Ling’er to the infirmary to bandage the wound, and took her back to his office. He was actually curious about what happened, because he felt that Bai Qingyue would not do anything no matter how angry she was.

But when Linger Rong heard him asking why the incident happened, she pitifully said in tears, “Because I accidentally mistaken the address, Qingyue became angry. No matter how I apologized, she stood aside and ignored me. , I wanted to pull her hand, but she threw my hand away angrily. I didn’t expect her strength to be so strong, I guess I was really mad at her.”

“But I have already apologized, and I also said that I am willing to take out my money to make up for the medicine this time, but Qingyue said that I always make such low-level mistakes and can’t do little things well. She said that I live What’s the use in the world, let me stay as far away from her as possible, and also said that I will not stay in the club in the future.”

Rong Linger added a lot of fuel and jealousy, adding everything that Bai Qingyue had not said before. After entering, Xiao Yuhan frowned and asked in disbelief, “Did she really say so much?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask her if she told me not to stay in the club anymore, I swear Everything I said is true, and I also apologized, but Qingyue was very angry and didn’t want to forgive me. I couldn’t help it.”

Rong Ling’er lowered her head, tears came out one by one. Xiao Yuhan couldn’t ask anymore for her appearance. He almost immediately believed her words and said helplessly to her: “Then you will stay away from Bai Qingyue in the future. I thought the two of you were reconciled. , I didn’t expect that the character of her eldest lady hasn’t changed at all. It’s too much to say such insults.”

“Did I really make her angry? During that time, she arranged too many things for me. I accidentally got the address wrong. I really didn’t mean it! Professor Xiao, do you want me? Apologize solemnly?”

Rong Ling’er’s expression didn’t relieve at all, on the contrary, she became more and more pitiful, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

“No, you just said that you solemnly apologized, wherever you need to apologize again and again, Bai Qingyue is too much, you should stay away from her, you should have not eaten like this. I’ll buy you something to eat. You stay here and rest for a while.”

Xiao Yuhan confessed and left the office. After she left, Rong Ling’er had a smug smile on her mouth, and she stretched out her hand to lightly put her eyes. The tears were wiped away. It seems that the strategy has been successful. Xiao Yuhan again has a prejudice against Bai Qingyue, and for the first time, the two people have already quarreled, not bad!

She looked down at her gauze-wrapped arm, and gritted her teeth and tore the gauze off, revealing the wound that had stopped bleeding, but he did not hesitate to pull the wound open, and the wound immediately began to bleed again.

“What are you doing?” Bai Qingyue’s voice came from the door, and then ran into the office, looking at Rong Linger’s actions to hurt herself and she didn’t understand.

She felt a little less angry after going around the school two laps just now. Thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is something wrong. Although Rong Ling’er got the wrong address, after all, he still has to come because he was injured. I apologize. I didn’t expect to see her hurting herself when she arrived at the office door. Is this self-abuse?

Rong Ling’er heard her voice, raised her head and glanced at her, then slowly lowered her head, completely careless, and continued to pick the wound. The bleeding from the wound increased, but she didn’t seem to have any pain at all. Bai Qingyue couldn’t stand it anymore, she took her hand and asked, “What are you doing, don’t you feel the pain?”

“What are you doing? I feel it hurts, do you need to control it? This is mine. Hand, I can do whatever I want.”

Rong Ling’er shook off Bai Qingyue’s hand and continued to hold her arm. When the wound was blurred by her and looked very serious, she stopped and looked up at Bai Qingyue with a puzzled expression. He said slowly, “Are you weird? Don’t be surprised! I tell you, I did it on purpose. Only if I make my hands so serious, will Xiao Yuhan care more about me and I can let him more. Take care of me for a few days.”

Bai Qingyue looked at her gloomy smile, feeling a cold behind her back, this person is too cruel, he is so cruel to herself, too frantic.

But seeing her behavior like this, Bai Qingyue suddenly reacted. She was not wronging her just now. She pointed to Rong Ling’er and shouted, “You just hurt yourself by yourself. Did you do it on purpose?”