Chapter 950 Dark Psychology

Chapter 950 Dark Psychology

Rong Linger didn’t panic at all to Bai Qingyue’s questioning, let alone defending, but generously admitted and nodded to her.

“Yes, I hurt myself. She raised her hand in front of Bai Qingyue. Did you see it? Xiao Yuhan would only think that you did it for such a serious wound, not that I hurt myself. , After all, in his heart you are a bad girl. You have been spoiled since childhood and will only bully your classmates.” When

she talked, there was a smile on her face, and she let out a sigh of relief, so she doesn’t have to worry about Xiao Yuhan and Bai Qingyue anymore. Too close will affect her, and Bai Qingyue will be blacklisted by Xiao Yuhan again after today.

Bai Qingyue felt that this person was too frantic. She took two steps back and looked at her bloody wound, turning her head a little bored, “Are you crazy? As for? You don’t have to look like this even if you like Xiao Yuhan. “

You don’t need to be like this? Then tell me, what should I do? You are the eldest lady. You have been held in the palm of your hand and grew up since you were a child. You have never known the suffering of the people. The men who chase you are probably lined up to the gate of the school from here. Come on! There are so many people in the school guarding you and holding you. Even if you don’t rely on men, the wealth of your Bai family is enough for you to live well.”

“But I, I have to get everything. On my own, if I don’t fight for it myself, how could I be liked by Professor Xiao?”

Rong Linger put her hand down, the blood from the wound dripped to the ground, blossoming evil flowers, and she approached Bai Qing. moon.

“Do you know that the two of us are different from birth, you are always high, and I need to pretend to be pitiful enough to get sympathy from others and survive in this society, so I hate you, I see you and me I feel annoying, and I want everyone around me to hate you as much as I do.”

Bai Qingyue was forced into a corner by her, thinking that Rong Ling’er like this is distorted, and her heart is also deformed. The person who has said such words has almost reached the point of psychopathology.

“Be more sober. No one can change at birth, but no one discriminates against you. It is you who look down upon yourself!” Bai Qingyue wanted to wake her up, but Rong Ling’er would not listen to her at all, but instead Haha laughed, staring at Bai Qingyue sharply after laughing, and grabbed her hand.

“No one can change at birth, yes, but are you sure no one discriminates against us poor people? Look at your hands, what beautiful nails, with diamonds on them, you must have never done housework, right?

You are looking at my hand, even if it has been in the entertainment industry for so long, it still hasn’t changed a bit. Look at my hand with scars and calluses, which are completely incomparable to yours. If you don’t have a Baijia The aura of the young lady is not the delicate and delicate you have been spoiled since childhood. Will there be so many boys like you? Can you grow so white and tender and so beautiful?”

Rong Ling’er widened her eyes when she spoke, and there was hatred in her eyes. The calluses on her hand hurt Bai Qingyue’s hand, but she didn’t want to let go. Instead, she worked harder and harder. Only now did Bai Qingyue realize that she was the enemy of the rich.

Bai Qingyue struggled to withdraw her hand, but she couldn’t get away at all. Rong Ling’er looked at her with greater strength and said, “What? Do you want to fight away? You are born without doing any housework. Miss, you can’t win my hand without me!”

“I just hate you. I hate the way you stand tall and don’t know the suffering in the world. I hate the way you can get everything without working hard. Look at the two of us. At about the same age, I’m still older than you, but I still can’t get everything you get after working so hard. You have stood at the end that I can’t reach since you were born. I hate you!”

Rong Ling’er this second Speaking of all the gloom in her heart, she wished to choke Bai Qingyue to death now.

Bai Qingyue felt that Rong Ling’er was about to break her hand, she tried to shake Rong Ling’er’s hand forcefully, and shouted, “Let go, are you crazy?”

“I like to see you.” Just like this, I can’t take anything to me when I’m so angry. Only in this second are we two equal.”

Rong Ling’er enjoys this moment a bit. Usually everyone in the school is surrounded by Bai Qingyue. Because of her family affairs, to be honest, she and Bai Qingyue aside from her family background, but no one came to chase her.

There are only a few poor people from poor families, and those rich second-generation sons in the school, everyone is looking for the right person, and the eldest lady simply doesn’t like her as an ugly duckling.

The ugly duckling cannot become a white swan at all. The reason why the ugly duckling in the fairy tale has become a white swan is that its parents were originally white swans, and her ugly duckling is destined to live in the mud all her life.

If you want to become a white swan, you must rely on other people. Xiao Yuhan is the best help, so she took action, but I didn’t expect that this person who was originally a white swan would actually want to stop her, then it’s no wonder she Only to get rid of Bai Qingyue, there is no way to frame it.

“Are you crazy, let go!”


Bai Qingyue shook off Rong Ling’er’s hand vigorously, but she didn’t expect to get rid of her successfully this time, and Rong Ling’er still fell directly on it. On the ground, her hand that had been more serious just now hit the ground again, and she pitifully raised her head to look at Bai Qingyue.

“Qingyue, I know I was wrong, but I’m already injured. You don’t need to do this anymore. Why do you hate me so much?”

Bai Qingyue’s face was embarrassed by her huge change before and after. It was a sudden What’s wrong? When Bai Qingyue was puzzled, she saw Xiao Yuhan rushing into the house, squatting down to help Rong Ling’er, looking at the bloody wound on her hand, frowning together, turning her head to look at Bai Qingyue.

“What are you doing? All bullies are here, right? You figured out that this is my office. Students like you are too unrepentant. I want the school to remember it for you.”

Seeing Xiao Yuhan rushing in In an instant, Bai Qingyue understood that Rong Ling’er must have seen Xiao Yuhan just now, and she did it on purpose.

“Why should you remember it for me? Did you know what was just

now? ” “Just now? I saw you push her down here when I came in, Bai Qingyue, don’t think you can be lawless if your Bai family has a great family background, you see Look at her hand, are you trying to destroy her whole hand?” Xiao Yuhan didn’t listen to her, took Rong Ling’er’s hand to Bai Qingyue’s face and let her see the wound. .