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Himeji Castle in Himeji Hyogo, Japan

When you take Hankyu or Hanshin railway from Umeda Station to Himeji. It’s about 1 hours 5-25 minutes. You will get off at Sanyo-Himeji Station.

After get off at Sanyo-Himeji station and get out from building then turn left and walk straight to Himeji Castle around 800 meters.

Inside the castle has castle for visitors to visit and zoo, too. The entry fee is 1,000 yen but if you buy combo set ticket will cost 1,040 yen. With this price you can enter to Koko-en Garden which is next to the castle on the right side.

Himeji Castle History

In the year 1333, Norimura Akamatsu (Enshin) built a fortress on Himeyama. Afterwards, Himeji Castle was expanded by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Terumasa Ikeda, Tadamasa Honda and others, until it came into being in its entirety, as we see it today, in 1617. Its shape, as it stands out against the blue sky, is said to resemble a white egret flying up from the water, and so it is also known familiarly as White Egret Castle. In 1993 Himeji Castle was designated as Japan’s first World Cultural Heritage site.

It was acclaimed for “the degree of perfection of its wooden architecture, among the best in Japan, and uniquely outstanding internationally as well”, and for being “an excellent example of early 17th century castle architecture at its peak, with exceptionally well-preserved wooden structures in the form of the keeps, turrets, and plaster walls, and engineering structures such as the stone walls and moats. It is the best example of Japan’s unique defensive castle structure.”

In 2015, preservation work on the main keep was completed, so that now the brilliant white walls so characteristic of Himeji Castle shine brighter than ever. We offer an Augmented Reality (AR) tour to enable you to find out more about Himeji Castle, with the AR app, “Discover Himeji Castle”. So that as many people as possible can appreciate the castle experience, the tour includes content that families and children will enjoy. source by

At Himeji Castle walk in the distance and the zoo is in castle area. This is call “Himeji City Zoo“. This spot where you can stroll along with inner moat and see elephants, giraffes, polar bears and many other animals.

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