Chapter 951 Overlaps with Dreamland

Chapter 951 Overlaps with Dreamland

“She caught this wound by herself, and the wound on the glass just now was not so serious.” Bai Qingyue still tried to clarify the truth, not wanting to be wronged for no reason.

But when Xiao Yuhan heard her, he looked at her as if looking at her with a mentally handicapped look, “Even if you make up the reason, make up a better one. Do you think someone will hurt yourself? You see her injury is so serious. , If it was the pain that she caught herself, she was not ill.

Xiao Yuhan’s logic did sound without any problems, even if Bai Qingyue hadn’t seen Rong Ling’er scratching herself with her own eyes, she would I wouldn’t believe it.

But the fact is right in front of me, and that is Rong Ling’er caught it herself! Bai Qingyue was so anxious that she started stomping her feet on the spot, “I told you it wasn’t me. “

Well, let me ask you, did you say too much just now, did you tell Rong Ling’er not to go to the club in the future, did she tell you all, she is willing to take the money to make up this time? For the loss of your medicine, you still want her to quit the club. She apologized so many times and you didn’t forgive her, right? “

Xiao Yuhan wanted to know if what Rong Ling’er said was true. In fact, he believed in Bai Qingyue a little bit from his heart. After Bai Qingyue heard him asking like this, she started to feel embarrassed. She was indeed angrily trying to make Rong Ling’er quit the club.

Seeing her expression, Xiao Yuhan also knew that Rong Ling’er hadn’t lied just now. It seems that Bai Qingyue is really the temper of the eldest lady, and it hasn’t changed at all.

“Okay, go out, don’t be here anymore. You stay a little longer and you don’t know what Rong Ling’er would be like being bullied by you. I thought you changed it. I didn’t expect that you would still be the same as before. In such a way, I am unwilling to apologize, and I have to say such excessive words. “

Xiao Yuhan was totally unwilling to pay attention to her. He turned around and helped Rong Ling’er to sit down on the sofa, and took out his own office to help her re-dress her. Rong Ling’er fell weakly on his body, pitifully. Said: “Professor Xiao, I’m so scared.”

When she was speaking, she rested her head on Xiao Yuhan’s shoulders, but stared at Bai Qingyue stubbornly. The expression in her eyes was triumphant, showing off, turning Bai Qingyue around and ran out of the office.

In fact, Xiao Yuhan has never liked others touching him. Now Rong Ling’er is leaning on his shoulder. She wants to push him away, but seeing the bloody wound on his hand still resists it, just treat it as a patient. .

Bai Qingyue ran out of the office and ran down the stairs quickly, running around the campus, until she ran to the playground closest to the school gate, she stopped, thinking of what Xiao Yuhan said, the more she felt wronged, her eyes were red. , Very unhappy in my heart.

“Where did I bully him? She made this kind of low-level mistake, or did I remind her again and again, can’t I say a few words?” Bai Qingyue muttered to herself with her head down, sour in her heart. One piece, this Xiao Yuhan is like an elm head, actually saying such things to a girl, let alone a girl who likes him.

Bai Qingyue’s whole person is extremely uncomfortable, why is her love road so bumpy? I used to be unrequited love when I liked Bo Qingang. Later, I fell in love with the person who saved her, but Xiao Su’er pretended to be the one who pretended to be. She also said such things to her.

If Xiao Yuhan liked her a little bit, he wouldn’t have said such excessive words! The more Bai Qingyue thought about it, the more discouraged she felt, and she felt that she was going to die in another love story, and she had been thrown into hell before she had time to confess.

But if every relationship has to be like Rong Linger’s effort and strategy, even at the expense of others to get each other’s love, then she would rather be single for a lifetime, this is too disdainful.

But even if she comforted herself this way, Bai Qingyue’s heart still seemed to be filled with air, as if she had been stuffed into a towel soaked in vinegar, sour and blocked.

the other side.

After Xiao Su’er hung up the phone, she came to the Imperial Capital University in a hurry to see Bai Qingyue. When she heard her talking on the phone, she was a little anxious, so she happened to come to see if her brother was still here. Last time she took some medicine. In his office, I want him to donate to Bai Qingyue, but I don’t know if he took it.

But I didn’t expect to see Bai Qingyue in a blue dress lowered her head and gloomy when she only entered the campus. Xiao Suer thought it might be because of the medicine that she was still sad and wanted to go up and comfort her a few words, but Unexpectedly, when I walked to Bai Qingyue’s side, I saw her eyes flushed, as if she had just cried.

Such Bai Qingyue has her eyes red like a little bunny being bullied. Xiao Su’er felt a little softened in an instant, and asked her distressedly, “Who is bullying you?”

“No one bullying me means being misunderstood.” I felt uncomfortable in my heart, and he didn’t listen to my explanation!” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, tears fell in her eyes, but what she said made Xiao Su’er feel a little familiar with her red eyes, and she was also misunderstood. How could this overlap with her dreams strangely?

She couldn’t wait to ask, “What you said was misunderstood, isn’t it my brother who misunderstood you?” When

Xiao Su’er asked this sentence, she didn’t know why she was a little nervous, if it was Xiao Yuhan who misunderstood her. , Then what is happening now is exactly the same as in the dream.

“He misunderstood me. He felt that I was bullying Rong Ling’er. He didn’t listen to my explanation at all. He would always stand on Rong Ling’er’s side.”

Bai Qingyue’s tears fell even worse, why she didn’t A person who is willing to stand by his side no matter what happens, what if it is Miss Bai’s? What about a good family background? She is not alone!

Those good friends, she knew in her heart that they came to her because of her identity. How many of those flattering boys who chase her really like her? He didn’t even say a few words at all, but just to see her good-looking and her family background.

Xiao Suer felt that the more she listened, the more it looked like she saw in her dream. She asked tentatively, “Do you have feelings for my brother?”

“Yes, I like him. I think he is very powerful and manly. I liked him when he fought to save me that night, but he didn’t even know that I liked him, and he was angry with me all day long. He probably liked Rong Ling’er!”